November 22, 23rd

Why should I talk about Gratitude? What meaning can it possibly have ?



noun \ˈgra-tə-ˌtüd, -ˌtyüd\

Definition of GRATITUDE

: the state of being grateful : thankfulness

Examples of GRATITUDE

  1. Let me express my sincere gratitude for all your help.
  2. We remember with gratitude those who died defending our country.


Middle English, from Anglo-French or Medieval Latin; Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin gratitudo, from Latin gratusgrateful

First Known Use: 1523
I shall tell you why we need to take about Gratitude. Because for without gratitude, we become heartless. We did not appreciate the simple things in life that we need to be thankful for.
Holidays become meaningless without remembering the Gratitude for why we celebrate.
On Thanksgiving day although there were only three family members to join together I couldn’t have felt more gratitude than the fact that the Lord had bestowed me with a day to share with my two sons. Another day to wake up in the morning and feel alive.
My youngest son chose to cook dinner at his home and I was Grateful that I know I have done my job as a mother and that my sons can carry on traditions past down through generations.
Times may change yet I have Gratitude for those simple customs that remain the same. A plate of crackers with chips, giblets in the gravy although I talked him into giving the liver to his cat.
A day to laugh and reminisce about grandparents no longer with us. The day for me was all about gratitude and the love of being able to be together without worrying about work or rushing out the door.
I am grateful for the stores that do not open on holidays and allow family members to be at home with their own families.
I grew up in a simple life appreciating the love of nature and life and my gratitude for being warm, having a roof over my head, and having my family together is all that is needed.
However, I wish to express my deepest gratitude towards all those who have donated supplies to the areas affected by Storm Sandy. I wish to share my gratitude for those who took time out of their day to wish Happy Thanksgiving.
My sons and I were able to laugh as we ate dinner when a turkey walked past the patio door. The neighbor living behind him had chickens and ducks, etc. My son had commented that the Turkey was not there in the morning. I am sure that Turkey felt gratitude to be alive on Thanksgiving Day. As we laughed and talked about the luck of Tom the Turkey we enjoyed our meal and our time together.
Now I am grateful to move on to the next moment of my life and although I think black Friday is crazy I decided to have a book signing at the local Book Plaza in Burley, Idaho. I appreciated everyone who chose to come to the book store and avoid crowded stores so I have decided to show my gratitude by going back tomorrow. I have never done two days in a row.
Although my being gone from home doesn’t make my cats very grateful at the moment as soon as I return home and they are fed and cuddle they show their gratitude for the attention they get.
Today at the book store they were moving things around and getting ready for Christmas and of course calendars are coming to the years end so I was very grateful when they gave me a calendar about to expire that had cats. I love pictures.
The gratitude we have for everyday little happenings sometimes are taken for granted and yet they can make a huge difference in a persons life.
I like to show my gratitude for the conversations I had with people throughout the day whether they purchased a book or not for it has presented a learning experience for me.
As a young child my mother taught us ” never turn anything down, because you might not be offered something you really need.” I have always been grateful for her advise which came out of the depression.
She always showed gratitude for everything and that lesson has helped me through many rough times and I have been able to share my love and wealth from the heart to others. It has taken me through many journeys and rough times.
Gratitude is about following the Golden Rule ” Treat others the Way you want to be treated.”
Whether it is animals or people we need to be Grateful for everything that the Lord has created for it is unique in its own way.
How can one not show Gratitude for what God has made and provided?
Even as we watch the disasters that occur across the world we have to see the  awesomeness of the power of nature.
As you continue through the weeks to come post comments on Gratitude as we enter the Holiday Season.
I am grateful for each and everyone of you who will take time to read what I have written and remember I am touched by your comments and they do affect future writings so take this journey with me leave me a note.
May God bless all of you and clear the mind so that no one doubts the Gratitude they have in their life.

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