August 4th

Hello everyone. Sorry I missed yesterday. I have been very busy this week.

I just got my first book review. I am going to post it here but you can also follow the link.

Sharla Shults‘s review

Aug 04, 12

Read from July 05 to August 04, 2012

Janice Richards set out on a journey of writing to honor our military men and women who sacrifice so much for America. This book was written to be included in care packages for our military serving overseas to let them know people back home care. The book begins with a tribute to the Red, White, and Blue and The Pride of Our Country. Each branch of military service is represented as service, birthdays, and holidays are honored through special poetic words. A salute to 9/11, K-9 Military Partners and especially our veterans are remembered through her poignant words. A definite connection of family and friends exists throughout the reading.

As with any book, its reading usually lends itself to a favorite or areas that left the deepest impact. For me, in Janice’s book, it was Do Not Cry for Me, an emotional tribute to those who do not return home from serving, honoring and protecting America.

This book is written in simplistic poetic style allowing for easy reading with each message being clearly presented. While it may not follow explicit quatrain, it never loses its essence of why it was written and who it is honoring.


I am very thankful to Sharla for her review and I hope everyone will take time to read it and check out the link.


4 Responses

  1. I am so glad you are pleased! Good luck with the book!

  2. I think that’s wonderful what Janice has done. I have a friend, Mary Sweeney that called all the friends she could find that were writers and we all put short stories and poems together in a book that she published and we bought them or just donated them to the soldiers. I thought that was terrific and I still have my copy.I wish Janice great success with her thoughtful endeavor.


    • Thank you Micki. This was an interesting journey not started by me but by a request of the family of a soldier. It turned out to be quite a journey in the end. I hope that many people will enjoy my book. It is in our local libraries now.

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