September 16th

Hello everyone. I hope that you are finding this Sunday a wonderful day.

The Sun is shining but the breeze is picking up. Fall is in the air.

However, today is a day to have not a care.

The Lord gave me a day to rest,

so my body through the week could do its best.

I shall take his advise today,

I will relax on this beautiful Sunday.

I have nothing that I need to do,

I will be content staying at home with you.

For this is where I want to be,

Letting my spirit to be free.

Everything else can wait till tomorrow,

There is nothing I need to borrow.

I have my family here with me,

God has provided enough you see.

Today is not a day for work,

I don’t have to feel like my duties I shirk.

Today is my day to say Thank you Lord,

I have enough there is no need to horde.

So on this day I will relax with you,

I will enjoy the wonderful view.

National Days:

Anne Bradstreet Day honors a Puritan woman, considered by many to be the first American poet. Her birth date is not known; September 16th, 1672 is the date of her death.  This is a day to honor those who lead the way for poetry.

16 Collect Rocks Day

Go for a walk and gather rocks to celebrate Collect Rocks Day on September the 16th. Look down at the ground as you go about your business today. Go off the beaten path in search of nature’s beauty or a real treasure.Find ideas for crafts, games, and other activities. Many fun activities can exist around rocks from collecting shiny specimens, skipping rocks to making jewelry. Whatever you like about rocks it’s a natural resource we can enjoy. Have a fun day in nature.

16 Step Family Day

These days many family trees are complicated. No matter, as long as the branches are nurtured with love. Celebrate National Stepfamily Day. Remember what is important is the children and the feeling of belonging in a safe environment. Put differences aside and enjoy being a family.

16 Mayflower Day

September 16th is Mayflower Day, commemorating the date in 1620 when the Pilgrims and other passengers and crew left Plymouth, England, beginning a 66-day voyage to the New World. A day to remember our heritage and the beginning of this country.

16 National Play Doh Day

Celebrate National Play Doh Day with a young person. Rekindle the fun of making pasta, worms, coiled bowls, and any number of fanciful creations. Many parents love Play Doh for me I didn’t care for it. I had shag carpet and it was hard to get it out of it. However, in a supervised environment children have a lot of fun with it and learn more than just playing. It’s a great way to bond with your children.

16 National Wife Appreciation Day

Attention all loving husbands! Today is National Wife Appreciation Day. Even a few words of appreciation will do, along with a romantic kiss. Flowers or diamonds are optional. This could be the day you want to light up the BBQ and do all the cooking and let your wife know how much you appreciate her.

16 National Women’s Friendship Daythird Sunday in Sept.

The third Sunday in September is National Women’s Friendship Day. Do something special for the women in your life who are always there when you need to laugh, to cry, or to simply talk. Pick up the phone, send an email, give a card or just go out for the day with that special someone. Whatever you do enjoy your Friendship.

16 Working Parents Day

f you’re a working parent, consider taking time off to recharge or spend more time with your family. Many of us are home on Sunday, anyway. Take full advantage of this precious opportunity. This is a good time to enjoy nature together before winter sets in. Have a family day and enjoy.

16. Mexico’s Independence Day

Mexico observes Independence Day on September 16th, celebrating independence from Spain. The celebration is bigger than Cinco de Mayo. When the clock strikes eleven in Mexico City, the president shouts, “Viva Mexico! Viva la Independencia!” All across Mexico, in unison, people echo those words.

16 National Guacamole Day

National Guacamole Day

Today is National Guacamole Day! We all know and love guacamole as a party snack, but there’s more to guacamole than meets the eye. Guacamole is made from avocados, which are packed with more than twenty vitamins, contain “good fats” that reduce cholesterol, can help fight cancer, and can be used as a substitute for butter or shortening in baking.

You can purchase pre-made guacamole at your local supermarket or buy some ripe avocados to make your own. Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, Super Bowl Sunday, and Easter each account for approximately five percent of annual avocado sales. Have no fear, avocado trees produce up to 400 fruits a year so there should be plenty to go around. Happy National Guacamole Day!


Well I think that pretty well covers it for today so enjoy. I am going to enjoy what I do best. So until next time 🙂


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