November 20th

Good morning everyone 🙂

I am up early and it is raining outside. We need the moisture and right now I’d rather have the rain even though I hate rain.

I hope that our east coast people are not getting the moisture as they have had enough.

This morning a truck carrying, blankets, coats, food, etc will arrive in Stanton Island. R & A Trucking has sent a truck all the way from Twin Falls Idaho. It took them two weeks to collect items, load the truck and be off.  They had a big send off Friday in Twin Falls.  I wish to thank R & A for what they are doing on their own time at their own expense and may God Bless them for their thoughtfulness.

I would have liked to have been there. It’s thirty miles from my home but the price of gas doesn’t allow me to do much.

Now I know this is only going to touch the tip of the ice berg for these people and the devastation that they have been through.

However, I hope it will restore their faith that there are people who do care and I hope it will give the people of Stanton Island something to feel blessed about this week as we approach Thanksgiving Day.

Each morning that I wake up I am thankful for another day to be alive and for the dear friends that I have come to know through my writing on-line.

I watched Dr. Phil yesterday and they talked about the woman who wanted to be the heaviest, bride to break the world’s record. They talked about a man in his twenties who weighted close to 800 lbs.  Both had been sent to a place to help them not only with exercise but to teach them to change their daily nutritional behaviors. I watched the show and wondered how in the world do we do this to ourselves. I was thankful that I had not reached that point yet.

When we get older we slow down. Our mobility is poor and challenges for health are greater. However, to see young people living this way is so so very sad.

When we were young we got out doors we ran around. If we had junk food it was once a month as a special treat. Now children expect it daily.

I look at what is happening with the Twinkies and I wonder what will happen to our young people now?

I never had a Twinkie in my lunch. I never liked Twinkies. However, my mom believed why pay someone to do what you can do yourself. She baked everyday.

I fear what will happen to the younger generation as businesses close and young people don’t know how to cook. Many of them can’t read directions on a box let a lone cook from scratch.

What is to become of future generations. I bless my parents everyday for encouraging me to do what I could for myself. I am so thankful that I had my boys start cooking at age seven. They both have turned out to be good cooks and will never starve.

I am a firm believer in the old saying “Use it or Loose it”. I think this day and age our society in general has come to expect everything handed to them.

Can they build a house from the bottom up as the pioneers of long ago did? Can the till the land that had never been tilled? Can they survive in a harsh economy that is only going to get worse.

Do they know how to survive without electricity and gas?

Could they live on berries and wild plants to survive the winter months until they could plant?

Would they even know how to plant and harvest a winter’s supply of food?

Can they even make a decent campfire to keep warm without matches?

Our way of life is changing and it is changing rapidly. I feel like this is the beginning of history repeating itself. I feel like people must once again return to taking care of their own, putting their hands in the soil, and working hard long hours, falling into bed exhausted, only to get up to a warm breakfast and go back off to work.

The time of luxury has passed us by. We didn’t appreciate what we had when we had it. We thought it would be here forever but we took it for granted and now it has been taken away from us.

The only way to get it back is to learn to appreciate the small things in life. So everyday find something that you can be thankful for whether it is the birth of a child, a new dawn, friendship, etc.

The sky is red this morning. “” My mother would say red sky in morning a Shepard’s warning.” Somewhere today the weather will not be so nice.

The sun is rising and the sky is bright. I hope everyone will find their days bright and filled with blessings. So until next time 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Positive thougthts can change the world–thank you for yours!!

  2. Micki you are welcome as always. I ‘ve learned over the years that it is less energy to think positively than it is to be negative. God Bless everyone and may everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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