May 19th

A beautiful sunny day with a mild breeze. A good day to be out on a river fishing or on the lake in a boat.

My father preferred walking the river beds and fishing to his heart’s content. It was quiet, calm and enjoyable.

Have you ever thought about how we let the world change us as we grow up. When I was a kid I loved the river too. I loved to stand in it barefoot and fish. If I got tired I sat on a boulder in the river and I didn’t care if I got all wet. When I got tired of fishing I’d go wadding or look for snails or round pebbles to skip across the water. I loved to do that.

When we grow up we lose the inner child. It’s still there but we don’t let it out often enough. When was the last time you wadded in a river or creek. How long has it been since you skipped a rock. Have you ever looked for snails. What about catching polliwogs and frogs just to set them free at the end of the day.

Now that your all grown up what is it that you enjoy. We go to work. We come home to work. Our children often are work or make work for us. When have you had a good laugh.

When was the last time you and your kids had a water fight. My son tried it with me on Mother’s Day. It was fun.

Sometimes as adults we forget the precious important moments in time. We need to stop and breathe and live. The world won’t come to an end if you skip the house work for a day, or take the kids somewhere special.

When was the last time you and a loved one had a special evening?

Life is too short. If you aren’t having time in your life to be the fun-loving person you use to be than you need to look at your priorities and see what needs to be changed otherwise one day you will sit back and ask, “Where did my life go?”

So from me to you go act like a kid today and live it up but do it safely.


National Days

19 Armed Forces Day – third Saturday of month

Today is Armed Forces Day! This holiday honors all of the men and women who serve our country and protect our freedom! In 1949, Louis Johnson (the Secretary of Defense) suggested that the United States should have a day to celebrate all of its military branches. On February 9, 1950, President Truman proclaimed the first ever Armed Forces Day.

Communities all across the country celebrate Armed Forces Day with parades, receptions, and air shows. There is a different theme for the event every year. Some examples of past themes include liberty, freedom, professionalism, and security.

To celebrate Armed Forces Day, attend a local parade or reception and thank service men and women for their dedication!



Armed Forces Day


Third Saturday of May,

Remember Armed Forces Day.


A time to honor Americans in uniform,

Who for our country did perform,

Whether at war or peace,

They let us live our lives with ease.


Let us remember to honor,

The five branches as our brothers,

The Army, and the Navy,

Think of them on land and sea.


Remember the Marines, and Cost Guard,

Watching our shores and country,

When you see the Jets fly by,

Remember the Air Force who “Aims High.”


Our National Guard and Reserves,

Serving at home when a disaster occurs,

Support our troops in all they do,

Remember civilians who work with them too.


Many events will take place,

Let them see pride on your face,

Respect those at memorials,

Visiting cemeteries should be formal.

@Copyrighted May 2012 “A Tribute to Those Serving the Red, White, and Blue.” by Janice N. Richards

Many communities have events on this day. Join in your communities in honor of those serving you and your country. Shake their hands, let them know that you are proud of what they do.


19 Boy’s Club Day

Boys Club Day
The Boys Club was founded on May 19, 1906, by Mary Goodwin, Alice Goodwin and Elizabeth Hammersley. The Boys Club was formed to keep boys from roaming the streets. It was later changed to Boys and Girls Club of America.

Many of the local Boys and Girls Clubs will be honoring this day with special activities so be sure to join in with your local Clubs.



National Learn to Swim Day:

May 19th is National Learn to Swim Day.  As the weather heats up, pools, lakes, beaches and rivers beckon, and knowing how to swim can be the difference between life and death for kids (and adults) this summer.

Here are some facts:

According to the Red Cross, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages 1 to 14 years …

Help save a life. Enroll your children or grandchildren in swimming lessons. Use floating devices. Never let them swim in canals or be around water unattended.

Remember it only takes a teaspoon of water to drowned. Children are fast and you can’t turn your backs for a second.

This year water is high, cold and fast-moving. Keep your children safe. Don’t let them swim without supervision.

Snow is still melting off the mountains and ice-cold water is dangerous.

Flooding creates illusions that the water is shallow when there can be deep holes. When near lakes and rivers let them wear their floating devices to play on the shores then if they fall into the water they have a chance.

Have all floating devices approved for safety. If they wear the wrong size for them it is just as dangerous as none at all.

Never leave them unattended in a small yard pool it is still a place they can drowned or be suffocated. Empty all pools when done and turn upside down for precautions.

You want your children to not fear the water but learn to respect it at the same time.


Fire Alarm Patented
On May 19, 1857, William F. Channing and Moses G. Garmer received the first patent for an electric fire alarm. The alarm system was first used in Boston, Massachusetts, consisting of street fire alarm boxes connected by a telegraph circuit to a central station.


Spanish Armada Sets Sail
On May 19, 1588, the Spanish Armada sets sail from Lisbon, Spain, to gain control of the English Channel and invade England. What was the outcome of this endeavor.


May 19, 2012 is

National Devil’s Food Cake Day

What is rich, chocolatey, airy, and moist? Devil’s food cake of course! This tempting dessert is considered the counterpart to the white angel food cake. It is generally more moist and airy than other types of chocolate cake, due to its use of baking soda. Baking soda raises the pH level of the cake, making it a deeper and darker mahogany color. The use of hot or boiling water as the cake’s main liquid rather than milk is another common distinguisher of this type of cake.

Devil’s food cake was introduced to the United States in the early 1900’s. It is quite similar to red velvet cake and the names are often interchangeable in some parts of the country. To celebrate National Devil’s Food Cake Day, make some divine devil’s food cake to have for dessert tonight!


Use your favorite recipe or go online where you can find many delicious recipes to try out.

Put a spark in your life and be that little “Devilish” person you sometimes want to be.



for more information go to :


Well from Armed Forces day to Boys and Girls Clubs, Swimming, to Devil’s Food Cake. There is something there for everyone to enjoy. Why not enjoy them all.

Have a great day. Make it special for you. So until next time 🙂




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