November 24



In the morning light as I see the sun rise above the house tops, my heart is filled with a warmth of being alive for more one day. I am filled with Gratitude towards the Lord that I have been given a chance to continue in his plan for me although I’m not always sure what it is.

I watched the news the other evening and as I watched the shared a story of a woman who had been affected by Storm Sandy. She had lost everything. However, she felt the need to do something. Not knowing what to do she sat and she looked out over the beach and watched the waves coming in and going out. She spied a photo that had been carried out by the waves. She walked over to the beaches edge and was able to pick it up. Holding it in her hand she realized this was a memory. This was an important part of someone’s life. Looking around the beach she noticed there were many scattered memories that had been important to someone in their lives. She started walking the beach daily and collecting whatever she could find taking them home and storing them in a plastic tub wondering who they belonged to. In the process of doing so she found a small photo album of a babies birth and all a newborns pictures. She felt that must have been cherished by someone. The album was still in tact and it simply needed to find its way back to its owner.

Not knowing what else to do she started logging the many things she had found and letting people know she had them. She has to this date returned over 100 items to their owners. She has returned the baby album to a father that will be forever grateful to her.

How can you show true gratitude for something that started out so small watching the seashore and now has turned into a monumental task of saving priceless heirlooms.

This is the true meaning of human beings caring for others and being grateful for the important things in life.

All the money in the world or the power in the world could not do one this one woman has done by sitting there watching the shore wondering where to start. She found her starting place and many people will forever be grateful for her and her one moment of caring about a photo that could have been lost forever.

Today is the beginning of a new dawn and as we go out to start our day let us ask the Lord to guide us to find our direction so that we may not just go about the hustle and bustle of life forgetting what’s important, but that we may be touched by someone or something that will forever remind us to be grateful.

I send my blessings and gratitude to this woman who took a moment to care when her own life was devastated. She is an angel and the Lord will guide her through it.

May God Bless each and every one of you this holiday season and if you are traveling stay safe.

I will be doing another book signing today so I am about to get ready to go and I am grateful for that opportunity. I enjoy meeting new people each and every time I do one.

I plan on having a great had and I hope everyone else does also. So until next time 🙂

4 Responses

  1. Wonderful post!! That’s what makes me so saddd–the loss of memoiries. everything else can be replaced, but memoires can only beheld in the mind and only for so long, theen they fade away.

  2. IT goes to show that one person can make a difference. Materialistic things don’t matter it’s the memories that we store in our hearts, souls, and minds. They can’t be taken from us, the greatest loss is photos. However, if collected they can be restored. What a great journey this woman has started on.

  3. What a wonderful blog post. It impressed me in a very sensitive kind of way.

  4. Thank you Raani. Her story touched me and made me realize what each of us are capable of doing.

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