March 24th

Hope Everything Is well with the world today.

National Days:

National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

Raisinets chocolate covered raisins were first introduced by a family owned business in 1927, the Blumenthal Brothers Chocolate Company of Philadelphia. The brand was sold over the years and in 1984, Nestle acquired then owner Ward–Johnston, makers of Raisinets, Goobers, Chunky, Sno-Caps, Bit-O-Honey and Oh Henry!  Raisinets are sun-ripened, plump, juicy California raisins drenched in pure, creamy Nestle Milk Chocolate and dark chocolate. They are a natural source of fruit antioxidants, and contain 30% less fat than the leading chocolate brand

For more information follow the bizjournals blog site .

After all who doesn’t love Chocolate Covered Raisins especially at the movies.


SU National Orange Day

Syracuse University and SU alumni clubs around the nation will be celebrating on Saturday, March 24—National Orange Day. This year is the 142nd anniversary of SU’s founding on March 24, 1870.

National Grand Canyon Archeology Day

Check out the website for the days activities and go and have yourself an awesome day for the entire family.

Join the rangers at the Shrine of Ages to learn more about people who lived here long ago. Family friendly activities take place from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • Make clay pinch pots 
  • Make split-twig figurines
  • “Sift for artifacts” 
  • Create rock art on scratch art paper
  • Plant a seed
  • Throw an atlatl


On March 24, National Teach Ag Day, agriculture teachers all over the U.S. will be introducing students to an exciting and demanding career–their own.


Well it looks like there is plenty to enjoy for today no matter what your interests should be.

Now remember my new book “The Land of Horses ” is available I will be posting the link to CreateSpace and it will be available on in about a week.

I am trying to get a PayPal button added but technology and I sometimes fight. I will eventually win but it will take me some doing.

On a lighter note. I am feeling good and healing well from my biopsy. Go to the Doctor on the 29th and should have the final results then.

I am back into full swing and today I am going to work on finishing my next two books.

“Grandma’s Pantry” and “Tribute to those Serving The Red, White and Blue”.

I however wish to saw something on two news events before I leave.

The young man who was shot down at the age seventeen for wearing a hoody is a terrible tragedy to the entire country. Not only was he young but he had his whole life ahead of him to be a productive citizen. Our country is in a war with itself. No one trusts anyone, there is constant turmoil and an economy that is collapsing. We need to be extra careful of our own actions during this time. Stress is all around us and our judgement is clouded. We have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing our country to get into this shape in the first place. IT is going to take a tragedy to unite this country and right now we have many all at the same time.

Last night on 20/20 I watched the interview with the young man who is facing a ten-year sentence because his gay roommate committed suicide. This is another tragedy that should not have happened. When you go off to college for the first time to life in a dorm this is all new to you. You are not prepared for what suddenly happens and the changes of living that are unexpected. Just because you have graduated from high school and are eighteen doesn’t mean you are all grown up. You still have a lot of growing up to do. This should never have happened to these two boys. It is a tragedy that one is dead and that should have been able to be avoided. However, we as a society cannot and should not put the blame on his roommate. The blame is on society. If he had felt safety to admit his sexual preferences earlier on maybe his parents could have prepared him for the world. Now two lives are going to be wasted for nothing. The roommate facing ten years in prison and possible deportment had a bright future in front of him and it is being taken away not by his choices but by the choice of who his roommate was. It is time that society takes on responsibility for these actions. Our children aren’t taught how to act in these situations nor do they understand what is going on in another’s mind. They are just beginning their adult lives and we need to protect them. IT is a jungle out there.

Last but not least we now have a man in the armed services facing criminal actions. How dare our own country betray him. He should never have been sent back after a head trauma injury. Now we need to stand behind him and protect him for serving us to the best of his ability. None of us were walking in his shoes. We do not know what happened and we never will. We don’t know his mental condition at that exact moment. We don’t know his PSTD or trauma that he experienced. It is a tragedy for those people who were gunned down but we should never continue to send our men back and back and back again until they snap. This happens over and over again and when will our military learn that human beings aren’t machines. They can’t take it over and over again. I blame the military for not discharging him after his brain trauma. We need to see that this young man who had his whole life in front of him be protected. He fought for our country. Now it’s our time to stand up and fight for him.

Well until next time 🙂


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