May 18th

WOW! What a day I had yesterday.

I relaxed in the morning. Wrote my blog, checked my email, checked Facebook, watched some morning TV, ate lunch  then decided to leave the house.

I don’t leave the house often but yesterday was my goal. I showered and went to town. Got a haircut, highlighted my hair for a new look, and did some minor shopping. I spent the entire afternoon at the Beauty Salon.

Then I decided to pick up dinner and bring it home. Last night I was able to feel like I had accomplished something. Not only had I finished my home procedures but I also had gotten out into the public.

I forgot my cane at home and walked the whole time without. I came home feeling better than ever.

Now today the weather has cooled off and the wind has picked up. I basically have followed the same routine and I may go to the grocery store this afternoon.

I haven’t gotten that far yet.


Today my best friend is having back surgery. They are fusing two of her cervical disks together. I hope that this goes well for her. She has been in a lot of pain recently.

If you have a favorite friend that you grew up with you will know how this feels.

She lived next door to me and when my mom wouldn’t let me do anything else she would always let me go next door and visit Joanita.

Joanita’s father had died when she was five. Her mother had the job of supporting five children in a time when it wasn’t normal for women to work.

Joanita was the only girl in the family . Her three older brothers kept her very busy making lunches for their work and waking them up on time. She was responsible for her younger brother who was a year younger than me.

She was several years older than I was and mom felt it was safe for me to go over and visit while we made sure all the work got done before her mother came home from work. That included cooking dinner.

Joanita turned out to be that special person with a wonderful heart, and a gorgeous smile.

Even though she gave up her childhood early on she never resented any of it. We had our fun, our boyfriends, and our secrets.

Many years have passed and although there is a distance mileage wise between us my feelings for her have never faltered. She will always be my dearest friend.

She has raised three very nice daughters as a single mother, and has found the love of her life in her senior years.

She has grandchildren that adore her.

I hope this special lady who has been through so much in her life is healed and can continue to enjoy the life she has finally learned to enjoy. Today is her surgery and I will be hearing from her daughter later.

My prayers for healing go with you Joanita.


National Days

On May 18th, learn about the eruption of Mount St. Helens, don’t create dirty dishes today and visit your local museum.

Mount St. Helens Erupts
On May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted after 123 years of inactivity. The eruption shot an ash column 80,000 feet into the atmosphere and deposited ash over 11 states. 57 people lost their lives to the eruption. Mount St. Helens is located in the Cascade Range in southwestern Washington.

18 International Museum Day

May 18th is International Museum Day, sponsored by International Council of Museums (ICOM). International Museum Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of museums in today’s society. Each year has a different theme. Visit a museum today.

Today celebrates not just the large famous museums, but the little hole-in-the-wall places located around the world.

18 National Bike to Work Day – third Friday of month

National Bike to Work Day

Today is National Bike to Work Day! In 1956, the Cycle Trade Association of America announced the first ever Bike Month. The purpose of this occasion was to promote bicycle sales. Today, National Bike Month, Bike Week, and Bike to Work Day have a much broader focus. These events encourage safe bicycling practices and promote cycling as a legitimate commuting alternative.Join thousands of other Americans and participate in Bike to Work Day today. Whether you are environmentally conscious or just love the exercise, biking to work is a great way to avoid the commuter traffic and stay in shape! Happy cycling!

18 No Dirty Dishes Day

No Dirty Dishes Day
May 18th is No Dirty Dishes Day. It’s a day to eat in a manner that won’t create dirty dishes…using paper plates and plastic utensils or eating out all day. Be creative.

18 Visit Your Relatives Day

Visit Your Relatives Day

Today is Visit Your Relatives Day! In today’s fast paced lifestyle, it is easy to lose touch with the people you care about. Sometimes you only get to see relatives around the holidays or if they live really far away, you may not get to see them at all.There is a special connection that binds family members together. They provide an unyielding support system to get you through the hardest of times and they are there to celebrate and create memories during important life milestones. Either way, we need our families and they need us.To celebrate Visit Your Relatives Day, stop by and say hello to family members that you don’t get to see that often. Send them a free ecard, call them, or better yet, host a family reunion! The older generations of your family will be so proud of you for bringing everyone together and starting a new family tradition.


May is National Military Appreciation Month

WASHINGTON — Both chambers of the U.S. Congress have adopted a resolution calling for Americans to recognize and honor U.S. service members during May’s National Military Appreciation Month.

Virginia Rep. Tom Davis, along with 16 cosponsors, introduced Concurrent Resolution No. 328 in the House in November. The Senate agreed to it without amendment and by unanimous consent April 26.

The resolution states that the House, with the Senate concurring, “supports the goals and objectives of a National Military Appreciation Month.” It also “urges the president to issue a proclamation calling on the people of the United States, localities, organizations and media to annually observe” the month “with appropriate ceremonies and activities. Finally, the resolution urges the White House Commission on Remembrance to “work to support the goals and objectives” of the month.

The Senate first passed a resolution in 1999 designating National Military Appreciation Month. That declaration summoned U.S. citizens to observe the month “in a symbol of unity, … to honor the current and former members of the armed forces, including those who have died in the pursuit of freedom and peace.”

Traditionally, May has focused on the military in many ways. For example, Public Service Recognition Week, celebrated the first full Monday through Sunday in May since 1985, recognizes the roles of public servants, including the military, at local, state, regional and federal levels. As a part of PSRW, communities across America showcase military equipment and service members from U.S. installations. The largest PSRW event takes place on Washington’s National Mall, where more than 100 federal agencies, including the military services, put their activities, people and equipment on public display. This year’s mall event is May 6-9.

Armed Forces Day, created in 1949, is an annual event held on the third Saturday in May, with activities at U.S. military bases around the world. This year’s celebration occurs May 15.

The month culminates with Memorial Day, a federal holiday on the last Monday in May. The day, dating from the Civil War era, traditionally has marked recognition of those who have died in service to the nation. Each year on Memorial Day, the White House Commission on Remembrance promotes one minute of silence at 3 p.m. local time to honor the military’s fallen comrades and to pay tribute to the sacrifices by the nation’s service members and veterans.

For more information go to :


It is especially important this year that we share the appreciation of our Military. with over 6,000 deceased servicemen that we want to honor  by ALWAYS REMEMBER NEVER FORGET Memorial Day is coming up.

We are also bringing home our servicemen and women. Let’s bring them home safely.

In honor of the month of May my book  will go live on May 23rd “A Tribute to Those Serving the Red, White, and Blue.”

I will post a poem on that day. I am working on the link this week.


National Cheese Souffle Day

Five Food Finds about Soufflet

  • A souffle is essentially a simple white sauce enriched with egg yolk. Stiff egg whites are folded right into the mixture. At this point, you can add whatever flavor you like: cheese, vegetables, chocolate or fruit.
  • The secret to a great souffle is to beat the egg whites into stiff white peak consistency and to fold them carefully into the sauce to keep as much air in the mixture as possible.
  • Savory souffles are often too light for a main course, but the addition of chicken and spinach here bolsters this into a substantial main course. When you break into it with your fork, the seductive aroma of cheese, chicken and spinach pours out. It’s elegant, airy and fluffy.
  • The secret to success is making sure your timing is just right. So plan ahead carefully; figure out what you will be serving first — such as a salad or soup — and time the souffle to go into the oven as you sit down for your first course.
  • You can wait for a souffle, but a souffle waits for no one. You don’t want to serve a deflated souffle.


List Price: $14.50
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
90 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1470186920 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1470186926
BISAC: Poetry / General

CreateSpace eStore:



I will be applying the link now so you can go to the order site.


So for the rest of the day I hope everyone enjoys the day to the fullest.

Until next time 🙂


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