November 8th

Hello everyone. I hope this day finds everyone safe and that you are able to stay as warm as possible.

The weather is wet, grey and overcast. The mountains are getting snow but we are getting the rain. However, the temperatures have dropped and snow is coming.

I don’t look forward to long winter days with grey skies but, I am thankful for what I have and am glad to wake up every morning.

I guess now it will be time for cups of hot tea, and lots of soup to warm the innards.

I hope that those affected on the east coast by Sandy and last night storms are getting the help that they need, food, clothing, blankets, heat, electricity, drinking water, and baby items.

I pray that your nightmare will soon have brighter days ahead and that you all will get the help that you need.

Every time I watch the news and see that this State or another State has sent out help I am proud to live in the country I live in.

Yesterday, Idaho Power trucks were heading for I believe Stanton Island. It will take a four-day drive to get there but once they are there they know how to work in snow and cold weather.

Last week Montana sent thirty of their National Guard to the New York area.  Now where else could you live where this would happen?

Twin Falls a city 30 miles from me has a trucking company that has chosen on their own to load one of their trucks with needed items and drive it to the East Coast as soon as it is loaded.

They will assume the expense of the trip. People in this area do a lot to help and they don’t wait for the Red Cross or any other organization.

I was raised with the philosophy that If you can do it yourself than do it. Don’t wait for someone else or don’t pay someone else to do what you are capable of doing.

I am proud that my parents raised me that way. I wish that my body was in physical shape so that I could do more.

However, I can remind everyone that our pioneer founders of this country had no electricity and no heat. They came with horrible winter conditions, wild animals, Indian wars, and no pathways cut for them.

When it comes to nature you have to be tough and toughen up.  You have to use survival skills. In the end it comes down to survival of the fittest.

Those who were hit the hardest and started burning household items to stay warm know what I mean. However, there are some survival skills one can follow.

Layer your clothes. Layer your socks. Keep something over your head to hold the heat in. Sleep under a blanket with your head covered as your breath will warm the inside.

In areas where snow is deep digging in under the snow and staying under a tunnel of snow will keep you warm. It will also give you water if you get desperate.

After all Eskimos lived in Igloos for years.

You have to go back to your God-given instincts and think what would our ancestors have done?

Put a big pot over an open fire and cook what you can. Get everyone to share.

Remember groups of people produce heat. If you have a home and a neighbor doesn’t invite them in, it might just save your life.

If you are fortunate enough to have power and can go online read about survival skills. There are many sites that give information on how to weather storms.

Most importantly take care of each other and pray. God hears and he is there to help. It may not be in the way you expect it but he will help.

Ok for today’s post on education:

There are many things wrong with education. However, it’s time to stop blaming the teachers. The Teachers are only allowed to do what administration, school boards, and congress allows them to do.

Teachers go to College to be a professional and yet when they graduate they are never recognized as a professional.

Congress, and school board members are making rules with no educational training. They don’t listen to the teachers. Now they are afraid of the parents.

Parents complain about education and yet they are the first to say I wish my kids could be in school 24/7. You can’t have it both ways.

Teacher’s should not be glorified babysitters. They have the training to do what they need to do. The problem is at the hierarchy of education. It is time we go back to allowing teachers to do what they are trained to do.

The days of the one room school-house worked because older students mentored younger students.

The days when if you were in trouble at school you were in trouble at home worked because homes supported the teachers.

When children listen to parents bad mouthing schools, teachers, and classrooms then they learn to do it too.

When there is no respect it is a no win situation. It is time for parents to turn education back to educators.

Congress needs to stay out of it other than allowing the funding necessary.

Administrators need to be held accountable, not the teachers.

The worse Principal I ever had said to me in my interview I’ve never fired a teacher. That was a red flag. That meant he was the kind to keep them and make their life miserable.

A good administrator knows when to say enough is enough. A good administrator knows what to do with a tenured teacher who isn’t pulling their weight.

A good administrator earns their salary.

Students have to go back to reading, writing, and arithmetic. These are the foundations.

Technology is important however, it isn’t being used to teach students how to impact their life to the fullest. They need to have access to technology but for the right reasons such as following up on research and inquiring about schooling etc. It should not replace writing and it has.

Students need their minds challenged with creativity, analytical skills, discussions, debates, and common sense situations. That doesn’t happen anymore.

Everything in education is becoming robotic. Before long we will have a generation that can’t read, can’t write, can’t do math, and can’t think for themselves. They won’t recognize when technology is making mistakes.

Now that is the danger of technology.

Well I will do more on education but for now I need to go. So until next time 🙂



3 Responses

  1. Janiceee, I think in a major catastrophe the next generation would be completely helpless and probably not survive. Your postis a good reminder that the things that run our lives will leave us to die if destroyed–we all neeed a course in old time survival–thanks for sharing yours.


  2. Hi Janice, I agree with Micki, they wouldn’t survive. Things are bad out there for kids, they don’t know respect for themselves or anyone else, they are abused, neglected, all because of the way the country has changed over the last 50 years or so with prayer being banned in schools. No more are children taught right from wrong with consequences. They can’t compete because someone who doesn’t run fast may have their feelings hurt. Its a crazy world alright!

    • Thanks for your reply deirdret,
      I taught school for forty years and I am now writing a book “Secrets Behind Closed Doors,” I will talk about things you are never told, how the changes have transformed educations, students, and teachers, and how I changed my feeling from the time I started until I voluntarily retired.

      The problem isn’t the students and never has been. It is all about societies morals, norms, and politics.

      The reason young people have so much stress is they aren’t taught to use common sense, think for themselves or bull them selves up by their boot straps and move on when the going gets tough.

      It’s amazing how many can’t even boil water let alone cook. Something must change.

      I hope you will come often and leave comments. Have a wonderful evening.

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