November 9th

Good evening everyone. I just couldn’t get moving this morning. It was cold and snow was on the ground.

My male cat, skeeter through a fit last night because it was snowing. He knows that’s the end of nice days and open windows. He has been cranky ever since.

Did you ever wonder about idioms that you heard growing up as a child?

For example: “It was colder than tits on a bull.” That’s how I felt this morning. But in all honesty that phrase has always been crazy to me.

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains we were always taught about watching the natural signs of winter coming and how to winterize and prepare for it.

We were always taught about frostbite and what to do and what not to do during blizzards.

Now with storms hitting the world out of season and doing crazy things I wonder how prepared people really are for unknown conditions.

I am thankful to have learned survival skills. However, many people don’t even know that they exist.

I think everyone should take the opportunity to learn about them whether or not they do it in a class or read about it from a survival book or go online and read about it.

One of the reasons I am mentioning this is I can’t forget about the fires that broke out during Sandy. Water and electricity don’t mix. I am amazed that power wasn’t shut off earlier than it was and precautions taken so that there wouldn’t be electrical fires and gas fires.

The force of the water coming in would definitely cause gas leaks. Having lived to see a gas explosion in Montana and the devastation that was caused I would do anything to avoid that.

We talk about training our states for terrorists etc, but are we really trained for daily disasters?

Have we all become to lax about our life and what we should be teaching our children.

I will use myself as an example. I wrote about this in “Growing Up in the Rockies.”  I grew up in a mining town and every year in school we watched movies on blasting caps and what not to do because of their instability. Other towns were watching movies on fire drills and evacuations, while we did it all.

However, after marriage I had moved away and no longer was living in a mining town and had forgotten about it. On one visit home to visit my parents my seven-year old son walked into the house with something in his hand. He responded, “Look mom, see what I found.” My heart dropped. I immediately knew what it was. It was a very old blasting cap. I told him not to move and to let me take it.

Just then my father walked in the back door behind him and say what he had. He immediately took the blasting cap and disposed of it correctly.

My throat was in my mouth at this point. I knew kids who had lost fingers, eyes, and died from blasting caps.

Boy was I thankful for my father that day. I would have been able to take it but then I would have had to dispose correctly.

The older blasting caps are the more unstable they become.

I often think of this situation as I played on that same hill growing up and dug in the dirt and built things and played for hours there. How lucky had I been.

Now I worry that with single parent families, two working parents, state standards, etc that we aren’t taking the time that is needed to teach our children about life.

Just before I made up my mind to retire from teaching I was a generation of students who didn’t know how to be creative, who didn’t think for themselves, and who couldn’t perform without technology let alone write a complete sentence.

I truly believe that history has a way of repeating itself. I have watched over my entire life time.

I think our history is now at a point where it is time to close public schools, tutor from home, have private paid schooling, or go to work.

I truly believe that we need to go back to education being a privilege for those that want it.

I think we  are due fore a real wake up call in the United States about priorities in life.

Well that’s all I’m going to say about it tonight. It’s now the weekend and I hope everyone will stay safe and have a good weekend.

So until next time 🙂

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