September 13th

Well the house is still chilly but the sun is out. There is a breeze blowing so today will be cool. After those hot ninety days the seventy’s now seems a little chilly and nights are much cooler than that as frost warnings are out.

Today I am going to quickly visit with you on my blog and then my day is going to busy getting ready for my presentation at the Burley Public Library this evening at six o’clock.

I am very excited, yet nervous, about this presentation. It took me over six months to be able to finally get in touch with the director and smooth out some communication difficulties but now we are doing fine and it is very important to me that this presentation goes well.

I was hoping to have “Coming of Ages” The Rebel Years done for this but I am running about two weeks behind schedule. I will have to just give the time for scheduled availability.

That is the one thing about writing, things don’t always go the way you plan to. You get use to writing guidelines and trying to meet deadlines. However, personal life does play a factor as well as publishing difficulties.

All it takes is an emergency in the family, a death, or your book not going together like you thought it would to put you behind.

This time for me it was the unexpected death of my cousin. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around anything serious for about a week.

Now I am at the end of the proofing and I am having trouble wrapping my brain around the order of the book and although it makes sense it keeps going back and forth. It would be acceptable to some but I prefer a more natural flow of time periods even though they do over lap. So now I have the dilemma of whether to leave it the way it is or cut and paste. I decided to leave it alone until after my presentation rather than rush the process and regret it.

After all tomorrow is a new day and maybe I will have a new approach.

Well my cats are starting to rough house so I think I’d better get to business before I end up having to stop to referee. Then I will spend the rest of the day getting ready to go out and the cats will be mad.

This evening when I come home I will have to play love my cats and sit with them and spoil them for leaving them home alone. I guess tonight on the way home I will have to buy a treat. 🙂

Let’s take a look at the national days.

National Days:

13 Fortune Cookie Day

Confucius say September 13th is Fortune Cookie Day! Fortune cookies are bite-sized treats with a hidden message, fortune or words of wisdom. Some believe the crunchy cookie got its start around 1900 in California. A small piece of paper with a written message was tucked deep inside a Japanese-style tea cake and from there, fortune cookies began!

Whether you believe in fortunes or not it’s always fun to see what they say and an enjoyable wafer cookie after a delightful meal.

There are many recipes online for making fortune cookies and you could write your own fortunes and have a delightful party surprising family and friends. If you prefer buying them you can purchase them at any Chinese Restaurant or in you local grocery store.

Whatever you choose to do have fun today and remember what Confucius says.


13 National Peanut Day

National Peanut Day

Today is a celebration of the peanut, which isn’t really a nut at all. Technically, peanuts are legumes—simple dry fruits in the same family as peas and beans. But don’t let this fun fact get in the way of your celebrating!

George Washington Carver discovered over 300 practical uses for peanuts. Carver, a graduate of Iowa State University, found ways to use peanuts in shampoo, fuel, dyes, and flours. Ironically, historians suspect that Carver never tasted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What a shame!

To celebrate National Peanut Day, bake peanut butter cookies, watch a ballgame with a bag of whole peanuts, enjoy a nice chunk of peanut butter fudge, or make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. Enjoy!

13 Snack a Pickle Time

It’s harvest season and that means it’s prime canning season. The process of pickling began as an early method of food preservation before there was refrigeration. What are commonly referred to as “pickles” are pickled cucumbers. There are many types of pickles and many variations of canning pickles. However, no matter how you decide to enjoy your pickles they are all healthy and good to eat. There is nothing better than giving a jar of home canned pickles to family and friends to snack on so enjoy your pickles today.

Uncle Sam Day is always celebrated on September 13th, the birth date of Sam Wilson. Wilson was a meat packer who supplied the U.S. Army during the War of 1812. The meat was packed in barrels labeled “U.S.,” standing for “United States,” but the soldiers joked that the initials referred to “Uncle Sam” Wilson. And so, a larger-than-life character was born.

September 13th is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day, the birth date of Samuel Gee. Gee was a physician and pediatrician who published the first modern clinical description of celiac disease. For more information celiac disease go on-line .

Well I’m going to hope that today brings me good fortune and Confucius says a man who plans well benefits from his planning. Now I must go and plan well for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful day so until next time 🙂

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