November 17th

It’s a wonderful day.


THe R & A Trucking finally after two weeks have their semi loaded with items and has headed out for Staton Island.

They are bringing much needed items and have been in contact with people working there.

Volunteers will be needed to unload the truck and help with the distribution.

I am proud of everything that R & A has done. They are paying for this all out of their own pocket.

They are leaving from Twin Falls Idaho and it will take about four days to drive there.

I live 30 miles from Twin Falls and it makes my heart feel good when I see the people of this state reach out to help others outside of the state.

May God Bless all on the East Coast and may you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

2 Responses

  1. I live on Staten Island and can’t begin to tell you how much that is appreciated and needed–especailly as Thanksgiving comes around. The gov’t has done nothing for us but talk. I had a visit from Fema the day Obama was here–coincidense–I think not. So with people freezing and hungry all along the shore, Fema comes to my house-where not so much as a leaf is out of place–plus I am at the highest part of S.I. on a hill–and asks if we need anything. Really! Our people, like others hit so badly have joined in a major effort to help each other because the gov’t, Fema and Red cross are not. Thanks for letting people know this.


    • We care about all of you and we realize your dilema. I know that the trucking company was coordinating with someone in S. I. as to what was needed. I know it took two weeks to fill the truck but it’s on it’s way.

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