May 16th

Hello World: Today I ordered the first copy of “A Tribute to Those Serving the Red, White, and Blue.” I will be adding the link on here although it won’t be live until I approve the proof. I also ordered more books of “The Land of Horses” and “Grandma’s Pantry.” They will be available at the Public Library on May 23rd in Rupert Idaho at 6:00 pm.

If you cannot come please contact me and I will see that you get the book of your choice.

Books are picking up momentum and moving fast. It’s hard to keep them on hand. However, they only take six days to come in. IF anyone needs them sooner than that they can pay for expedited shipping.


I am shipping out Land of Horses today to the winner of the facebook auction for Shaun. In fact when I finish here that is what I will be doing.

Congratulations to CK Guffin.


Life moves fast and you’d better be ready to move with it.

So let’s look at today’s National Days and see what is happening.

National Days

16 Love a Tree Day

  • Let your inner hippie spirit shine bright and give a tree a nice big hug!  This works even better if you do it in public so you can get others to participate.
  • Give a thirsty tree some water, they’ll greatly appreciate it.
  • Plant a tree.

This is a day to spend time with a tree.  Make sure you pick a tree on your property or on a public area. Don’t ruin it with trespassing charges.


There are many activities for this day. Get to know the animals that live in the tree. Put food out for them.

Sit under the tree and read a book.

Give the tree you pick out that extra attention whether it be trimming, watering or hugging.

We love our trees as they provide so much to our world. Today is the day to show your appreciation. Love that tree.


16 National Sea Monkey Day

National Sea Monkey Day celebrates an amazing pet that comes alive when placed in water. Children and adults are fascinated by these creatures, that almost instantly are born when place in water.

Celebrate this day by spending some time with your Sea Monkeys. Watch them swim and play. Give them an extra treat. If you do not have sea monkeys, today is the day to go out and buy a kit.

No reference was found to official day.


16 Wear Purple for Peace Day

The goal of Wear Purple for Peace Day is to make the world a peaceful place and, of course, encourage alien species to make contact with earth.

Do you want to meet aliens for another planet?

Origination unknown.


Happy National Coquilles St. Jacques Day!

Raves chef Anthony Bourdain about the French meal, “I will always associate the smell of this dish with my first imaginings of France — and the imminent arrival of guests…. I yearned for this dish – knowing it only by smells – and was delighted when I finally turned old enough to sit down to eat with the adults. This was the reward.”

Scallops — or “coquilles St. Jacques,” as they’re known in French — are classic bivalve mollusks, with dual functions: Not only does the chewy meat provide tasty nourishment but the shells, too, provide a decorative exterior. The traditional coquilles St. Jacques preparationmakes use of the fanciful shells as serving pieces, tossing the scallops with mushrooms in a creamy white wine sauce, sprinkled with a crunchy breadcrumb topping with cheese, and broiling the dish until golden

So for today that is it. So until next time 🙂

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