November 13th

Today is a warmer day but still has a briskness to the air. although the sun is trying to peak out it remains grey.

I will unfortunately be going to town running errands running around like everyone else instead of enjoying the peace in my own home.

However, at the end of the day I will be glad to have accomplished what I sat out to do.

Then when I can finally be at home to enjoy the warmth, peace and quiet of my simplistic home, I will enjoy the dinner that my son has cooked.

Tonight we will be eating chicken tenders, a treat, chicken and broccoli pasta, and green beans. Not a typical meal but a rarity and I will be in heaven as I like it all.

For me there is nothing better than when someone else prepares the dinner and you can enjoy it.

The cats will be made because I left the house and there will be a night of chaos.

They will not want to settle down for bed but instead play and stay up all night to let me know I should have been home.

Eventually the house will become quiet and all will sleep.

Little time for writing will happen today. I will have to be content with reading my emails and doing what I can. However Wednesday I will make up for it.

Now as I think of night falling and the chill in the night air, I am reminded that snow is coming.

I will spend days watching for the scamper of squirrels still collecting food and fighting with the magpies.

I will look at the trees so barren and forlorn.  I will miss the green signs of life and hope that I will see them again in the spring.

Now the yard tools are put away and the water is shut off to avoid frozen pipes. The trailer is plugged in to keep heat underneath.

Hopefully all has been prepared for the winter. I watch the many storms across the nation and wonder what the winter will bring. I pray for not too much snow but enough moisture for the spring.

I pray for not too much cold so my bones don’t ache and my heat bill doesn’t rise too high.

But most of all I pray for a mild winter allowing the farmers to prepare their fields when it is time for the first crops.

I pray that it will not be an extremely long winter.

Now Thanksgiving is approaching and the holidays will quickly come and go once more.

We will look back and wonder where they went. Before we know it 2012 will be over.

I pray that 2013 brings hope, promise, and wisdom.

So until next time 🙂


2 Responses

  1. You sound so melancholy in this write. I enjoyed following this short journey and look forward to a long winter but yet pray for the same prayers you pray for.

    • Winter is not my fondest time. I need the sun to energize me. However, I will take the journey as it comes. I am also adjusting to the time change and this has been a very tiring week for me. May your journey be a blessed one.

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