August 21st

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone had a good nights sleep. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to sleep last night and was up half a dozen times. I had restless leg syndrome. That happens to me when I do too much running around which not only did I do yesterday but all of last week.

It puts my body into shock and then I feel like the atoms in my legs are playing ping-pong all night long.  I finally gave in about four-thirty this morning and took an aspirin which is the only thing that helps. I just try not to take them often.

I then was able to get a couple of hours of sleep. I’ll probably take a nap sometime today.

But for now I’m up and at ’em. The sun was bright but looks like it’s going to duck behind a cloud which is okay with me as it shines directly in my window where my computer is. There is a slight breeze blowing and if it picks up we will have a storm today. I just hope the sun lasts long enough for my son to finish his day at work then it can rain all evening if it wants. I just pray we don’t have any lightning.

I’m not leaving the house today so I’m good.

Dealth of Phyllis Diller Outstanding Woman Comedian.

We have lost another great star. I remember growing up watching this outlandish women. I was amazed at the clothing and hair styles, the colors she wore and the antics she did in her performances. I was very young when I saw her for the first time on television. I thought she was funny and yet I was apprehensive of her. Later as I got older I admired her for her tenacity to go on stage and look different from everyone else. Her laugh always cracked me up. She wasn’t on often enough in my opinion. She was a leader in her time. She changed the stage for all women leading a new era for all women comedians. She will be greatly missed. There will never be another Phyllis Diller.

Born Phyllis Driver in Lima, Ohio, she married Sherwood Diller right out of school (Bluffton College) and was a housewife for several years before getting outside work. She was an advertising writer for a radio station when the Purple Onion helped launch her. She made her network TV debut as a contestant on Groucho Marx’s game show, “You Bet Your Life.”

She wasn’t the first woman to crack jokes on stage; Gracie Allen had been getting laughs for decades playing dumb for George Burns. But Diller was among the first who didn’t need a man around. The only guy in her act was a husband named “Fang,” who was never seen and didn’t exist.

“We lost a comedy legend today,” Ellen DeGeneres wrote on Twitter. “Phyllis Diller was the queen of the one-liners. She was a pioneer.” Tweeted Barbra Streisand: “I adored her. She was wondrous spirit who was great to me.” Rivers added that she and her daughter had lunched with Diller last month.

“I’m beyond saddened by the death of Phyllis Diller. We were friends,” Rivers wrote. “The only tragedy is that Phyllis Diller was the last from an era that insisted a woman had to look funny in order to be funny.”

Vicki Lawrence said Diller was a pioneer in a male dominated industry.

“And yet, she was one of the nicest, kindest, funniest, sincerest women I have ever known,” she said. “She had such a gentle, hysterical way of laughing at herself without ever making us feel uncomfortable about laughing with her.”

Well let’s take a look at what’s happening in the nation today.

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Nation’s Days:

21 Senior Citizen’s Day

National Senior Citizens Day

It’s National Senior Citizens Day! Today we celebrate the people who are part of the fastest-growing demographic in the world. According to the traditional definition, a senior citizen is anyone older than 60 years of age, but this seems laughable in today’s society. When it comes to new technologies, adults above the age of 55 represent 65% of all “early adopters.” This demographic is also the most politically engaged segment of the population. Almost 80% of all senior citizens vote in a presidential election, while the overall voter turnout is usually around just 50%.

President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Senior Citizens Day in 1988. In his explanation he wrote that, “Older citizens are reinforcing their historical roles as leaders and as links with our patrimony and sense of purpose as individuals and as a Nation.” Now there’s something worth celebrating!

In honor of National Senior Citizens Day, spend time with your favorite relatives or make a commitment to volunteer at a retirement home sometime in the next year. If you are a senior citizen yourself, check for special promotions and giveaways at your favorite restaurants and shops!


August 21st is National Senior Citizen’s Day, an annual “holiday” that celebrates America’s seniors. On this day, Americans are encouraged to honor and recognize the countless contributions and sacrifices senior citizens have made throughout their lives to their families, communities and the nation.

United States President Ronald Reagan proclaimed August 21st National Senior Citizen’s Day back in 1988:

Now, Therefore, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim August 21, 1988, as National Senior Citizens Day. I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”


Why should we honor our Senior citizen’s ?

1. They have the experience and knowledge from living life.

2. They have been the leader’s, explorer’s, and builder’s, of today.

3. They have been educator’s, philosopher’s, and health care givers for our generation.

4. They know that history repeats itself and what to avoid.

5. They have lived during a different era and have much to share.

6. They are the historian’s of past generations

7. They are productive, hard-working, and want to be part of life.

8. They have earned their own respect.

9. They have journeyed a journey only they can share from their knowledge.

10. They are parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts,uncles, friends, neighbors, and deserve love and kindness.

How can we honor them?

1. Take a senior out to lunch or dinner

2. Go to the senior citizen center and play cards with them

3. Musicians go and perform at the senior citizen center, assisted living facilities etc.

4. Neighbors deliver a meal to their home, cut their lawn, invite them to your home for dinner.

5. Send a relative or friend a fun-loving card or letter let them know you are thinking of them.

6. Invite them to volunteer where you work.

7. Pick up the phone and call them there days become long.

8. Treat them with respect, visit them, call them Mr. Mrs or Miss.

9. Sit outside with them and talk about their life and be a good listener.

10. Offer to do house work or chores that they can’t do.


We will all become senior citizen’s one day God willing. We must remember how we want to be treated. Little things can be annoying to older people. It is not that they are crabby but because their health is failing, they don’t sleep well, and they get lonely. They tire easy and short visits are the best. 

Remember it becomes somewhat frightening to get older and realize that you can’t be the person you are used to be. It is difficult to stop doing what you no longer can do. We all want to be in control of our life. The most important thing for a senior citizen is that they have a neighbor that they can trust and feel comfortable around.

Remember every generation grows up differently and when the values of their generation no longer exist in society it can be a frightening experience.

No matter what always allow a senior citizen to be independent as much as they can.

Many senior citizens are abused by their own children. There are many forms of abuse. For a senior citizen there is nothing more frightening than to be scolded at ( screamed at ) knowing they can’t do anything about it and have nowhere to go.

Also having to depend on others for food and shelter and not care for ones own needs is extremely frightening. It is very important that senior citizen’s be allowed to stay in their own home as long as they can possibly stay their and be independent.

If everyone would honor this day and pass it forward we could put a smile on many senior citizen’s faces. I ask you to leave a comment about what you do today. I am going to call a friend.

National Pecan Torte Day: Chocolate Pecan Torte

August 22 is National Pecan Torte Day. 
Here’s a definition from Wiki:

A torte is a cake made primarily with eggs, sugar, and ground nuts instead of flour. Variations may include bread crumbs as well as some flour. Tortes are Central European in origin. The word torte is derived from the German word Torte, which was derived from the Italian word torta, which was used to describe a round cake or bread.

Tortes are commonly baked in a Springform pan. An element common to most tortes is sweet icing. (Exceptions include several French tortes, such as Gâteau Mercédès and Gâteau Alcazar.) When the cake is layered, a thick covering of icing is placed between the layers, and there is almost always icing on the tops and sides of the torte. A number of European tortes do not have layers.

1. Chocolate Pecan Torte
from This recipe is fun to make, as well as easy and delicious. O.K. it’s not traditional, but its great!

No-stick flour and oil baking spray
1 prepared 8 or 9 inch pecan pie, thawed if frozen
1 box (about 1 pound 4 ounces) fudge brownie mix, makes a 9-by-13-inch pan
1/4 cup brewed coffee or water
2 tablespoons bourbon or other whiskey
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs, large or extra-large

Heat the oven to 325F. Spray the interior of a 9-inch springform pan with baking spray.

Cover the surface of the pie with plastic wrap and top with a plate. Invert the pie onto the plate, and remove the pie tin. Invert the prepared springform pan over the pie and then invert the whole, so that the pie slides into the pan. Remove the plate and, using the plastic wrap to keep your hands clean, smash the pie so that it fills the bottom of the pan.

Mix the brownie mix, coffee, bourbon, oil, and eggs in a medium mixing bowl until smooth and the texture of wet mud. Pour over the pie and smooth the top. Bake until the sides are firm and the top is crusty but the center is still soft, about 50 minutes. Cool until the pan is comfortable to the touch; remove the sides of the pan and cool completely. Cut into wedges to serve.

for more information and another recipe go to :


Well that’s all I have for today so until next time 🙂

4 Responses

  1. I did not know about Phyllis Diller. Sorry to hear of her passing for she was definitely an all-time great comedian. I remember her well, especially her funny hair! This was a great post today. How do you find all of the information? Superb!

    BTW I am so sorry to be delayed in getting the award posted on catnip. Thank you so much for the nomination. I hope to have it posted tonight so be on the lookout for it.

    • Phyllis Diller was posted on both the Yahoo and news cites which I check daily. The rest of my information I just browse through other information on what I am interested in. I spend hours checking things out. I am getting ready to publish my book on “Learning Can be Fun” a teacher and parent guide for early learning. It will include all the National Days in my blog and finger plays, poems, and short stories that I have written over the years.

      No problem I know you have been busy and I am just glad you found the award. Sometimes I’m not quite sure how to post everything. Congratulations on your great work.

  2. I was a fan of Phyllis Diller too. She was funny. I worked in home care for over 20 years. I ran three branch offices and I attended training meetings to reconize senior abuse. It was always heart breaking. They showed us photos of the bruises and how some of their children would pack makeup on them to cover black eyes. Some of the aides even knew that the children killed their parents. But never any proof. No autopsies because of their ages. Why for the money. I could never understand how a child could hurt their parents like that.

  3. Phyllis Diller was accepted for who she was because she did make people laugh. That’s what it is about using your quirks to entertain.

    Senior citizen abuse is greater in this country and other countries than people realize. It usually happens not for money but because the children don’t want to be bothered with them. They have their own life and no time for the parents that gave up their youth raising them.

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