April 28th

How long do you expect to live?

Funny how certain titles catch your attention and others don’t and yet you could have a perfectly good story. People only take time for what the want to take time for. Yesterday I spent hours working on a two-day blog only to find four people took the time to read it.

It’s somewhat disappointing. Yet if I miss a day people are disappointed in me. How is that suppose to work?

I know that sometimes people will return later and read old blogs but not frequently.

I am going to spend more time next week working on my blog site and learning other aspects of it then writing.

I am going to be working on connecting better and driving it to the people who are interested in what I have to say until Monday I am going to not write and take the time to think about my strategies and how I will most successfully reach people.


I wish everyone a happy weekend and I leave you on your own until next week. So until next time 🙂



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