March 6th

Good Morning world: I hope everyone is safe and warm. Well the Cold air blew in from the Northwest. The mountains are expecting snow, we are getting rain. It’s a cloudy cold gloomy day. Yes, that also means the wind came too. The wind is blowing and I am watching the tree’s as the wave back and forth. Most of the time it sounds like a rumble on the sides and roof of my trailer. Gusts are trying to build. Just when you get that taste of spring that is so needed this time of year Mother-Nature remains you that winter isn’t over yet.Windows are closed once again and the heat is on. I’ll stay bundled up and not get in a hurry. I know until after Easter there isn’t much hope of spring.

I hope those people affected by the tornadoes are able to stay warm as many were dumped on with snow. People are wonderful though and many have reached out with clothing, shelter and blankets. What a wonderful world we live in. Too bad it takes tragedy to bring out the best in people.


Has anyone been watching “The Bachelor”? Last night they had their special on with all the women that have been dumped by Ben. There are so many nice beautiful women on there. When I started to watch the show I really liked Ben. He was innocent, somewhat naive and I felt bad when Ashley dumped him on the Bachelorette. However, now I have grown to dislike Ben. After watching this show I wonder how can a man possibly tell that many women he has a connection with them and feels really good with their relationship only to let them go that night at the rose ceremony. Then there was the skinny dipping with Courtney, that’s where I lost all respect for him.

I can’t believe what people allow themselves to do on National Television being filmed for eternity.

I would never want my sons in that position. I also would never want a child of mine to find”Love ” that way. They set up these beautiful experiences and of course your going to be in Heaven, but that isn’t the real world, nor is that how you find real love. You find real love with the ups and downs of the everyday world.

I feel sorry for many of these women and the way they have been treated. I won’t even begin to talk about Courtney because I think she has created her own demise.

Needless to say after this season I will no longer watch “The Bachelor” anymore. It is demeaning to all involved and a waste of time. I would rather start my own blog for young people to connect and give them advise then to be part of a National show. So if anyone wants to start a new blog with me on “How To Find Real Love” Please let me know.


Let’s move on to the National Days for March 6th

SAny Excuse for Cheesecake Day!

National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

Today is National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day! A Greek writer named Athenaeus recorded the oldest surviving cheesecake recipe. The ancient dessert called for just three ingredients—cheese, honey, and flour. Despite its simplicity, the Greeks believed that cheesecake had special powers. Brides and grooms ate it as wedding cake, and athletes enjoyed it before the first Olympic games in 776 BC!The cheesecake we know and love today relies heavily on cream cheese, which wasn’t invented until the 1870s. By the early 1900s, cheesecake appeared on almost every restaurant menu in New York City and soon became a nationwide sensation. People love to experiment with interesting cheesecake flavors like piña colada, turtle, pumpkin pecan, crème brûlée, red velvet, and today’s reason to celebrate, white chocolate.

To celebrate National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day, bake a delicious white chocolate cheesecake or pick one up from your local bakery!

No matter how you like it anytime and any place Cheesecake is always good. If you are looking for recipes there are many different ones online.


Frozen Food Day

Frozen foods enter the grocery stores in the early 1930s after Mr. Birdseye  invented this modern method of preserving his commodities. More than 50 years later, the frozen delights got their own special holiday. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan made the chilly announcement that March 6 is officially Frozen Food Day. He called upon all Americans to “observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

This might seem like an unusual National day however, if you stop and think about it, frozen foods has provided many family with food throughout the year. Frozen foods are healthier than canned goods as they rely on less preservatives. Garden varieties and easily be frozen without the work of canning therefore allowing homes to savor what comes from either their own garden or the gardens of neighbors.

Frozen foods have given us not only more Freedom of Choice over what and how we eat it but quality control on healthier food.

There is nothing better than knowing that if you are in the mood for a special treat all you have to do is reach into your freezer and pull out a bag. You can have frozen fruits year round for cobbler, zucchini for wonderful fresh baked bread, and so much more.

So know matter how you celebrate today be thankful for Birdseye’s start of frozen foods. It has changed our entire way of thinking and eating.


Today I am going to make it a be thankful for warmth day. I am going to enjoy a warm house, warm clothes, and pray for sunshine. I will enjoy frozen food for dinner, as yet I haven’t decided what other than the pork chops my son has said he is going to cook.

I am going to be thankful for the choices I have in my life and pray for those less fortunate. I am going to be thankful to God for leading me the direction he has and for teaching me the joys of a simple life.

So until next time 🙂



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