August 2nd

Beautiful day today. Cooled off just a little. The house wasn’t so hot last night. I had a good sleep. The cats slept too so now they are full of mischief. They are having a hard time understanding why I’m spending so much time in front of the television. That’s usually a bedtime thing. But I am thoroughly enjoying the Summer Olympics in London. USA has done a marvelous job and have looked so good in their events.  I love to see it when they surprise themselves.

Well today the Beach Volleyball Girls Teams had a hard game against Spain but they pulled it out and the USA took Gold. Congratulations team USA.

Last night the men’s gymnastics had a rough time of it but in the end there was a medal. Congratulations .

The swimmers have been doing fantastic. It is so amazing to see them doing one swim after another and putting their all into it. They make me want to jump into the water. I love swimming but I never could learn to tread water or breathe underwater. I’m a great floater though.

Well I’ve gotten behind on my writing with all the Olympics so I’m going to have to get back on track. Although I won’t have to worry about it for another four years.  I’m not that big of a tv buff so there has to be something that I really enjoy.

I’ve reached the point where I hate to turn the television on with all the darn reality shows. I’m very sick of them so I will enjoy the Olympics as much as I can knowing that when they are done there won’t be much to watch.

Well let’s see what we have that is special for National Days.

National Days:

2 National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Today is a perfect day for an Ice Cream Sandwich with your special flavor. You can do store bought sandwiches which are my favorite or you can go on line and find many different recipes. There are all kinds of Ice Cream Sandwich desserts from cut outs to ones that use the store bought sandwiches to make a fancier dessert. Whatever your favorite is enjoy an Ice Cream Sandwich today.


Well that was all I could find for the second day of August. However, remember this is simplify your life week so continue what you started yesterday. Clean out the junk. Getting ready for simplicity and enjoy the day in a simple way. Today would be a great day for a hoagie sandwich, an ice cream sandwich and your favorite beverage.

Enjoy the simple meals and keep your house cool for the day.

So until next time enjoy 🙂