November 7th

Hello everyone. Although the weather is changing the sun is still out today.

Congratulations to our President and his family. Let’s all say a prayer for the future of this country.

Now my thoughts are going to be shared in a way that I haven’t shared before. I talked with my sister last night and I said if I could go to congress I would and I would say what I feel about concerns in the country.

I have no money to travel to congress and physically that would be difficult for me. I thought about it all night and wondered what’s stopping my voice.

I have decided to designate a day to a different concern until I get my concerns expressed.

It is hard for me to decide where to start but I think I will start with senior citizens. They have been the pillars of our country.

1. Life styles, divorce, and life expectancies, poor economy have left the elderly without expected pensions, and their savings to fall back on.

2. Senior citizens although they may qualify for food stamps get minimal and go hungry while young people with children have so much they can’t use it all and end up selling their food stamps or giving it to other family members. Children have needs but do not eat the same as an adult. Also senior citizens or citizens with health issues require more because they have to eat better and more often because they usually eat smaller amounts.

3. Lack of feeling needed, wanted, or productive in communities. There are very few jobs that will hire senior citizens because all the jobs are either going to young or bilingual employees who don’t stay on the job when senior citizens would stay.

4. Social Security or SSI doesn’t come close to covering the cost of housing, utilities, food, and transportation for medical needs let alone insurance.

5. Dental is a priority for Senior Citizens. Once you end up on medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol, pain etc. They all take a toll on your teeth. It is very hard to deal with the pain and not be able to go see anyone. You don’t get healthier you get sicker.

6. Obesity is caused by many things including medications lack of being able to afford quality food and just surviving when you are immobile.  It is also a genetic issue which cannot always be changed as in my family.

7. Socializing is always recommended for senior citizens for an active mind and body but when you can’t afford to go anywhere, you can’t afford a phone, or internet how can you stay social or active. Only those who have substantial income can take advantage of the senior citizen centers and the exercise programs. Many have no way of leaving their home because of economy.

8. Pets are needed to keep elderly from becoming depressed and they give someone to love and not feel alone. However, how are they suppose to feed them and take care of them when they can’t afford to take care of themselves?

9. Cost of Living : Senior Citizens never get back what they have paid into Social Security and the interest that money has drawn so they at least deserve a cost of living increase yearly or some breaks from late fees etc.

10.  Senior citizens often need help with repairs on their home but can’t afford to pay for it and are often turned down. I myself applied to have mine painted only to find out that because it is metal siding no one will do it. I have to do it myself.

11.  Reducing Medicare and Social Security is an insult to senior citizens who worked all of their life. Especially when they see many young people put on it who are capable of working and holding down a job. We need to offer more jobs for the young disabled worker who is physically fit but needs job coaches and guidance and let them be proud for having a paycheck.

12. Senior citizens who have worked all of their lives and contributed need some breaks. They need to be appreciated in their communities. Having heat turned off in the winter because the can’t afford it is just wrong. There needs to be a program set up for senior citizens for a discount on utilities, internet, telephone, and transportation.

13. Senior Citizens aren’t seen with wisdom. We live in a culture that disrespects its elderly. That needs to be changed. Many live in fear of the young people especially as they find themselves unable to do things for themselves. Senior Citizens need to be recognized for not only their contributions throughout their lives but for the knowledge they have to be leaders. Disrespect to Senior Citizens should have consequences.

14. Quality of Life: If you can’t give quality of life to senior citizens helping them to live in their own homes, afford their own bills, have their own pride for their lifestyle than quit trying to keep them alive at the cost of their dignity. Aging means learning to live with dignity and acceptance of changes in your lifestyle. When one no longer has dignity they no longer want to live.

I could say more but I will leave it with this for today. Tomorrow I will talk about education. So until next time 🙂



2 Responses

  1. Janice, very well written and I share your concers as they are my concerns–being a senior citizen even if I don’t feel like one. And yet we just invited four more years of it into our lives. Something neither candidate spoke about for any length–if at all-was the demise of the housing industry. I am a law assistant for my real estate attroney daughter and we have our hearts broken each day by people who have been forced into foreclosure and then denied the ‘short sales’ by the banks that would at least protect their credit. They end up with no home, no money and no place to live as the rentals here are as high as a mortgage. Kelly had to send letters out to her clients today warning them that Obama is cancelling the tax cuts for homeowners as of December 31st and if you or I try to sell our house we will be hit with a capital gains tax that will eat up at least half and in some cases all of our profits. So the future which held a glimmer of hope is once again looking dimmer by the day for homeowners, new buyers, sellers and of course all those who have no jobs due to the illegal immigrants working for low wages, and they will no have jobs in the future. Obama did say he would put the illegal and some legal poor people in the foreclosed homes–well isn’ t that nice. Perhaps it’s time for us to move to Mexico!.

    Sorry for the rant but I had hoped to sell my home and buy a small one with no steps since my back and legs are so painful that walking-and especially steps are a hazard–that ship has sailed. I hope you continue with these essays.


    • I sympathize with you Micki. I lost my home in my divorce in 1986 and my equity. Then I lost my house again in 1988 when my son’s father stopped paying child support but the law required me to use that income to establish my mortgage. I was a teacher and always fell fifty dollars short of any assistance for anything. I have lived on the street, in my car and anywhere I could and raised my two sons alone. Now that my health has forced me into retirement because of my back pain I took what little I had left in retirement after many moves and bought a trailer. I hate living in trailers but I am now in the senior citizen trailer court and my neighbors are nice. However, I always have fear of storms, fires, etc with a trailer. However, we do what we have to do in life. I grew up in Montana in the mountains and we were taught to pull ourselves up by our boot straps and move on. That’s all you can do. Thanks for your support I appreciate it and I will continue to write.

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