August 22nd

Good Morning World!!!

I had a wonderful sleep last night and now I’ve caught up on blogs, and emails and reading to zoom with the writing.

I have been working on “Coming of Age in the Rockies ” The Rebel years and I plan to spend time on it today. I am down to needing to scan photos which is going to take some time so I left it till the end.

I am also trying to get “Learning Can Be Fun” a guide-book parents and teachers for early learning.

It includes the National Days in it along with finger plays, poems, and short stories for children that I have written over the years. I only have to finish going through the months of Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec and the book will be ready to publish.

I am trying to work on it when I need a break from “Coming of Age”.

I am already getting “Secrets Behind Closed Doors Started,” my forty-year journey of teaching and I expect to have it ready in the spring.

I have also started my first romance story “A Heart Broken” A Twist of Love.

I am having difficulty with the characters names but no problem with the rest of the story. It’s about soul mates and the difficulties of knowing each other and not being able to be together, yet continuing to reach out to one another. It is a book over a four-year period and the heart throbs and tears that were shared leading to a remarkable ending.

Since schools are starting I am going to be contacting them about my books and see what we can do about getting them into the schools libraries.

This is the end of summer for me and I know once winter sets in I am limited in marketing except online so now I go into full writing mode.

I spend my winter months writing as much as I can so that I am reading to market in the spring when I can get around.

I am going to have to leave and come back as I just remembered an appointment. So until next time 🙂

Wow. That was a close call. I had scheduled a meeting with the pastor of the church and forgot about it. When I looked at the clock I had one hour to get showered, dressed, and make it in time.

I hate it when that happens but I made it and was even early. I guess when I have to I can still move.

I wanted to meet with her because I need to become more social and get out of the house once in a while with no demands placed on me, which is what we talked about.

We also talked about my books and my writing and speaking for organizations. I sold two books in the process. Hurray for making today work out for me.

We had a delightful conversation and she is going to share my information with one of the women’s organizations and maybe I can do a guest presentation.

I have been called a prolific writer on two accounts that I remember specifically and I consider that an honor.

I had to look up the definition of prolific to be sure of it’s meaning and it described the ability to create in abundance.

It also gave this example which made me feel honored to be compared to such:

<a famously prolific author who could produce several works of fiction and nonfiction a year>

I will take this wonderful compliment and do it the best justice that I can in my writings.

Now I am back to finish what I was in the middle of when I took off. I need to look at the National Days so let’s see what is happening now.

National Days:

22 Be an Angel Day

Be an Angel Day

Jayne Howard Feldman created “Be an Angel Day” to encourage people throughout the world to be kind to one another through their actions. It’s a day to do random acts of kindness for your neighbors, family, friends, or even people you don’t know.

Why not celebrate by accepting the challenge and showing kindness to a homeless person, donating to an animal shelter or cooking dinner for an elderly neighbor? Then after your good deeds, come home and revel in your goodness by watching “Pat It Forward,” starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment.

This is also an excellent time to donate school supplies to your neighborhood schools or church and community organizations that get together to distribute supplies in the area.

You don’t have to have angel wings to be an angel.

Remember someone one who has done something special for you. I had a friend who brought me a miniature angel once after I sat with her through an illness until her daughter could arrive from out-of-town.

I didn’t expect anything. I wanted just to make sure she would be all right however, now with her passing that angel is one of my favorite keepsakes.

Every time I see it I know there is a part of her still with me.

22 National Tooth Fairy Day

August 22 Is “Tooth Fairy Day,” and even if you don’t have little owns to share the excitement, you might still enjoy this fairy trivia:

* The smaller the fairy, the more beautiful they are.

* Keeping a nail or knife in your pocket will prevent fairies from being able to take you at night.

* Fairies are attracted to laughter and love shiny stones.

We all remember at some time in our life hearing about the tooth fairy. For me as a child we had to put our tooth under our pillows and in the morning there would be a quarter waiting there and the tooth would be gone.

I was always amazed at how that happened without me waking up. I guess I was a sound sleeper.

With my sons it was a little trickier as they weren’t as heavy a sleeper and the Tooth Fairy had to time it just right.

Every one has a special place to put those baby teeth that come out and every time the tooth fairy leaves a surprise there is a smile on another child’s face.

So even if you don’t have someone to share these precious memories with pass your story on and put a smile on someones face.

National Eat a Peach Day Originally cultivated in China and once the fruit of the emperors, peaches were revered for bestowing good health and prosperity to all who ate them. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but, if the legend is true, peach eaters live long and prosper!

There are many online recipes for peaches from peach drinks , to fried peaches, however, my favorite is sliced peaches with a dab of sugar and whipped cream. They are great solo or over angel food cake or pancakes.
However, you enjoy them today is a wonderful day for sharing a delicious food with a companion.
How about the old saying, “Be a Peach”, which leads into “Be An Angel” which brings us to Tooth Fairies so tie your day up with a string and  let the angels and fairies share in your peach of a day. So until next time 🙂

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