July 27th

Welcome. Won’t you come on in and visit for a while. I had hoped to get an earlier start this morning as I was already to get busy at five am but wouldn’t you know the one morning I’m early the internet would be done. Needless to say, I ended up going back to sleep and now my day is off to a late start. Same days you just can’t win.

Well temperatures are hot here we’re pushing the 100’s. Tonight start’s the beginning of the Spud Men Races. They are held yearly in Idaho. There will be swimming, bicycling and I am not sure what else. It is an extensive list of activities throughout the weekend with awards and dinners. Unfortunately, I can’t take the heat or the crowds of people so I will watch it on the news and stay in my a/c home. However, I wish the best to all participants. I hope they all remain safe during this heat.

Growing concerns are the effects that the heat is going to have on today’s crops and the food market. I watched a news report this week that stated food would increase by 5% starting the first of August. Now this is of great concern to a country in a bad economy. We already have food banks that are struggling and lack of work. However, it is those on fixed income that I am most concerned about. Our senior citizens have no way of increasing their income, nor do they have the physical ability to work two and three jobs and long hours. Along with the senior citizens are our disabled workers. Many of these people are already struggling not to go hungry. If food prices climb they will surely do with out and then you will see more people getting ill and going without medical treatment because they can’t afford that either.

I live in a farming community and although I have watched farmers help out their neighbors I have also watched farmers plow food under at the end of harvest when there were people who could have used it.

It is a time in our nations history to story checking on your neighbors and helping them out making sure they are eating and being taken care. We cannot count on “Federal Programs” making communities have cut back or cut out their “Meals on Wheels Programs”.

Some how we have to find a way to turn things around in this country. IF you grew a garden this year and have a plentiful bounty donate some instead of selling it. You might just save a life.

It is also important with these high temperatures that the elderly, the innocent, and the vulnerable are checked on.  Many are not getting enough water for hydration, or they don’t have adequate working a/c’s. Communities can check on the people that they are aware of and make sure they have liquids and working a/c’s.  You cannot count on their family members to do that because they are usually the last ones to follow through.  Remember fresh fruits help hydrate especially your melons and berries.

Don’t forget the animals during these high temperatures. Never leave children or animals in cars as the temps in cars are 20 degrees higher than outside and the brain can fry in a few seconds like an egg on a hot skillet.

Keep animals protected during the heat of the day giving them shelter and lots of liquids. Remember even larger animals burn their feet on the hot ground so have sheltered areas for them.

With high heats also comes over use of electric resources which we could run out of. Don’t run anything if you don’t need to. We don’t know how long the heat will continue and if we use up our resources now there will be nothing later on to help out. Use good common sense. “Waste not want not.”

Well enough about the heat for today let’s move on to today’s National Day


National Days:

27 Summer Olympics – every 4 years

Well the summer Olympics have started in London and already Mick Romney has started off on the wrong foot by stating that they weren’t prepared. Now as insults pass back and forth between the Prime Minister of London and the Mayor of Salt Lake, Utah we will see what damage he has done to his presidential candidacy if any.

However, the US Olympic teams are looking in good shape and are reading to perform at their best so as we follow them let’s remember how much hard work they have put into getting where they are and cheer them on. They should be honored no matter what their accomplishments are for they have given much of their life to training and representing our country. Bravo to all of you and my best of wishes to all in London. I hope that this summer’s olympics will not only be a wonderful experience but that everyone remains safe and builds peaceful relationships throughout the world.



27 Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

July 27th also celebrates St. Pantaleon the Healer, a fourth century Greek physician and martyr, who was apparently the patron saint of doctors and trousers. What a suitable occasion for stepping out and taking a zippy walk in your favorite pair of pants? After all, even the most crotchety person can feel better after a few paces.

So if you can  stand the heat today take those trousers and go for a walk. There are plenty of activities going on this time of year that you can walk to or through. Maybe you want to walk through the many fairgrounds that are up and running this time of year.

Whatever enjoy your walk in trousers and remember to stay hydrated in the heat.

Walk on Stilts Day

It’s Walk on Stilts Day! Most often seen in parades and at the circus, stilt-walking is actually an ancient art. To learn how to do it, all you need is a pair of stilts and lots of practice (and maybe some extra padding, in case you take a tumble).

Did you know that some people used to actually need stilts? It’s true—in the 19th century, stilt-walking occurred in Landes, France. Residents of this marshy area took up stilt-walking as a way to navigate the wet terrain. It is said that they performed all of their daily outdoor tasks on stilts!

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to give this fun activity a try, today’s your day! Keep on the lookout for stilt-walking festivals or events happening in your area to give it whirl. Happy Walk on Stilts Day!

July 27 – National Crème Brulée Day

Man oh man, I love Creme Brulée. It’s such an elegant, delicately-executed dessert that is also a powerhouse of flavor and technique. And let’s not even forget to mention the part where you use a blowtorch to finish it off. ;-) Directly translated from the French as “burnt cream,” Crème Brulée is a rich egg custard topped with a layer of hard caramel. It has to go through both the slow, delicate cooking process to make the perfect egg custard, then the hard and fast carmelization of sugar crystals sprinkled onto the top, with nothing less than a culinary-grade blow torch. It’s a beautiful yet simple dessert that is both a testament to the skill of the chef and utterly delicious.

Most classic crème brulées are flavored lightly with vanilla, but you can also have ones made with chocolate, orange, coffee, coconut, or any number of liqueurs. While on vacation last week I had a banana Bailey’s creme brulee that was out of this world good. And you wouldn’t expect that good of a dish on a cruise ship! But even with all the different flavors, there’s something so wonderful about a classic vanilla custard brulée. Try one of the most noted crème brulées at Le Cirque today, if you feel that National Crème Brulée Day is a celebration worth dressing a little fancy for. This jacket-and-tie restaurant may seem haughty, but that’s exactly the atmosphere you want when getting some of the best French food in New York. Their Brulée is smooth and creamy on the inside, once you crack through the thin, delicious caramel shell on top of the ramekin. It’s an oldie but a goodie, winning the title of Best Crème Brulée in New York by New York Magazine in 2000.

This would be a perfect treat to experience while in London at the Summer Olympics.

for more info go to: http://nycfooddays.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/july-27-national-creme-brulee-day/



07/26/12-07/28/12Evel Knievel Days

Butte, Montana my hometown will be celebrating the following Days:
My sister-in-law not only went to school with Evel but lived near him. He was just another Butte person who made a name for himself in our eyes. I attended school with his cousin.  However, he made a splash on the maps for Butte and many times there are sponsored events because of it so if you are an avid fan this is your weekend to be in Butte, Montana.  I wish that I could be there to attend.

Butte    406-491-6066This summer, Evel’s hometown of Butte will host Evel Knievel Days. The community has a storied historic past in copper mining and features the largest National Historic Landmark District in the West
City boosters and sponsors are laying out the welcome mat for Evel’s fans.

Well I’ve covered a considerable amount of information today so I will end with wishing everyone the best today. So until next time 🙂


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  1. Great informational post and very enjoyable. The drought is affecting the whole country and we have it here in the northeast too. Food prices are already off the charts and I fear for winter prices as they can only go up.


    • Micki thank you. I watch the entire country and the drought. I worry for all those that are being affected across the board. Food prices will start to increase in August but you won’t see the full impact until after harvest. Watch for specials and take advantage of them.

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