Happy Father’s Day

Today I’d like to wish all those wonderful father’s out there HAPPY FATHER”S DAY.

I was fortunate to have a wonderful father.

What Father’s day means to me:

My father was a quiet patient man.

My father was loving and understanding.

My father made sure never to forget his girls even though he wanted a son.

My father on holidays always gave some special to us just from him , nobody else, it isn’t about the presents , it’s the fact he remembered me.

My father always knew what to say when times were difficult no matter what age I was.

My father always encouraged me to go for my dreams even though he wasn’t a risk taker.

My father walked me down the  aisle at my wedding even though he was shaking like a leaf.

My father took me fishing and let me walk the rivers with him even when I could barely fit into a pair of his waders.

My father never lost his patience with me even when he scolded me.

My father always made me feel loved even without saying a word.

My father made my world one that was safe, full of dreams, happiness, laughter and few tears.

My father never left me alone to fend for myself, or to question why.

Even today I know my father is looking down from Heaven and watching over me everyday. I feel his presence. He reminds me to renew my license plate tags and to take care of business.

My father taught me the meaning of truth, honesty, respect, responsibility, and reliability.

My father may have only be 5’8″ but to me he was the tallest man in the world.

He always said, “Don’t judge another until you have walked a mile in their footsteps.”
Truth be known no one could ever fill my father’s shoes.

He worked hard. He asked for little but he shined around all those that knew him.

Daddy I miss you and one day we will meet again. Happy Father’s Day!


To all of you Father’s out there take time while you have it to spend with your families and share that unconditional love. It will last eternally.

My father dropped dead suddenly. My sons and I had just gotten on the bus to return home and he was gone just like that.

Thank God we saw him one last time. You never know how much time you have on this earth so make the most of it. Love and be loved.

I hope all Father’s Understand how important they are and have a wonderful day today.

Enjoy the day and be safe 🙂




4 Responses

  1. You were blessed to have such a wonderful father. My step-father was a good dad until my parent’s divorced and that was the end of my father–I don’t know who my real dad is and it leaves a hole in the pit of my stomach, so I hope all those with great fathers appreciate them this dayand every day.

    • Thanks Micki I was truly blessed not only with a wonderful father but a wonderful mother. We like any family had our problems but I never felt unloved. I know what divorce can do to children as my own children have experienced that emptiness afterwards. I have never seen my granddaughter because her mother put her up for adoption and that not knowing is difficult. I miss her everyday. However, I have to say that from my experiences as I teacher I have seen children who were better off not knowing then being affected by someone who would not be good in their lives. Make the day about who is important in your life and celebrate what you want not who you think you should.

  2. This is a great tribute… well written and heartwarming… It reminds me of my Dad who had to leave by far too early as well…
    Great post!!

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