May 17th

Can you believe May is already half over. Oh my where does the time go?

I will be spending the time between now and Wednesday May 23rd get ready for the presentation at the library.

I am to read some of my work.

I will pick one poem from each poetry book and one paragraph from my memoir.

The challenge is going to be which ones to pick. Everyone has a special meaning. I have to give this some serious thought.

I hope “A Tribute to Those Serving the Red, White, and Blue.” Will be here by Monday. I am really anxious to see the cover.

It’s like having Christmas every time a new book arrives.


National Days

17 Pack Rat Day

May 17th is Pack Rat Day, an opportunity for each of us to admit to our own pack rat behaviors and spend one day embracing our clutter. While you’re “busy” not taking out the trash or doing the dishes, assess your own pack-rat-edness and inclinations toward compulsive hoarding — after all, just like the old PSAs said, “knowing is half the battle.”

Today is the day for doing nothing about it and enjoy all those treasures that you have stored away.

You don’t have to get ready for yard sales, donations or cleaning anything out today.

Today is in honor of the person who knows to see a good deal and hang on to it.

You can do nothing today or you can honor it by going to that favorite second-hand store and see what else you can find that you just can’t live without.

There will be other days designated to organizing and deleting unnecessary items.

So for today enjoy the treasures you’ve collected over the years.


“The Cherry Gobbler”

Ingredients: 2 oz Wild Turkey, 3/4 oz grenadine syrup, 3 1/2 oz Mt. Dew soda

Directions: Pour the Wild Turkey and grenadine into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well, and strain into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Add Mountain Dew, and serve.

No information found on why this is Cherry Gobbler day not to be confused with Cherry Cobbler Day.

However, if you want this summer drink I would recommend picking out a favorite food or food snacks before starting.


Brown Bag Day

Grab your favorite Brown Bag lunch and get your friends, co-workers, or family to meet you for lunch in a favorite place such as a park etc.


Enjoy your lunch and get outside.


Well today the sky is overcast and the rain is moving in for a day or two of course, the weekend is coming but the warm weather will be climbing back up for the following week.

Drink plenty of water and keep your body dehydrated.

Enjoy your yards, sit in the shade, listen to the birds sing, enjoy the aroma of all the flowers starting to blossom and of course have those allergy medicines ready if needed.

However, be careful of biting and stinging insects.

Do not pick up anything you can’t identify you might get a surprise as the man at the Wall-Mart store did who picked up a rattlesnake and has the bites to prove it.

Whatever you do enjoy the day and until next time 🙂





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