November 14th

Today is supposed to be warmer with the possibility of snow. 😦

I do not look forward to slippery roads and people who don’t know how to drive on snow.

That first snow fall there are always many accidents as people aren’t prepared and want to drive too fast.

However, since we can’t avoid winter I am glad when the weather stabilizes and is here for its duration.

Then my body can adjust to the winter months with as minimal aches and pain as possible.

It always amazes me in the winter how sounds seem so much louder. The neighbors starting their cars, or people talking. It’s as though the air crystals increase the decibels of the everyday sound or is it that we are just more aware because of the conditions?

Thanksgiving is a week away and everyone will be getting ready to prepare their favorite meals. Many will have their favorite turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and all the trims.

However, some cultures do not like Turkey and will go either with Ham, Goose, or ethnic dishes.

My family will go with the traditional Turkey as not only do we love it but we can get sufficient meals from the turkey.

We will be remembered of many Thanksgiving days spent with family in years gone past but now we will make new traditions for new family members.

We will be thankful for the time that we have together to feast, visit, and reminisce.

It will be a day of happiness and a time for thankfulness.

I am reminded of the phrase “Go ye into the world and make your way.”

That is what the pilgrims did. The pioneers of the America followed and made their way.

From their hard efforts a country was built over time. Now as we look at the darkest moments of disasters and storm I am reminded of this saying again.

It is time for our country once again to “go ye into the world and make your way.”

We have become a spoiled generation of people. We expect to have everything but we don’t really need everything. What we do need is each other.

Growing up my father use to take us to the old family homestead on the edge of town. My great-aunt Gertie still lived there. She had no running water, and no electricity. We would haul fresh drinking water a couple of times a year to her. She had her rain barrel on the porch and used it for washing clothes and bathing. The family always made sure there was food in the house. She might walk into town twice a year but it was about a five-mile walk one direction. Dad always took us home before dark as he didn’t want us kids around the Kerosene Lamps. She lived like that until she was put into a nursing home at a very old age.  The only heat in the house was a pot belly stove and it required hauling wood and splitting wood. Cooking was simple because she lived alone and didn’t make large meals. She rarely came to dinner ask she didn’t like coming into town. However, on a couple of occasions she was talked into coming for holiday meals. Mom always sent her home with extra food.  Today Aunt Gertie would be considered eccentric,however, I always loved her and had a great deal of respect for staying on the homestead. Her life was not easy but she seemed to be content. That’s all any of us can expect.

People today forget how it use to be. They forget about the hardships of the pioneers and the struggles they went through so that future generations could have it better.

When things get tough for me I always remember the pioneer life style and say I can do it. It may not be easy but I can do it.

So as we approach Thanksgiving whatever you have to eat is your feast. Be Thankful  for being alive. Live moderately and share with loved ones.

If you live alone invite someone over. It doesn’t matter if your meal is simple. What matters is the company you keep.

So as I think about Thanksgiving and what I am thankful for I will share this,

“I am thankful to know the choices I have and can choose for myself without fear.”

So until next time 🙂



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