September 6th

Well good morning everyone. Come on in and sit down and have a cup of coffee. My son put the pot on early this morning. I was still asleep.

Today I am feeling so much better. The last two days I was working on the first cold of the fall season and running a low-grade fever. I didn’t realize it at first. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s allergies or cold symptoms they are so similar.

However, after sleeping most of the day yesterday and having my Crown royal in coke at bedtime (which always works) I now feel like a new person.

I awoke this morning with little sleep and was wide awake. I will probably take a nap later today.

The sky is grey and it looks like a rainy day. The house is cool and feels like the beginning of Autumn.

The Magpie is squawking away like a mad hen.  I don’t know what has stirred him up but I hope it’s not going to be an all day thing.

The neighbors dog was barking up a storm also. Finally, he’s in the house and has quieted down. Maybe that’s what set off the Magpie. I don’t know.

It sounds like it is starting to quiet down know so maybe I can think clearly.

My son this week made two different batches of cookies on two different days. He is a good cook and knows how to do these quite well. However, he had problems with both batches.

I never thought to warn him about barometric pressure and cooking.  I guess when he brings it up I will mention that to him. Then he will reply , “Now you tell me.”

The only reason I mention this is that often we forget when the weather starts to change that more than temperatures are affected.

The barometric changes can affect cooking, health, aches and pains and animals or plants that are growing. It is that time of year for us to be in tune with what is going on around us and prepare for it so one doesn’t end up sick.

The hardest part about season’s changing is knowing what to wear. Often times you get up in the morning and there’s a chill in the air. Then as they day progresses it warms up.

With school starting it is important to dress children correctly. Over my forty years of teaching I can’t tell you how often I watched students come to school with no sweaters or jackets and sit in their classes shivering.

It is important to teach children layering. They need to wear a sweater or light jacket that can be taken off as the day warms up. This is critical. Those who do not learn to adapt to the climate with layering tend to be sick more often with colds, flu and especially pneumonia.

Having grown up in the coldest place in the nation I learned about layering and I still layer to this day. My children learned about layering. It is better to be safe than sorry. Yes, it may create more laundry but that is cheaper and safer than doctor’s visits for poor health.

It is also that time of year when all the pests will be looking for a warm place to go.

This is the time of year when the flies want to flood your house. You can always spray counter tops , walls, and doorways with bleach depending on their coating. Flies won’t land where there is bleach.

I use Febreeze around my computer as it seems to attract gnats and they drive me crazy. That has kept them away from my monitor.

Stinging insects, wasps, hornets, and bees are at their worst right now. They will be angry if disturbed and they will swarm as they try to find a warm place to hide. The best thing for them is to take a bottle with some soda left in it and place it outside. Once they go in they can’t get back out. However, don’t use diet soda as it makes them extremely angry. Then place the lid back on and toss it in the trash.

Rodents are now trying to find their ways into the home. It is good to have glue traps to avoid poison. However, lavender works wonders. They can’t stand the smell of it. There nose is very sensitive. If you have grown your own lavender cut it and place it in likely places that they might come in. It will dry like potpourri and you can through it away later. You can also use lavender bath crystals to sprinkle in various areas. That’s what I have used since I have to be careful of my cats. It won’t hurt them and it also keeps the spiders away. I usually put lavender under the sinks and around the window areas.

You can also spray down walls and counter tops with a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil to keep away insects.

Many people will be putting up plastic on their windows to help winterize for the winter. Door strips will need to be checked for leaks. Screen windows may need to be removed and winter storm windows put in place depending on your windows.

If you are worried about your clothing that will be stored for the winter just take some cedar chips that you buy for the garden and you can put them in the drawers or closet with the clothes. Cedar keeps the insects out of the clothing. Then what you don’t use you have for next years garden.

Many children are going back to school without new clothes or school supplies. If you have good clothes that could be donated check with the guidance counselor at your local schools. Also donate notebooks, notebook paper, pens, and pencils. Teachers are always thankful for Kleenex that is donated along with hand sanitizer.

Many organizations collect these items and contribute to local schools. You can check with your local food bank, churches and schools.

Staples was selling notebooks for one penny. Now if everyone would buy ten notebooks which is ten cents and donate than students would have notebooks for the entire year. There are many sells like this that I have seen this year. Everyone should be able to help and pass it forward.

Growing up I remember students talking about teachers always wearing the same dress all year-long, or they only had two different dresses. We thought that was awfully strange. However, the reality is that teachers don’t get paid very well and it was worse back then because women were paid much less than men and in many places still are.

There is nothing wrong with donating adult clothes if someone can use them. Guidance counselors usually know of families that can benefit from them.

T-Shirts are wonderful to have on hand in the schools along with sweatpants if there are clothing emergencies.

There is a lot that we can do to help out our neighbors. If you have planted a garden this year and have a nice bounty share with someone less fortunate than you.

I would love to find someone who would share fresh vegetables from their garden. I would love to find someone who would share eggs from their hens. I use to have those kinds of connections but no longer do since I have retired.

Every little bit helps the food bill and at today’s prices we need all the help we can get.

Well let’s take a look at today’s national days . I wonder if the weather is going to affect them.

National Days:

6 Read a Book Day

In honor of Read a Book Daygrab your e-book reader or an actual paper-and-glue book, find a place to relax, and simply read. Read for pleasure, not for school or business. Just read. Today is the perfect time to sit down with a child and share a reading experience with them. It is important with school starting that they have good experiences with reading. There is no better experience than to see parents enjoying reading. Have fun with it take turns. Take turns picking favorite stories. Even make up some of your own stories and write them down. Whatever you do this should be an enjoyable experience. You can also check with your local libraries for a list of books to read. Today would be a great day for getting a library card and checking out books.

Bookstores may offer author autograph sessions, book reading events and special discounts on this literary occasion, which is bound to excite book lovers.

Page through history, dive into a drama, read a romance raptly, scan a science fiction story or admire an adventure story on September 6th. Better yet, how about reading a favorite picture book aloud with a special youngster?

Reading is extra fun on Read a Book Day. 🙂


On September 6, 1620, the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England. The 102 passengers set off to seek religious freedom and fortune in the New World. The voyage took most of September and all of October, 66 days in all.

Storms threw them off their course and instead of reaching the Virginia Colony, which was their original destination, they landed in Provincetown Harbor in November, 1620. While on board the Mayflower in Provincetown Harbor, the Pilgrims drew up the Mayflower Compact and all the men aboard the ship signed it on November 11,1620. This document created the way for the Pilgrims to govern themselves. After exploring the area, the Pilgrims decided to settle in Plymouth.

6 National Coffee Ice Cream Day

September 6, 2012 is

National Coffee Ice Cream Day

Today is National Coffee Ice Cream Day! According to‘s flavorology, coffee ice cream lovers are lively, dramatic, and flirtatious. Sound familiar? They also say that you are most compatible with those who prefer strawberry ice cream.

Did you know that approximately one-third of coffee ice cream eaters do not drink coffee? This isn’t all that surprising since the flavor can be quite different depending on the brand. One of the most popular brands for coffee ice cream is Haagen Dazs. Pick up a pint today in honor of National Coffee Ice Cream Day!

No matter who you like your Ice Cream today is a good day to enjoy it. Sit down with a good book to read while enjoy a special treat.

Remember today is a day for Relaxing” time.

So until next time 🙂


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