Hello today is a beautiful day and the start of a new week. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. My week will be schedule around my presentation that I will be giving on September 13th at the Burley Public Library in Burley Idaho. I will be talking about how to started writing and why I write. I will also do some readings from my books.

I am sure looking forward to meeting with those who want to talk about writing.

I am spending my days proof reading  “Coming of Age in the Rockies” The Rebel Years. That is the tedious part of writing. I know it has to be done but I like the fun part of writing.

It is going a little slower for me right now because my printer is out of ink and I can’t print off a proof copy which is driving me nuts. I will be getting ink at the end of the month.

In the meantime I will tweek it the best that I can on the computer and add and delete until I feel it is finally ready. I am having difficulty because I can’t decide whether I want the final chapter in this book or the next book so that decision will be made this week.

In the meantime I am happy to have the book as far as it is even though it didn’t make it by September 1st.

Let’s see what’s happening with the National Days:

10 Swap Ideas Day

Swap Ideas Day encourages us to share and trade ideas and concepts. As you fully participate in this day, we think you will get plenty of good ideas to put to use in your everyday life. Some will be so good, that you will want to pass them along, (or swap them) to others.

Many friends can be found swapping ideas in church organizations, craft activities and even on Facebook.

This is the time of year when teachers are frequently found swapping Ideas especially for bulletin boards, or special projects.

Family nights can also be a time to swap ideas, kids like to share with their parents what they’ve learned at school, and it is a wonderful opportunity for parents to swap an idea with their children.

Whatever you do make this a fun activity. You can even put all of your ideas in a scrapbook and save for those rainy day and winter day activities. So enjoy today:)

10 TV Dinner Day

September 10, 2012 is

TV Dinner Day

In 1953, C.A. Swanson & Sons introduced a new product called, “TV Dinners,” and changed the prepackaged meal industry forever. The Smithsonian Institute inducted the original Swanson TV Dinner tray into the Museum of American History in 1986. Today we celebrate this piece of American cultural history with TV Dinner Day!

The term “TV Dinner” is now synonymous with any prepackaged, frozen meal that requires little preparation and contains an entire single-serving meal. Modern-day TV dinners can be cooked in the microwave (instead of the oven) and include gourmet recipes as well as organic and vegetarian dishes.

Want to celebrate TV Dinner Day? Stop by your local supermarket and pick up some old-fashioned TV dinners for your family!

My favorite fast food in a pinch during the day is hot pocket pepperoni pizza’s. I can heat them in the microwave, eat and continue working. They make for a good work lunch or just an after school snack for hungry kids.

Today’s a great day for TV Dinners as it will allow you more time for Swapping Ideas today.

Well I’m going to get busy and swap ideas with my computer on my writing project for now.

I am going to eat later and I plan to enjoy the sunshine today.

I hope everyone has a great Monday so until next time 🙂


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