April 26th

I hope you will join me today as I am going to discuss the treatment of disabled students in public schools.

I watched on the news yesterday when they talked about a parent wiring his son to find out why the teachers accused him of being a bully. This young boy has autism and frequently talks to himself or whoever, he believes to be in his world.

His teachers treated him with hostility. They even called him a “Bastard.”

Then there was another boy in another school. He had cerebral palsy and was in a wheel chair. He was treated in much the same manner. His mother put a recorder on him.

I was so angry that I cannot be sure of all that was said to these students.

Forty years of teaching special education and all my horror moments returned in that news clip.

What I saw over my years of teaching was worse than that but if you are a good special education teacher there for the right purposes with the right heart your hands are tied. The only way to protect the students is to fly under the radar and try to keep them as much away from the regular staff as possible.

Now that they have gone to inclusion models that is nearly impossible. The teachers don’t want you in their classes to be a witness to what goes on.

Disabled students are not only being bullied by teachers, they are being denied education. They are being physically injured when no one is around to look.

Administrators are asking special education teachers to change Federal Individual Education Plans behind closed doors after parents are gone. If you don’t do it your life becomes the target and is a living hell as in my case which lead to my retirement.

Even teachers are being attacked and bullied for helping disabled students.

When I started teaching we could do what ever we wanted as long as we kept them on our side of the building and there was no interaction. I wore all hats and did the disciplining.

Now the movement is to get them out of the schools go back to the old days when they were institutionalized.

Problems are low budgets, lack of teacher training, over crowded classrooms, no materials, and frustration for everyone.

Parents need to fight for special education self-contained classrooms where they are only mainstreamed for things like art, music, pe.

They learned much faster when the numbers were limited to twelve per adult. Now one adult can have over thirty with all varying disabilities and it is impossible for one person to handle that.

Parents you need to know your child’s school environment. It will determine attitudes for their entire life. IF you aren’t happy and don’t get the results you want, take them out and go to another school or home teach.

But you had better do your homework.

One of the places you start is by asking the teachers there back ground and certification.

You are going to find that the certified teachers usually aren’t teaching anymore. They have become glorified secretaries buried in paper work.

It is the paraprofessionals who do the teaching. They don’t follow the IEP’s , they don’t listen to the special ed teacher, and they don’t have sufficient training to handle sever disabilities.

The last three years of my teaching I wasn’t permitted to do the teaching. I was getting paid a teacher’s salary for doing paper work.

I had to sit back and watch while my students suffered. I fought with a district and I lost. Twelve teachers left the same year I did.

You will find good teachers are leaving the field because they no longer can sit back and watch what is going on in education.

New teachers come out and are yes people but they won’t last long either. They will find it is not worth the pay and headaches and will soon find other jobs willing to pay better.

If education doesn’t change for the better their will be no public schools.

You cannot run children like a corporation. They have emotions and needs. Teachers can’t be fired for nurturing those needs.

kindergartener need hugs.

We have become a cold society with no feelings towards anyone and that has to change.

Those who have a passion for teaching and love children will be harassed as long as they are there so who protects our children?

If I had children this day and age I would never put them in a public school. I have seen too much. I watched my own children go through mistreatment by teachers.

If you are the wrong race, religion, sex, or outsider beware.

I am going to leave you with this today. I will share the Nation’s Activities for the 26th and 27th together.

So until next time protect the children 🙂


4 Responses

  1. I watched the video on YouTube, it is heartbreaking!

  2. 30 years ago I was looking for work. I went to this group home for mentally challenge adults. I was escorted around the building and the escort said to me if you get hired, all you have to do is pinched them and they will behave. Thank God I didn’t get the job, I could never hurt someone because they didn’t understand what I wanted them to do or that they didn’t move fast enough doing it. It’s really disgusting all you hear on the news. My first apartmen my neighbors were mentally challenge and they had a son about 2 years old. They use to look at me and my family like we were the one with disablities. 🙂

    • It is amazing what goes on in the world that people don’t realize. I got an eye opener when I was only eighteen and worked one summer at a state institution for the mentally retarded. After forty years of working with special needs nothing surprises me but a lot angers me. 🙂

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