November 11th Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Sunday everyone 🙂

From the beginning of this country we had veteran’s who served our country, watching the land and the sea for invaders. We had veteran’s watching for hostile attacks within the country. They may not haven been called veteran’s at the time but they were just the same. Our country grew because of the loyalty to this country. Our country became a strong country because it’s people stood up and fought for what they believed in.

Then somewhere along the line things began to change we recognized our Veteran’s who had gone off to war and hailed them when they came home and missed them when they didn’t return.

During the Vietnam war we shamed our Veteran’s because we were ashamed of ourselves. It was a war that was miss handled in so many ways and the people of this country took it out on the wrong people. Our Veteran’s either went into hiding or fought amongst their own people.

No we fear the same mistakes with the middle east. The only thing that has changed is we will never again shame our Veteran’s.

911 changed everything and we now will honor those that we depend on during the emergencies of this countries time.

My father was a Veteran from World War II and although it was before I was born I grew up being very proud of him.

I remember wearing the poppies every year.  I knew not to ask many questions but I was taught to honor the country, flag, and Star Spangled Banner. God was put first before everything. We always read “One Nation Under God” and we believed it.

Now times again have changed and there are those who want to rid us of the heritage that we grew up with. Don’t let them do that. Today honor everything this country stands for and the pride of those who have been willing to serve and keep our country what it is meant to be. Do not allow our country to waver because of the heretics.

Celebrate today because we have our freedom. Celebrate those who have fought for you and I to keep those freedoms. Celebrate that generations to come will still have those same freedoms and ideals that we all have known growing up in a country made of multicultural. Do not let our freedom waver in any way.

I salute each and every Veteran and their family member’s who have served our country and continue to do so whether now in the military or now as a civilian.

God Bless all Veteran’s with you we stand strong, without you we are weak and vulnerable.

Enjoy this day it is your day.

Don’t forget to read what I have posted under poem on Veteran’s Day.

God Bless you all, so until next time 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Wonderful and much needed post. We are willing to let our heroes die for us but we’re not willing to support and honor them in the way they deserve.

  2. Thank you Micki. We need to remember our heritage and all that was sacrificed for us to have today’s freedoms. We need to protect the world that we wanted to have in the New America. May God Bless all those who stand up for what is right and work towards keeping our freedom’s.

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