November 6th

Hello everyone.

The sun is shining and today is beautiful. Tonight is supposed to bring a cold front and the weather is going to change to rain and snow.

I am not looking forward to any change in the weather. I am at my best when the sun is out and it is warm.

Today is a very important day in the history of our country. It is election day.

I respect the right of everyone to vote privately without telling the whole world the choices they make.

However, for the first time I feel that I have a need to say how I feel about some of the things I’ve heard and watched.

1. The deficit: it didn’t happen over night it can’t be corrected overnight and it didn’t take one person to create it.  We as American’s are all responsible for our overspending and not paying attention to our civic duty.

2. The arguments in Congress: it reminds me of when I had a preschool and they fought over toys and they couldn’t resolve it on their own. I feel like we have a bunch of toddlers in Congress who do not know the meaning of give and take let alone mediation.

3. Promises: Every election promises are made that can’t be kept because congress has to agree. It is supposed to be a team agreement looking out for the best interest of our country. However, that has changed to greed looking out for the best interest of corporate ventures.

4. Stability: Then longer the same person remains in a position the more stable and the more affective they can be. If we change every time there is an opportunity we are starting back at the beginning learning to work together not thinking about the consequences of inexperience.

5. Middle Class American: doesn’t exist anymore. We have the rich and the poor. We would like to believe that there is a middle class but look around you. Look in your schools. It isn’t like when I went to school and there were three distinct classes. Now middle class has slipped into poverty. Yes they are the backbone of our country but they aren’t making it.  Working three, four and sometimes more jobs within a family just to keep a roof over your head, food on the table and stay warm.

6. Unions: Part of the reason we are in the problems we are in now in this country is because the corporations broke the unions. The unions worried about safe work conditions, wages, and made sure you weren’t fired without a good reason. You had someone to go to if you had a problem. Now we have right to work states and anything goes and that includes salaries.

7. Cost of living: the prices keep going up but salaries don’t go up, subsidy help only goes up if you have children, gas keeps rising. When you spend more on gas to get to work than you bring home how can you help yourself let alone a family?  Food prices are now so high no one can afford to eat let alone eat healthy.

8.  Senior Citizens: the are worse off than poverty. They are the forgotten generation in this country. No one cares if they have toilet paper, house hold products, food, or ever leave the house. They are told to stay active and be social but when they can’t afford gas to drive down the road and they can’t afford internet or phones how do they stay social. There are no breaks on utilities or important needs for seniors. It seems after working all of your life you should have earned something. Yet, divorces and single parent families have thrown our seniors into a whole new category that no one is looking at.

9. military: we have always been at war with someone and if you look at history it takes a war to bring a country out of a bad economy. That scares me to death. The last thing we can afford right now is a major war.

10. Priorities: if you don’t know where priorities are by now our country will fail. God, family, work, country.

11.  Amendments: We have so many amendments to the original constitution that before long it is all going to get lost in amendments. Why change what has worked for generations. I was raised with the saying “If it’s not broken don’t fix it.”

12. Imports and Exports: “If you can do it yourself don’t pay someone else to do it.”

13. Whole Picture: behind every candidate there is a motive. Look to see who is for the people and who is for corporate run motivation.

14. Vote: take a chance and pray for the best out come. Be glad that you have the freedom in this country to vote. Many countries don’t have the freedom of speech or the right to vote. Make sure you use your freedoms while you still have them.


Well I’ve said enough for today. I wish everyone the best. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope everyone stays safe. So until next time 🙂




4 Responses

  1. This is a nice blog and has a faceplate that I’ve never seen before on Blog options. Did you design it yourself. My blog is

    • This is a wordpress template and I chose it because of the design. I added the border at the top. Thanks Lori I am glad you like it. I am still learning about options and sometimes things end up in strange places but I’m getting there. I am glad you have joined me. I will look at your site as well. I hope you come back.

  2. Well said, Janice. I just pray that God sees to it that the best man is elected for president. Otherwise the next four years may find us living in an Americano longer the land of freedom and opportubnity.

    Hugs, Micki

  3. Micki we all have a responsibility to be heard. I have been known to write the white house and share my opinion and I think more people need to do that. I agree with you that we all need to pray that the America that we have known and loved remains the same for generations to come. Please everyone say a prayer for a brighter future for future generations.

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