August 18th

Hello everyone I am going to leave you with a brief blog today.

It has been a wonderful week and today I am going to spend the afternoon with my sons. It doesn’t get any better than that. The weather is sunny but not as hot as it has been. The nights are cooling off and the morning air actually has a chill to it. I fear that winter is not far off. I am not ready for it yet. Where has the summer gone.

Thought for the Day: I do not walk alone for I have you with me. I have chosen you to be at my side. It is my choice and my choice alone to walk with you. I find comfort in that choice for I know it was mine. I can live with my own choices.

@janicenrichards 2012

National Days

18 Bad Poetry Day

U.S. Based Book Publisher Honors August 18th National Bad Poetry Day by Giving Free Books
Book publisher gives away three free books in honor of National Bad Poetry Day, 8/17/2012 – Los Angeles based book publisher Mikazuki Publishing House has announced that it will be hosting a book giveaway on August 18th, 2012 in honor of National Bad Poetry Day. Mikazuki Publishing House will be giving 3 free copies of author German R. Sanchez’s new book titled “I Dream in Haiku”, to contestants that email in their favorite poetical verse. From grade school students to the current Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey, Americans have been fascinated and entertained by poetry. According to the Poetry Foundation, people that read poetry early in life are also likely to memorize, recite and write poetry.” The poetry contest will run till the end of August and 3 winners will be chosen to each receive a copy of “I Dream in Haiku” by author German R. Sanchez. German will also be appearing at the Mikazuki Publishing House booth at the 11th West Hollywood Book Festival on September 30th, 2012 where he will be doing a book signing and presenting his new book. For more information visit

National Bad Poetry Day is an excuse for us to celebrate the rich history of appallingly bad verse. And what better way to start than to honor a man many consider to be the worst poet in history, the Scotsman William Topaz McGonagall
His torturous verse led one critic to rave, “he was so giftedly bad that he backed unwittingly into genius,” a statement that seems to have some truth in it — McGonagall’s only book, Poetic Gems, has sold for thousands of dollars at auction. Here’s a delectably awful sample from his poem “The Sprig of Moss”:

But, poor fellow, at home his father was lying dead,
And his little brothers and sisters were depending upon him for bread,
And one evening he was dismissed from his employment,
Which put an end to all his peace and enjoyment.

The poor lad was almost mad, and the next day.
His parent’s remains to the cemetery were taken away;
And when his father was buried, distracted like he grew,
And he strolled through the streets crying, What shall I do!

I’ll save you from having to read the rest and just tell you that the man sees some moss and feels considerably better (McGonagall really could have been arrested for abusing meter like that).

Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the 17th Century, was another historically terrible poet. The diarist Samuel Pepys summed her up as “mad, conceited and ridiculous,” and judging from her poem “What is Liquid?,” we could add “not scientifically or artistically gifted” to that list.

All that doth flow we cannot liquid name
Or else would fire and water be the same;
But that is liquid which is moist and wet
Fire that property can never get.
Then ’tis not cold that doth the fire put out
But ’tis the wet that makes it die, no doubt.

No doubt.

For a sampling of today’s worst poetry, you should visit the entertaining website Very Bad Poetry

for more information go to :

If you would care to try you hand at a day of bad poetry please post it on comments and share with all of us. We all need to enjoy poetry be it good or bad.

Then when you finish treat yourself with today’s Soft ice cream special.

National Soft Ice Cream Day

It’s National Soft Ice Cream Day! Also known as “soft serve,” this swirled delight is served using a special machine. Ice cream vendors also use a special technique to double the amount of air in soft ice cream, which creates its light, smooth texture.

Soft ice cream has been around for about a century. Although its exact origins are unknown, we do know that the first references to soft ice cream appeared in the early 1900s. At that time, only a few types existed. Now, most ice cream shops serve a variety of fun flavors.

A summer day is the perfect time to enjoy this delicious snack. Grab a big cone full of soft ice cream today to celebrate National Soft Ice Cream Day!


Today is obviously a day to have fun and enjoy it whether you write or just want to indulge yourself so until next time 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I do like William Topaz McGonagall poem you posted. He would fit in today with the free verse style.

  2. Who is to determine whether it is good or bad poetry. It is in the eye of the beholder and how it touches each one differently. Thanks for your comment. Have a great day 🙂

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