July 26th

Good morning everyone. I hope that all are surviving the hot temperatures and doing fine.

It is time for me to get back to my blog. I have been working on my book “Coming of Age in the Rockies” The Rebel Years. It is a sequel to “Growing Up in the Rockies”.  I now have completed the rough draft and am in the process of editing, deleting and adding information. I hope one more week and the first proof will be close to being ready. My goal is to have it ready by September.

Here is a sample from my new book:

High school is a time when one looks forward to finally being more grown up. Now one thinks that they will finally being allowed to do the things they were always told they were too young to do. It is a confusing time of school activities, academics, social life, and understanding ones own self-worth. For those that get involved in school activities it is much easier to cope with because you develop a group of friends with similar interests. It gives you the opportunity of going all the way through high school with those same friends that you have become very close friends and learned to accept. Therefore, you are fortunate in the social life that you can develop, removing many peer pressures of not knowing how to fit in with various groups. Academics are a challenge for everyone at best because you are now expected to know how to handle daily work, homework, special projects, tests, and get ready to prepare for college entrance exams. Even though you face many things never talked about before you set foot on high school grounds; you are still expected to be prepared, because now you are in High School.

There is also a book drawing on my Facebook page so make sure you go to Janice N. Richards “Best Selling Author and click like as I will be giving away “A Tribute to Those Serving the Red, White, and Blue.” 1000 clicks are needed by August 1st for the drawing.

I have also taken some very needed me time for relaxation and clearing my mind. I have spent time enjoying my cats and my family.

I know wish to get back to blogging about the National Days and try to catch up on what I have missed.

Let’s start with today.

National Day

26 All or Nothing Day

What does all or nothing day mean? Everyday has been assigned something to celebrate and today is that day where you either make up your mind you are going to stop procrastinating and do it all or you are going to have a relaxing day without making excuses and do nothing day. The choice is yours today. However, be careful at work as to what you choose to do. I don’t think bosses like the nothing day choice. However, it might be a great day to show what you are really capable of and even surprise yourself. There is no reference to how this day started so we will just dedicated to those OCD people and the procrastinations of the world.

26 Aunt and Uncle Day

Everyone has a day and this is a day to honor some special people in your family, your parents brothers and sisters. Aunt’s and Uncle’s are typically always fun to be around, because they have all the good stories about your parents and they more than likely don’t mind spoiling a you. Though we could not identify the origins of this holidays, it is defiantly a holiday that is worth celebrating with all your Aunt’s and Uncle’s.

You can always show your appreciation with a card, a gift, or just remembering them. Pick up the phone and give them a call. Let them know you care.

Hope whatever you do for today you can enjoy the day and remain cool. I will leave you with today’s recipe. So until next time 🙂

Coffee Milkshake Day

                      Coffee Milkshake

   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    3      cups          coffee ice cream
    1      cup           milk
      1/2  teaspoon      vanilla extract

  Combine all ingredients in container of an electric blender;
        blend mixture until smooth. Serve immediately.

        NOTE: 3 cups vanilla ice cream and 1 tablespoon instant
        coffee granules may be substituted for coffee ice cream, if desired

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