August 27th

Boy, where has August gone.

Last night I thought the wind would blow it away for good. We had winds come through here between 60-70 miles per hour. Overall between Mini-Cassia and up the Valley there were over 3000 people without power. It took down power lines and toppled trees. We were lucky where I live but towards Shoshone and Richland it took out a whole stretch of power lines on the highway. They had to shut down the road for hours.

I am sure glad I wasn’t working for the power company.  No reports of injuries that I heard of although the outage in Burley was due to a car hitting a pole so I’m not sure on that one they didn’t say anything about the driver.

Just as fast as it rolled in it rolled out and has been looking calm ever since. We have a slight breeze today and the air is cool. However, it is supposed to become a very hot day and be hot the rest of the week. The storm is supposed to be gone and I certainly hope that it is.

While I sat here trying to stay calm in my trailer last night and wait for the storm to pass my thoughts were traveling to those people being affected by Hurricane Isaac.

I haven’t heard the news yet today but my prayers go out to everyone in its path and hope that everyone can find safe shelter.

Fortunately for us what new fires started last night were put out by what little rain came with the storm. So no new big fires. However, the wind didn’t do the firemen any favors.

My thoughts and prayers are with those firemen who are fighting so hard to stop the fires and save homes. We have had injuries but to this point nothing major.

Well lets see what’s in store for the National Days before the wind shifts directions.

National Days

27 Global Forgiveness Day

Global Forgiveness Day is celebrated on August 27th of each year. It was established by Christian Embassy of Christ’s Ambassadors (CECA), a registered Canadian charity incorporated in January 1993.

National Forgiveness Day quietly began in 1994. Initially a single banner proclaimed National Forgiveness Day in downtown Victoria, British Columbia Over time, more and more people began to identify with their personal need to forgive and be forgiven. As the annual celebration progressed, media attention has increased to regular exposure through all major media (TV, Radio, and Paper) Today, National Forgiveness Day has been renamed Global Forgiveness Day in order to better reflect our desire to see the message spread beyond national borders



27 Just Because Day

Today is Just Because Day. You don’t have to have a reason. You can do whatever it is that you have been wanting to do without needing an excuse or logic.

For example: I want to jump in a pile of leaves

okay go for it today Just Because you want to do it.

Example: I want to parachute

Okay go for it today Just Because

Example: I want to go white water rafting

Okay go for it Just Because

Example: I want to visit a nursing home

Okay Just Because
The list could go on forever, maybe you want to be a foster parent, or a big sister or brother well go for it today just because you can. Maybe you want to sleep in or relax go for it as long as it doesn’t affect a job or someone else.

Today is all about knowing that you don’t have to have a reasons so go for want you’ve been wanting to do whether it is sending a letter to a secret admirer or flowers to a loved one.

Today is all about Just Do it…… You don’t need a holiday or reason for what you do today because …… Today is Just Because day……..

Enjoy it while you can.




August 27, 2012 is

Banana Lovers Day

It’s Banana Lovers Day! Today we celebrate one of the most popular fruits in the world. Did you know that the average person eats about 33 pounds of bananas a year? That’s approximately 100 individual bananas per person!

Bananas are high in fiber and potassium. These properties can help prevent calcium loss, ulcers, high blood pressure, and certain kinds of cancer. Although bananas are often pictured as growing on trees, the banana “tree” is actually an herb. The banana is the fruit of this herb.

To celebrate Banana Lovers Day, grab a bunch of bananas to share with family and friends. Fry them, grill them, add them to a s’more, or just enjoy them plain. Have fun!


Petits Pots de Crème

Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee Custards


Flavoured custards, traditionally baked and served in small, decorative porcelain pots, differ from moulded custards such as the Crème Renversée au Caramel in that they are not turned out, but rather served in the pots in which they are baked. Like other custards, they must be cooked in a bain-marie and allowed to cool completely before serving.

750 ml (1.33 pints) milk
150 g (5 oz) sugar
Few drops vanilla essence
5 ml(1 tsp) instant coffee
30 ml (2 tbsp) cocoa powder
3 whole eggs
3 egg yolks

EQUIPMENT: 12 pots de crème or ramekins

Preheat oven to 200 C (400 F) mark 6.

Combine the milk sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence in a medium saucepan and bring to the boil, remove from the heat.

Put the instant coffee, the cocoa powder and a few drops of vanilla essence in separate heatproof bowls.

Combine the whole eggs and egg yolks in a bowl and whisk to blend. Whisk in the hot milk. Strain and divide the mixture equally between the 3 bowls. Whisk to dissolve the flavourings. Fill 4 of the pots de crème or ramekins with the coffee mixture, 4 with the chocolate, and the remaining 4 with the vanilla. Skim off any bubbles or froth on the surface with a spoon.


So today is about forgiveness, do something just because you can and enjoying bananas and custards.  Make it a fun-filled day.

Hope for sunshine and stay indoors if there are storm warnings.

So until next time 🙂