April 29th

Once again here in Idaho it is a beautiful sunny day and I pray for everyone’s well-being on this day.

My heart is saddened by the horrific storm that is hitting the East Coast. I watch the news of Sandy and I see the destruction on television. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live there.

However, my religious up bringing reminds me that when man no longer can follow the ways of God, and continues to break the ten commandments and the golden rule that the earth would be destroyed once more by fire, water, and pestilence.

I fear that time has now come upon us. We have fought like spoiled children. We have been unwilling to share what we have. We have disrespected our parents. We have abandoned the teachings of our ancestors. We have shown no regard for civilization, or nature. We hurt the creatures that roam the earth freely not bothering anyone only for greed. Now we will pay the ultimate price.

As a child growing up I never could understand the saying in the bible “The sins of thy father shall be cast down on they children and there children for generations to come.”

However, after my divorce from my children’s father I was for myself what that meant. Everyone is touched by the sins of those close to them. Everyone is a sinner.

What is important is to recognize your misgivings and correct them before it is too late.

I watch the elections campaign and I see the bickering like school children and it saddens me.

I see the disclaimer about the teachers union and it angers me. After all it is the corporations who don’t want unions.

When we had unions we had fairer wages, and you couldn’t be let go from a job without a reason.  Seniority meant for something.

Our country has been stripped of everything generations worked so hard to put in place for fair employment, fair pay, and fair hours.

The worst thing that has every happened to our country is the right to work states.  That means there are no rights.

It is time to go back to the old ways of respecting everyone. A decent days pay for a decent days work.

It is time to stop arguing over differences in colors and races and pay attention to values and morals.

No one from any walk of life is better than another it is what they do with their life.

This country was founded on the idea of “One Nation Under God” and we need to put that back where it belongs because when we separate it we separate our values and morals of the country.

We need to teach the youth of today respect and that starts with role modeling. It is time that we stop seeing all the reality shows and bickering on television.

It is time for the Media to stop glamorizing those who break the law and for the paparazzi to allow privacy.

It is time for the truth. If we can’t say something positive than we shouldn’t say anything at all and that includes the media.

It is one thing to report about natural disasters and warn the people. It is another thing to create personal disasters for ratings.

It is time we encourage people to spend time reading and less time on technology games.

After all knowledge and experience are wisdom and wisdom gives you the control and power you need in your life.

It is time to reach out to our neighbors and befriend them. Help someone everyday even if it is just giving them a smile or saying something nice.

If we don’t change the world the world will change us.

The walls of Jerusalem will come tumbling down on all of us. We are running out of time.

Do something about it today. So until next time please stay safe 🙂


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