August 9th

Good morning world. Come on in and don’t be afraid to stay for a while. I am feeling better today thank you all for your concerns.

I think my body had just caught up with itself and needed to clean out the toxins from the world and to get some needed rest. I am doing good now.

Today the sun is shining which is a relief and the lightening is supposed to be moving on. We have been surrounded by forest fires and smoke. My son came home from work yesterday very concerned and said it was time to start packing up what we needed. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling up to that and I chose to listen to the news. I feel that we will be fine as long as there aren’t a lot of new fires started. However, living in a trailer I know that I have five seconds to get out and with two cats that worries me, especially when they run to the back bedroom and go under the bed when they are frightened. The best thing I could hope for would be to open the front door and turn them loose hoping to find them later. I have a carrier but don’t know if I’d have time to get them into it. Things can be replaced. However, I will make sure all my writing is on my flash drive and it is where I can grab it. My hard drive is small enough I can easily unplug it and take it with me.

However, I don’t think people think about the important things when they are forced to be evacuated in a hurry. However, today I will put all the pictures together as I have them scattered from working with them.

This has been a difficult summer with all the heat and I only can pray that we have a somewhat mild winter. If are winter is as harsh as the summer we will all be in trouble.

I would like to think that we will have a nice Indian Summer to enjoy before winter sets in. I have heard that the heat is suppose to last through October. That would be very surprising of us all.

It is hard to hear about school getting ready to start. Where has this summer gone? The worse thing about school starting is heat. When the schools are hot the students can’t stay awake and it’s miserable for everyone. The best thing that can happen when school starts is to have rain showers. That would cool everything off and students wouldn’t be dreaming about being outside or going on vacations.

Then there is the mad house at the stores when students are shopping for back to school supplies. I never bought my children’s supplies until after the first day. I always wanted to know what that particular teacher wanted. However, now they have the lists in the stores. Talk about making it a commercial endeavor.

Well I just received a phone call from my son.  One of his friends is being refused to let her daughter register for junior high due to a seizure disorder. I am going to have to cut this short so that I can go and play advocate and get this girl enrolled into school.

National Days:

9 Book Lover’s Day

Today is National Book Lover’s Day, a day that encourages us all to immerse ourselves in a good book.

In honor of this literary holiday, the editors at selected the Best Books of The Year (So Far).

“The variety of books on the list reflects the broad range of titles published in 2012 so far,” Sara Nelson, Editorial Director for Books at said in a press release. “To us, ‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers’ is a masterpiece in nonfiction writing. But we rounded out the top three with a thriller and a young adult novel – there really is something for everyone on this list.”

For more information on the top best books to to the following link:
Read more:

National Rice Pudding Day

It’s National Rice Pudding Day! Rice pudding is a delicious treat that combines the smooth, creamy texture of pudding with nutritious and filling rice. The recipe evolved from an ancient dish known as “pottage,” which originated in the Middle East.

Almost every region of the world has its own take on rice pudding. Some versions are sweet while others are savory, and some are thick while others are thin. In the United States, most people serve their rice pudding sweetened with a sprinkle of nutmeg and raisins. Yum!

Enjoy some rice pudding today in honor of National Rice Pudding Day!


Well I’m sorry that I have to run but I will be back tomorrow so until next time 🙂


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