April 19th

Hi! I’m back. Sorry it’s been a busy couple of days.

I have now posted the link to Grandma’s Pantry. It can be ordered through CreateSpace. I will be adding the Amazon connection later.

I am very excited about this book and I think it will make an excellent Mother’s Day gift.


Well I spent the last two days mail book orders, straightening out bills, and finances and getting the internet back up and running. They always turn me off at 6:00 am the morning my check arrives. However, this time I paid ahead so if they shut me off next month I am going to get another provider. It’s not easy finding a good provider in a small rural area but I’m tired of them and their late fees and add-on fees. However, I did talk them out of one fee.


April 18th We lost Dave Clark

This is such a lost to the world. I grew up with him and American Bandstand. My mother hated it when I watched it but since we only had two channels on television and it was on the best one she didn’t have much of a choice. It was either put up with the music and me or listen to me and my sister fight.

Dave Clark along with Ed Sullivan were instrumental in presenting new talent to the world. They were open-minded and gave people a chance. That is something our world has lost sight of.

We now have American Idols , and we have Dancing with the Stars. We have way too many Reality shows to the point you can’t find a good action movie on television anymore.

However, for the plain ordinary person it is very hard to get into these programs and be recognized.

I grew up signing, dancing and playing the piano. I use to sit at the piano and play for six to eight hours at a stretch. I loved it and I loved signing. I use to dream of being discovered. But who was ever going to visit me in a mining town.

Then I went off to College to study Music. That was a bigger mistake. Academia can run the love for what you want to do. If your technique isn’t the same as a professor, or if your personality doesn’t jive with theirs your finished.

That’s what happened to me. I was told never to play the piano again.

I wasn’t selected to sign in any groups that I needed to be in. Growing up I was always selected as the lead Soprano. It was a harsh reality.

I never lost my love for music but I did give up because the reality of life and being a single parent took over.

Now I still love music but my voice is gone. I miss singing so much. I don’t even enjoy playing the piano anymore because I can’t sing.

I am so thankful that Dave Clark was there to encourage the teenagers when they needed it.

Too often in our culture we are quick to judge and not understand our youth. They just need to be able to express themselves in a safe environment. Maybe if we had more Dave Clark’s and places for youth to go there would be less gang wars, hate crimes and anger in the world.

We are losing the generation who gave hope to future generations. If we don’t pick up where they left off and provide the same dreams our future generations will have nothing to reach for.

Dave we will miss you but we won’t forget you. Thanks for being there for so many generations of happiness.

My prayers and thoughts go out to his family at this time.


17 Blah, Blah, Blah Day

Since I missed this I will leave it to your interpretation until next year.

17 National Cheeseball Day


CAPSULE REPORT: There are different types of cheese balls: some of us grew up with round balls of cheddar spreads coated in nuts, others made them with cream cheese. Robert Rothschild Farm offers two types of the latter: a pre-mixed, shelf-stable “cheese ball in a jar” that can be shaped into a ball or scooped and spread; and a mix to form into a ball with your own cream cheese. The shelf-stable product is a good item to keep in the pantry for quick hors d’oeuvre. Either makes a nice hostess gift.

17 Pet Owners Independence Day

18 International Juggler’s Day – also applies to multi tasking office workers

18 Newspaper Columnists Day

Newspaper Columnists are always working to keep news up to date. I haven’t researched this day but I would imagine it is to appreciate the fact that appreciation should be shown for keeping us up to date on local News. A perfect example of that would be the wealth of News that was generated yesterday about Dave Clark. I am sure everyone took a few moments to follow yesterdays news.

19 National High Five Day third Thursday


It’s National High Five Day! Today is all about celebrating the high-five and giving high fives to everyone you meet, including friends, classmates, coworkers, and strangers. You can even send a free virtual high-five to faraway friends and family. A group of students at the University of Virginia declared the first National High Five Day in 2002. Today, people all across the country celebrate this unique holiday and help raise money for the National High Five Project.Nobody knows who invented the high-five. NBA player Derek Smith claimed that he created the high-five while playing for the University of Louisville basketball team in 1979. According to another story, a man named Mont Sleets popularized the gesture. While Mont was growing up in Kentucky, his father’s old army friends would greet each other by extending their arms straight up in the air and saying the name of their division: “Five.” As a young boy, it was difficult for Mont to remember all of the names of his father’s friends, so when he saw them he would just say “Hi, Five!” This childhood greeting stuck with him and he started to greet others with high fives.Want to know the trick for the perfect high-five? Look at the other person’s elbow as you are about to high-five them. You’ll have a perfectly accurate high-five every time. Happy National High Five Day!


19 National Garlic Day

April 19th National Garlic Day [VIDEO]

CJ 200 x 200 By: CJ  |  Yesterday


David Silverman, Getty Images

April 19th is National Garlic Day and promotes the many uses of Garlic. You probably know it’s a herb but did you know it’s also a vegetable. Here in Acadiana, we put garlic in just about everything.  Garlic is not just popular here, but around the world.

Garlic has ben used medicinally for thousands of years.  I’m sure Marie Laveau used quite a bit in her lifetime warding off  evil spirits.  About the only negative thing you can say about it, is that it can negatively affect an otherwise romantic evening.

Medically speaking…

  • Phytochemicals in garlic are believed to provide protection against heart disease and cancer. Specifically, stomach and colorectal cancers.
  • Garlic helps to fight off colds and flu.
  • Garlic lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  • Garlic reduces the buildup of plaque in arteries.
  • Garlic is used as a treatment for acne and warts.
  • Garlic can be used for toothaches

Alliumphobia is the fear of garlic.  Don’t be afraid of garlic today, embrace the garlic in you.  Eat lots of garlic and live long…with bad breath!


to see the video go to this site.


Well tomorrow I will get back on track and be able to keep up with everything I hope. So until next time 🙂


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