July 14th

Sorry everyone but this month is rapidly getting away from me.

I will probably be off the blog site for the next week or two. I apologize for that.

I have a lot going on right now and will be away from the internet.

In the mean time I am working on four new books.

I hope to have “Coming of Age in the Rockies” The Rebel Years finished by September.

I have another library presentation to give September 13th at 7:00 pm at the Burley, Idaho Public Library.

I have started “Behind Closed Doors” a forty-year journey of teaching. I hope to be close to finishing it by January. However, it is quite intense.

I am trying my hand at my first romance story ” A Heart Broken,” A Twisted Love. It is already in progress and I will hopefully have it finished by Christmas.

I am also going to work very hard on an education book when I return to the internet. It’s half way done and I would like to finish it in time for the beginning of school. However, we will see how much time I have around everything else.

I am also working on two children’s books and trying to figure out illustrations.  When I’m not writing I am playing around with illustrations to see what I can come up with.

I am also marketing every chance that I get.

I am going to have to take some time off for health issues and give myself some important me time.

I hope everyone will continue to follow my blog site. I will return as soon as I can and I will catch up with everything that I can. So until next time 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Janice,
    Don’t push yourself too hard like I do–it pushes back harder!! I’ll miss your posts but you deserve a break. I need to check all the school libraries that took my book and see if they need more copies. See you soon! Enjoy a little rest.


    • Micki
      Thanks for your concerns. I know when I have to take a break and I do that. I will be checking with the books stores and libraries also. I set timelines and breaks. But it is healthy for me to keep busy. I am doing okay. I just will be gone for a while from the internet. When I return I will pick up with the blogging again. Thanks to everyone for their support.

  2. Take it easy Janice – one step at the time!!

  3. Ranni thanks. This is how I’ve been all of my life. I have my goals lined up and go from one to another. I do best when I go from one project to another. Have a great a day.

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