March 12th

Good Morning World:)

Hope everything is going well today. The sun is out and it is a beautiful day.

I want to share with you that my blog site will probably not be updated for several weeks. Today will probably be my last time to blog for a while.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone. However, it is time for me to help my son as his unemployment ran out and he has no work. Living at home with mom when you are 38 years old isn’t easy. We live in a small rural community where competition is rough. It’s what family name you have that gets the job. We are the outsiders.

So until things change I will have to give up the internet. I will continue my writing so that I am prepared when I can get back on. I wish all of you the best with your blogs, your endeavors and whatever the future holds for you.

Today however we are going to cover the National Days:


National Girl Scout Day

Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low was born on October 31, 1860, in Savannah, Georgia. Juliette grew up in a prominent home. She married William Mackay Low and moved to Great Britain. After her husband died, she met Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the British Boy Scouts. On March 12, 1912, Juliette Low gathered 18 girls from her home town, Savannah, to register the first troop of American Girl Guides. Her niece, Margaret “Daisy Doots” Gordon was the first registered member. The name of the organization was changed to Girl Scouts the following year.

Girl Scouts has always been a favorite of mine. I was only able to participate in it for one year as our leader moved away and no one else would take on the Troop. I have always admired those who continued to follow this tradition.

I not having girls ended up as a den mother for Cub Scouts and kept my boys active.

My nieces daughter is now very active in her Girl Scout Troop having received much recognition for her work done. This being the 100th year celebration many activities are taking place across the country.

My nieces and many other girls will be traveling to Washington D.C. this summer to the White House. It is costing them $1500.00 per girl. They have been working hard all year to make money for their trip. My niece’s daughter has earned hers but there are several girls in the troop still needing money, especially when there is more than one from the same family.

Cookie sales help for this but because the Cookies came in late this year the deposits already had to be put down however, all Cookie donations will go to sending them.

If you aren’t in to Cookies try to find another way to support their troops no matter where you live. If you want more information about how to do that contact your local troops or send me a message.

These girls are so excited about this and deserve all the help they can get.

Here’s to a wonderful organization that teaches many schools to the young leaders of our country.


Plant a Flower Day

Know your birth month flower:
January: Carnations andSnowdrops
February: Violets and Primrose
March: Daffodils and Jonquils
April: Daisy and Sweet Peas
May: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn
June: Roses and Honeysuckles
July: Larkspurs and Water Lily’s
August: Gladiolas and Poppy’s
September: Asters and Morning Glory
October: Calendula’s and Cosmos
November: Chrysanthemum’s
December: Narcissus’ and Holly’s

Although there is no reference to why today is plant a flower day many Botanist hold to it.

I would suspect that with the changing of seasons and the preparing of spring someone decided to have a flower day.

It is now a good time to start planing for your garden and getting your yard in order.

No matter what flowers you like it is not to early to make some preparations of course you have to know your region and what will grow.

It is best to decide what types of plants you want. Do you want ones that return ever year or do you want the joy of picking out new ones and planting fresh yearly.

Do you want a combination so that some are popping up at the first sign of spring while you still have the option of buying.

Do you want a growing length that allows for new ones every month.

The best thing to do is go and visit a Nursery and talk to them about what they recommend for your area.

You can also find many books on flowers and gardening.

For me I don’t pretend to have a green thumb so I just go what I know works for me. Unfortunately I have very little room for a garden so hanging pots are usually my answer. However, I am going to serious look at my yard this summer. Who knows what I may come up with.

So to all you happy gardeners out there enjoy today it’s your flower day.


Other days that might be of interest to you.

Shout out to Australia on their Labor (Victoria) Day!

This Day in History:

  • Girl Scouts were founded-1912
  • Joe Dimaggio agreed to a new contract with the NY Yankees.
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his first national radio address– “fireside chat”
  • In 1994 the Church of England ordained its first female priest.


Baked Scallops Day

Bay scallops only live for one or two years, they have 18 pairs of eyes, and the adults swim for short distances. They’re also tasty, or at least their adductor muscles are. Lives scallops are odd-looking creatures.The fresh bay scallop season runs through March. They are beneficial to colon and heart health according to World’s Healthiest Foods .

So those of you who love Scallops today is your day. There are many online recipes that can be found if you aren’t sure how to cook them. Today is a day to enjoy the outdoors, and seafood.


National Napping Day

National Napping Day occurs on the Monday after DST, chosen by professor William Anthony because “Americans are more ‘nap-ready’ than usual after losing an hour of sleep to daylight savings time,” according to his Boston University news release.

Taking a nap can give you a new-found energy and make you more productive. If you are feeling the need for a nap today go for it. You will find it helps your mood and your productivity not for just today but throughout the week.

So fresh air, sea food, napping, and Girl Scouts.

Sounds like a great day to me.

So until next time please remember I SHALL RETURN 🙂


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