March 10th

Beautiful Day. Temperatures in the 60’s. Cats were up and running around at 4:00 am. I had to go back to bed and take a nap. Sorry for the late start.

This has been a great week.

I hope that from here on out things continue to climb. Yesterday was a day of surprises for me. My doctor stopped by and gave me a digital camera so I can take nature pictures to write about. She is such a wonderful lady. While she was here she cut my cats nails. I can’t see them well enough to do it. God Bless her!

I also received an unexpected royalty check yesterday which really helped.

The weather is wonderful and right now it feels like everything is going right.

My son fixed the oven the other night and the new element works great. Back to backing and roasting.(Just in time for the heat. LOL)

I posted my new book cover today. I’m having some difficulties with my blog site and I’m thinking of changing the looks so if one day you come and it’s all different don’t be surprised.

Well let’s see what national days are today!


Do you have your passport ready? National Passport Day is Sat, March 10th!

Is your departure date for international travel fast approaching? If you’re procrastinating the application or renewal process for your passport, you’re in luck. This Saturday, March 10th, the U.S. Dept. of State is hosting a National Passport Day! Area post offices and regional passport agencies are opening their doors to the public for this very reason.

Don’t fret about all the docs you’ll need to gather. Below are the basics and you can find everything else you may need here. Happy Travelling!

  • Bring a passport photo with you (these can be done at any post office or CVS)
  • Bring proof of residency (birth certificate and social security card is best)
  • Bring a proof of citizenship (social security card, birth certificate, passport, certificate of citizenship)
  • Print and fill out the necessary forms ahead of time (You can find all forms here)

For more information go to


National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. March 10.

Mar. 10th National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, Office on Women’s Health is the lead for this day.

The 2012 theme is “Every Moment is a Deciding Moment”.

Find posters, fact sheets, and more at

Learn about the new Take Charge. Take the Test. campaign to encourage African American women to get tested for HIV.

On Twitter? You can tweet using #NWGHAAD.


he International Day of awesomeness occurs every year on March 10th. Why? Because that’s Chuck Norris’ birthday. No offense to Mr. Norris, but this isn’t really a salute to Chuck Norris, the man. This is a tribute to the awesomeness of the the myth of Chuck Norris (see the Wikipedia entry). The International Day of Awesomeness is also strongly inspired by The Show with Ze Frank. Ze’s year-long internship in the League of Awesomeness is something special, and if you didn’t experience while it was going on, you should go back and watch the shows. Ze and his audience frequently performed feats of awesomeness, which could be used as inspiration for your own feats.

Dan Lurie came up with the original tag line (“Because everyone needs an excuse to be awesome”), and my son, Max, came up with the new one. A bunch of people endorsed the date. I’m open to suggestions for where we take this next. This is a single page and only took about an hour to build. The domain name only took about five minutes to register. What I’ve done so far is not awesome, but I think this day could be extremely awesome. Any ideas are welcome!

So, there you have it: The International Day of Awesomeness. How will you be awesome? What feats of awesomeness will you perform?

If you’re planning an event for The International Day of Awesomeness, Chris Radcliff has set up an umbrella event you can post your event to!


There are a lot of days that we never hear about so sometimes I find it necessary just to copy their posts and do them the justice they deserve instead of trying to explain it in my own words. This is the case with today’s posts.

I hope that my readers will take time to visit their sites and learn more about these areas. I feel that each one of these has value and we can learn from them. I know that I need to learn more about getting a passport.

We can always learn more about HIV/AIDS.

I had never heard of International Awesome day but I think we all need to practice being as awesome as we can.

I hope that each of you will share an awesome comment with me. I shared an awesome comment about how wonderful my doctor was to me reaching out beyond what she would have to do. Now I will try to pass it forward whenever I can. She reminds everyday what it is all about.


Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 10, 1990 be designated as “Harriet Tubman Day,” to be observed by the people of the United States with appropriate ceremonies and activities. 

Approved March 13, 1990.

I hope that everyone will read the story of Harriet Tubman and watch the movie of her Biography. Not only was she a slave that became free and helped many others but she had a disability. Her seizure disorder saved them many times from running directly into enemy hands. I watched her movie as a child and I was so impressed by how someone with a seizure disorder back then could do what she accomplished. It had a very strong impact on my life. She never gave up and that’s what I hope every person not only disabled can learn from her. You can achieve what you set out to do if you persevere.


National Popover Day!  It falls on a Saturday, so you can have a laid back and relaxed late Saturday morning breakfast of hot out of the oven Blueberry Popovers and good coffee.  Now that’s a grand way to begin the weekend. Follow the link for the history and information on cooking them.

No matter what you do today I hope that you will find plenty of useful information not only on my posts but on their links that I have provided you with.
I am going to enjoy this wonderful weather. I plan to take some pictures of the cats and work on my books. I feel like this is a new beginning for me and I am so looking forward to the journey.
So until next time 🙂




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