July 4th

Independence Day and what it means:

I woke up this morning and as the sun rose over the treetops I could hear the birds singing. After their morning feeding all became quiet and peaceful.

There were no worries about unpleasant attacks and what would happen today for I live in the United States Land of the Free.

This country was started because of the desire for liberty. People who wanted the right to practice their own religion, choose their own jobs and live without persecution.

The came here with few belongings and they worked hard to have a piece of land that they could call their own instead of working on someone else’s land and having nothing.

They fought through many a war, they had to deal with whether conditions and challenges that they were not familiar with but they never gave up because freedom was more important.

It is because of those people who believed in the right to live freely that this country exists.

The freedoms they left for us to enjoy are endless.

We have the right to live where we want, work where we want and grow up the way we want.

We have the right to a free education.

We have the right to freedom of speech without harm to others.

We have the right to celebrate our holidays and our religious beliefs.

We have the right to gather in public.

We have the right to enjoy music, radio, television and media of all types.

We have the right to own our own home and walk in our own yard when we want.

We have the right to buy, own and drive whatever vehicle we choose.

We have the right to be creative, to dream and to follow.

We have the right to speak about politics and to form our own ideas.

We have the freedom for the pursuit of happiness. It is not guaranteed but we have the opportunity to look for it.

We have the freedom to sit out on our porches and to enjoy holiday celebrations.

We have the freedom to visit with our family, friends and neighbors.

We have the freedom to go to work, come home, take a day or two off to enjoy life.

We have the freedom to display our American Flag without fear.

We have the freedom to march in parades and sing God Bless America.

We have the freedom to remember and sing “This Land is Your Land”.

We have the freedom to enjoy this day of Independence as our forefathers did.

Many will go to parades today. Some will enjoy rodeos. Family picnics and BBQ’s will be a common sight.

Music will be heard and fireworks will soar through the air. But the one thing that we will all share today is the fact we are on free soil and we are living free.

We must not abuse this privilege or loose it. The price would be far to great.

We must remember those serving the Red, White, and Blue because they are doing it for me and you.

Take time today to remember what this day really means. It is when our country earned it’s freedom from Great Britain.

It is the day we became our own country. Honor it and everything it stands for.

Celebrate but for the right reasons for there is no other place like this.

Freedom isn’t free the cost is high so let’s be sure to respect those who fight, have fought and are still fighting so that we have these freedoms.

Liberty is what today is all about. There is nothing more wonderful than wakening up to a day of freedom and enjoying the tranquility of nature around you.

These aren’t God-given rights they are earned privileges and each man, women and child needs to step up to the plate and protect them.

I ask as you go about your celebrations today remember the National Anthem, play some patriotic music, don’t litter, and do fireworks in a safe area.

Enjoy your day but be safe and remember what it is all about. Take five minutes of silence to honor those who fought so hard for our freedoms.

May God Bless everyone on the most important day in our countries history.


So until next time 🙂 🙂 🙂

4 Responses

  1. Janice wonderful and appropriate post–thanks for sharing.


  2. What a great post!! I love it!!!

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