July 31st

WOW!!! Where did this month go. It sure flew by between the Fourth of July, lots of activities this month and now the Olympics. I wish it would slow down and let us enjoy the summer. It is going way to fast.

We need to have summer mild temperatures with gentle breezes, lots of smoky BBQ’s to keep the insects away and night rain to help with the fires. Yes, I am a dreamer and I will continue to do so. That’s what life is all about. Everyone needs to have a dream. I have been so inspired this week watching the Summer Olympics I feel like I could do anything I put my mind to. I wish I had it all recorded to keep watching it when my spirits get down.

Today I have managed to shower, leave the house, and get groceries so we can eat. I have checked my emails, watched more Olympics and now I’m blogging. I’m ahead of myself. Yes, and the cats have been fed, babied and taken care of although they were mad when I left the house even though it wasn’t even an hour.

We continue to have horrible forest fires in Idaho and the Boy Scouts were evacuated from camp. Campgrounds around Stanley, Idaho are now all closed and the fire continues to rage.

The fire up around Salmon is continuing to burn also. It’s not a good year.

Well I continue to go back to the Olympics. The USA has been doing an outstanding job in my opinion. However, I am very disappointed over the issue with gymnastics. I don’t understand if they have a team and send a team why they only pick two of the team for a specific event. I forget which one they said it was. I think that is very subjective. That is a great way to eliminate the best gymnast so that can’t outdo another country. I do question some of the scoring in gymnastics.

What was up with the judges changing their decision on Japan after it was contested. That bumped the UK out of the top three. How disappointing for them. I was watching and I felt their first call was the best call.  I’m glad I don’t have to be a judge those scores are very close but I think once it’s called it’s called.

I do wish however, they would sometimes show the scoreboards for the TV audience when all we can see is the reactions of the performers and we are wondering what is going on. However, that is a media problem.

Overall I think the Summer Olympics are doing very well.

Well let’s go to the Nation Days and see what is important going on there.

National Days:

Today, July 31st, is National Mutt Day – a day set aside to celebrate the wonderful diversity in the doggie kingdom brought to us by mixed breed dogs of every shape, size and color.

Do you own a dog? Have you ever owned a dog? What about rescuing a dog? If you are thinking about a pet than today is the day for you to go and rescue a Mutt. Mutt’s make the best pets ever.  Go and check out the local animal shelter and give someone a happy home.

If you have a special story about your Mutt or someone else’s please share it with us in the comments.

I will post mine under poetry. I grew up with Mutt’s. The first dog we had, was a big black Mutt that my aunt rescued and gave to my sister. My mom wasn’t a happy camper but my dad loved dogs so we got a dog. The problem with Frisky was he liked to chase cars and get into dog fights. He was the bully of the neighborhood but he protected children. He was really a softy. The only time my mom allowed him in the house was when the weather was bad and then he had to stay in the kitchen. He’d lay in front of the cracker cupboard where he knew the graham crackers were kept. He loved graham crackers. He could lay their and put his head into the dinning room and keep and eye on the family.  He was a good dog and until he got old and passed away.

Then we had a cocker spaniel which was a mix. We named her Heidi. She’s in the poetry section.


National Cotton Candy Day:

Now who doesn’t like cotton candy. This is a perfect time for it with State Fairs celebrating. They always have cotton candy. I had a cotton candy maker as a child. It drove mom nuts. But I love cotton candy.

If you are one that would like to make homemade cotton candy here’s the recipe for you.


Remember you are working with hot sugar so be sure to have a bowl of cold water ready in case you get any of it on your skin. It is best to make sugar on a dry day, as the humidity will melt the sugar.


  • 5 cups granulated sugar
  • Scant 1 1/3 cups light corn syrup
  • 1 cup plus 2 T. water
  • Flavored oil
  • Food color paste
  • Vegetable baking spray


To make this recipe at home, you will need a pair of wire cutters and an old inexpensive whisk. Cut the round ends off an inexpensive whisk. Arrange the tines so they are evenly spaced. You will also need an open space to make the cotton candy. At home, slit open a garbage bag and cover the floor area. Wedge 2 long wooden spoons under something heavy so they extend off the edge of the counter.

Place the sugar, corn syrup, and water in a 2-quart heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium-high heat. Insert a candy thermometer and cook the sugar mixture until it reaches 320 degrees F, what is known as the hard crack stage (the sugar becomes brittle when it comes in contact with a cooler surface). Remove from the heat and carefully pour into a medium-size microwaveable glass bowl. If you leave the sugar in the pan, the sugar will continue to cook and turn dark brown. A glass bowl will hold the temperature of the sugar. I put a towel under the bowl to keep the bowl from tipping over and to protect my hands from the heat of the glass. (The sugar will stay liquid enough to work with easily for about 10 minutes; after that it will start to thicken. If this happens before you are finished, just pop the bowl in the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes, or until the sugar is liquid enough to work with once again.) If you are going to color and/or flavor the sugar, add those drops now.

Dip the tines into the hot sugar. Allow the sugar to drain off for 1 to 2 seconds until the draining sugar strands are relatively the same consistency. Then wave the whisk over the extended wooden spoons and allow the sugar strands to gently drift until they are resting on top of the spoons. Make sure you are about 12 to 18 inches above the spoons. Use broad long strokes and work quickly. Gather the cotton candy and roll onto paper that you’ve rolled into a long, thin cone, like cotton candy is served in at the carnival or serve as is. If you need to store the cotton candy for a few hours, place it in an airtight container. The delicate sugar will melt in a humid environment.


Then as an adult I rescued Lady, a Border Collie, from the animal shelter. She was a great dog and my kids grew up with her until she passed. Then we had Missy an Australian Shepard, she was a fantastic dog but I finally had to give her to a good home because landlords wouldn’t rent to me. That’s when I stopped getting dogs. I couldn’t take the heartache. Now I don’t have a place adequate for the needs of a dog but I sure love dogs. So enjoy your dog today no matter what kind of dog or how you got it. Give your mutt some extra attention today.


Do you like Jelly Beans? Are you willing to work for them?

National Jump For Jelly Beans Day is celebrated every year on July 31st. It is one of two Jelly Bean holidays celebrated throughout the year, the first being National Jelly Bean Day on April 22nd. Not much is known about the creation or purpose of National Jump For Jelly Beans Day. I would guess it’s a day for all lover’s of Jelly Beans to jump for joy at the very thought of nibbling on some of these tasty little sugary legumes.

The Beatles Weren’t Jumping For Jelly Beans
Did you know that fans of The Beatles would throw jelly beans at them when they performed? Reportedly in an interview, George Harrison mentioned that he liked a familiar British confection called Jelly Babies, when the U.K. fans got wind of this they began throwing Jelly Babies on stage while The Beatles performed. When The Beatles came to America, we didn’t have Jelly Babies, so American fans began throwing jelly beans. The Beatles were not at all happy about this! Can you imagine being beaned in the noggin by flying jelly beans? George Harrison was quoted as saying, “Imagine waves of rock-hard little bullets raining down on you from the sky. It’s a bit dangerous, you know, ’cause if a jelly bean, travelling about 50 miles and hour through the air, hits you in the eye, you’re finished. You’re blind aren’t you?” Sounds like The Beatles weren’t jumping for jelly beans they were jumping from jelly beans.

National Raspberry Cake Day

Bakers and lovers of sweet, fruity desserts have a reason for celebrating. That is because this date marks,  National Raspberry Cake Day, a time to make a batch of Raspberry Cakes to share or simply indulge in a slice (or more) all on your own. Raspberries are a healthy treat and what is more fun than picking your own Raspberries and them cooking your favorite recipe. However, if you aren’t fortunate enough to have Raspberry bushes there are plenty of outlets that care them. Find your favorite treat and cook up a special delight for your family today. For me Raspberry Tarts would be great, that’s what mom use to do with her left over dough. However, a cake would be grand.

Today is obviously a day for love. Love your Mutt, Love your Treats. Today is about indulging and sharing.

Whatever you choose to do today I hope your day is wonderful. Stay safe, keep cool, and enjoy the day. So until next time 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Nice post–you made me hungry with those treats!!


  2. Micki I make myself hungry with those treats. 🙂 I find it interesting that there are food holidays for everyday of the week and yet people can’t figure out what to eat. Maybe it would be easier to plan around the National holidays and just celebrate food everyday.

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