April 15th

Hello everyone!! Hope today is a bright sunny day where ever you are.

I was exhausted and overslept this morning. That always happens when I have an event.

I don’t sleep well for a couple of days and then I crash afterwards. My cat kept trying to get me up but I wasn’t budging.

Fortunately my son fed the cats and let me sleep.

Now I am very rested and feel like I can tackle the day.


National Days

15 Rubber Eraser Day

A long 242 years ago today, inventor Joseph Priestly came up with a rubber substance that could erase pencil marks. We have been using this great invention to correct our smallest elementary mistakes.

Today, we celebrate National Rubber Eraser Day and the stationary tool that helps make our mistakes disappear.

Many office supply stores today will be offering specials on all types of rubber erasers from smiley faces to special shaped decorated ones. Many people will gather at their local shopping spots to see what specials they can find. Take a moment during your busy day and visit your favorite shopping spot and see what’s being offered today.

15 Titanic Remembrance Day

Today is the remembrance of the Sinking of the Titanic. The shows are on television, the new 3D Titanic Movie is now out and an actual tour of the route is being taken again.

Historian buffs continue to write on new information that is constantly occurring from changes in the sky to , weather, conditions to actual people and happenings.

No matter where your interest is we all need to give a moment of silence in remembrance of those who lost their lives. They set out to follow their dreams on what was to be a miraculous journey. However, it suddenly turned into a tragedy not to be forgotten. I was watching it on television last night and all I could think of as I watched the attitudes of the different classes, and the treatment towards one another was how we all need to be humans.

Bullying is nothing new. It has gone on for centuries. The difference now is there aren’t as many class distinctions. Now you are either among the wealthy or the poor. No longer is there a middle class.

I sat and wondered if those high and mighty rich people would have lived differently if they had known what was in store for them as they entered the Titanic.

To me it was a perfect example of what goes around comes around. Why is it that we are taught to follow the “Golden Rule” and yet those who have the most never do.

A perfect example of this is our countries leaders. All the dirt they throw at each other during elections, and all the hidden secrets.

Where does our faith falter.

Today which is also supposed to be the National Day of Prayer has been attached by our judicial system. Yet today seems to be the most appropriate time for it.

We are remembering a great tragedy and should all pray that there is never a repeat of “The Titanic.”

We are also seeing tragedies across the country do to tornadoes. We should be praying for everyone in the path of the storm.

Today is also the National Day of Silence in honor of anti-bullying for those who are different. It is a day we should be praying for our Gay, and Lesbian communities and for them to find a peaceful way to find their own pathway.

Our country was founded on the right to freedom of religious choice, and open prayer. How then can we be denied the National Day of Prayer?

It is time for all of us to rethink our lives. We need to take a good look at ourselves and evaluate the situation. There is a saying “Clean your own house before you complain about someone else’s.”

Many of us are bored and don’t know what to do with ourselves. We all need to see if we are living the very best life we can live.

We need to start by eliminating the negative in our lives and doing what is productive and makes us happy.

For me I have already done that. I will honor The National Day of Prayer with my time for praying. I will give some moments of silence for all those who are different and mocked by society. I will do what makes me feel closer to my God on this Sunday. I will also give honor to those who lost their lives on the Titanic.

I will not allow myself to be depressed by any of this as that will not make change. I however, will allow myself to enjoy my family, my cats, and laugh at what makes me happy.

I will find comfort knowing that I am doing what I can to make a difference in my world as well as others.

I will treat each person with the same respect that I want to be treated with. We all make mistakes and I will use my rubber eraser to erase mine.

I have made many mistakes and although I haven’t forgotten them I am able to erase them by not making the same one twice.

I hope that each and every one of you will find your happiness today.



April 15, 2012 is

National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

Today is National Glazed Spiral Ham Day! Glazed spiral ham is a hearty, savory dish that often makes an appearance at holiday feasts. A traditional ham glaze contains sugar, honey or orange juice, and flavorful ingredients like cloves, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce.Americans have been making glazed ham for many years. Recipes for the dish first appeared in local newspapers during the 1940s. Around the same time, a man named Harry Hoenselaar invented a piece of equipment that could efficiently cut glazed ham into uniform slices. His patented machine carved the ham into a single, continuous spiral. In 1957, Honeselaar opened the first HoneyBaked Ham store. Today, the company has over 400 stores nationwide and sells millions of glazed spiral hams during the holiday season.

If you’ve never tried this delicious treat before, don’t wait until the holidays! Serve a delicious glazed ham for dinner tonight in honor of National Glazed Spiral Ham Day!

This is a good time of year for Ham. However, I will give a casual reminder for those who try to eat healthy. Ham is one of those foods that tends to raise the blood pressure. It is known to increase the blood pressure more during warmer weather. The reason for that isn’t known. If you have high blood pressure make sure you eat in moderation and drink lots of water.


No matter what you choose to do today enjoy your day. I will pray for the tornadoes to end and I hope all will remain safe through the week.

Until next time 🙂


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  1. Glad you caught up on your sleep! Also that you feel better. 🙂

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