March 21st

I am back online and tomorrow I will work on getting caught up.  While I was gone I had the misfortune of having a mammogram which discovered a lump. Yesterday I had the biopsy and removal of a fair size piece of tissue. Now we wait. Although the Doctor is positive and I’m doing well. It is a discomfort and I will try to keep as normal as possible however, it is slowing me done.

I will be spending the majority of my time trying to figure out my book cover so that I can move forward with the publication of “The Land of Horses”  in order to have it out for my book signing on April 14th.

I have also completed 60 pages of Grandma’s Pantry so I am close to nearing the finish of it.

I have started Secrets Behind Closed Doors which is going to take a while.

The Cat in the Box is just getting ready to take off.

I will be working on some short stories along with completing “The Coming of Age ” My Rebel Years.


Well thanks for your patience with me and I will see you tomorrow.

Until next time 🙂


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