July 23rd

Good Morning! I hope everyone is well this Monday morning. I know that the weekend was full of horrific news in the media.

First of all I want to say my heart, prayers and blessings go out to all of Colorado. They have had a very difficult season between the fires, and now the shooting in a moving theater.

I will be praying for all of you personally affected and for the entire nation. I feel compelled to speak my mind on this last incident.

Many people get angry when we talk about censorship. Why would you censor, how would you censor, should you censor, it’s wrong to censor.

However, I am going back to a time when I grew up. Life was good, the economy was good, Walt Disney made everyone feel like they could live the Cinderella Dream. However, those days are gone. But even then we were protected from many do’s and don’ts from the media and movie makers. Certain things were taboos such as sex scenes and violence. The endings of movies always had the heroine ride off into the sunset happily ever after.

Now there is no censorship and we are living in a time when drug usage is at its all time high. Mind altering chemicals that can cause who knows what. We are no longer a generation that light-heartedly watches a movie or reads a book for just pure entertainment. We have become a generation of  internal media, filled with negativity, we know there is no happy ending and that we won’t live happily ever after.

Now we have opened the doorways for mans own destruction. We have filled the brain with ideas that they never would have come up with on their own. We have provided all the tools to be bought just about anywhere. We have provided “How To Do It” books on-line. There is nothing that is left out.

The media embellishes every crime on television and there is never anything about the good in the world or anything positive for the average listener to pick up that we aren’t all doomed for destruction.

We hear about the end of the world and the young people can’t filter that in their mind so they believe if the world is ending what difference does it make. I can do anything because the world will be ending soon.

I truly believe as a humanitarian that we owe our general public better than this.

I believe as a writer that we have to assume responsibility for what we write and how it will affect the lives of others.

I believe there is a very, very fine line between creativity, and evil destruction.

If we as a general population are not willing to say we want movies censored, we want the media censored than we might as well through all morality out the window.  It’s leading a double standard.

I remember having to take a five-year old to my apartment because while visiting her mom she was watching a very destructive action movie that terrified the five-year old. Mom was so into the movie she didn’t even see her own daughters fear. We assume as adults that if we watch it with our children they can handle it but that isn’t true. Their minds aren’t ready to handle it.

Children need to be only exposed to children and family oriented movies.

Now with 3D to top it off that has taken everything to an entirely different level.

I wish the public would pay as much attention to education, reading books and helping their children to become successful in life.

Somewhere along the way we as a general society allowed everything to slip through the cracks. We gave up our standards and now we are wondering what happened.

The society became a money hungry society with crooked politicians. Now everyone is out for themselves.

IF our society doesn’t want to destroy itself it will have to look at the old standards and values.

It will have to give the people something to believe in such as a positive future with jobs, stable economy, adequate education, and family values.

Who knows what set this young man off but for this type of tragedy to happen in Colorado there had to be something terribly wrong.

We need to get our young people outside enjoying fresh air and active. Too many are hiding behind computers and have no social skills.

It is time to develop communities that are socially aware of what is going on around them and to know when someone is acting different. This just doesn’t happen over night.

It is time for America to slow down the hustle and bustle and give time to families. Close the stores on Sunday’s. Give people time to be with families. The almighty dollar won’t do anyone any good when they are dead.

Everyone needs especially this month to spend family time and be thankful for whatever they have big or small. When you wake up every morning be thankful for waking up. Be thankful for the sunshine. Be thankful for your family, friends, and neighbors. Be thankful for your pets. be thankful for the food on your table.

Remember the Lord helps those who help themselves. Reach out and help someone who might not be as well off as you are.

Censor the movies and television and turn the media off when it becomes drama.

It is one thing to read about the news. It is another thing to watch the horror on television as if it was just another movie. Know when to shut it off.

I ask that everyone take some time out of their day each day this week to remember Colorado and to pray for all of the families hurting. Say a prayer for the world and the hate that continues to exist. Pray for love, understanding, and forgiveness.

Pray for peace throughout the world. It starts in everyone’s home. We must teach our children to love, and forgive so they aren’t consumed by hate.

Pray for an end to drugs that are destroying so many minds.

Pray for our economy, jobs, and better education.

They say history repeats itself. If I had but one wish I would wish for the younger generation to grow up the same way I did during safe happy times.

So until next time:)



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