December 2nd

Good morning. I hope you all are well. I am sorry for my absence but I keep getting locked out of my blog site.

It is rather aggravating and I try to be patient however, some days all I can do is walk away from it.

It has been raining for two days straight and is a cold cloudy day although the rain has temporarily stopped. It is too warm to snow however, the higher elevations are getting the snow making the skiers happy.

Winter is here and there is no holding it back. It is somewhat like Christmas. YOu can’t stop it from coming so you might as well accept it and join in the hustle and bustle.

People are scurrying around putting up Christmas Trees, shopping, and baking as they prepare for family get togethers. Children are visiting Santa Claus and asking for everything on their list.

I am reminded of two different Christmases when my children were young. We rushed around and had the pictures taken at both malls so that we would have at least one decent picture for the grandparents. However, my oldest son who was about four years at the time looked at the photo’s and asked why there were two different Santa’s? There was no making excuses as he compared the bad breathe of one to the other, how skinny one was compared to the other and the difference between a face and a real beard.

Oh dear, we didn’t want Christmas ruined so we had to explain how busy Santa was at the North Pole and how he had to send helpers all around to meet with boys and girls in order to get everything done. We lucked out that year and that answer was accepted. We never again had pictures taken with two different Santa’s.

We had always taught the boys how to behave in public and that they never knew who was watching them especially at CHristmas time. One year when my oldest was about seven and the youngest about five they wanted to see Santa in the mall once again. I told them if they stood quietly while I shopped in Sears we would then go to see Santa. However, this was the one time they didn’t behave in the store which was unusual for them. After pulling my five year old out from the rack of boys jeans and gathering the two of them I left the store embarrassed at the behavior of my children. They had been chasing each other and clothes were falling right and left. This was something they had never ever done at the store before. They knew I’d walk out if they embarrassed me. My face must have been as red as Rudolph’s nose as we left the store.

We were walking to the car and they were being told why there would be no Santa on that day.

Just then an elderly man walked up to us and said, ‘Young men you know what you did in the store was wrong.” The boys eyes got bigger by the minute as they listened to the man. He went went on to say, ” You know I’m one of Santa’s retired elves, however, around Christmas time I still help him out.” Now there eyes were as big as dollars. He asked the boys if they had been good through out the year. They replied, “Yes,”. He spoke very gently and said, “I hope so because Santa is checking his list to see whose been naughty or nice.” He told the boys that they needed to listen to their mother and not embarrass her in the store anymore. He reminded them they still had time before Christmas to be good and show Santa what good boys they were.

The boys got into the Bronco and we drove away however, they had questions by the minute. They wanted to know if that really was Santa’s elf and had they blown Christmas. Upon arriving home we had a very serious discussion about being naughty or nice and they sat down and wrote Santa a letter which I of course mailed to the north pole. My oldest son had the most questions and my youngest son was in tears worrying about his actions.

The next two weeks were the best two weeks I ever had. I only had to tell the boys something once. I never had to remind them of the elf. They were automatically on good behavior. Oh how I thanked the Lord for sending me an angel in a moment when I really needed him.

We often forget how difficult it is for children through the holidays. It starts with Halloween and dressing up then going trick or treating. Then we give them a sugar high and wonder what’s wrong with them.

Next, we expect them to dress up and be angels for Thanksgiving once again eating to much and adding more foods that they don’t eat on a regular basis.

Now we have created not only a cycle of excitement but also we have caused an imbalance in sleeping and eating patterns.

Yet we have Christmas to follow with the most excitement of the year, sugar from candy, cookies and once again an imbalance of regular eating habits and sleep patterns.

Then when they are all hyped up from the momentum we have created for us we don’t understand their behavior. Maybe we could reduce some of this by caring about what they eat and when they go to sleep making sure they can relax and drift off to dream about everyday activities.

After the holidays are over they crash and burn from both exhaustion, and drop of sugar levels. When the first of the year rolls around there is nothing to look forward to and it takes them a month to get back into a normal routine. This is easily noticed at school.

Maybe we should look at how we handle the stress of the holidays as adults and reduce some of that stress that we put on children.

We could start by not spending more than you can afford. Share goodies with those that don’t have any and eat better daily meals.

Limit the nights out of the house and see that children are getting there much needed sleep.

If we as adults reduced our stress we would automatically reduce the stress of children.

My favorite night use to be Christmas night. After all was said and done we would drive around in the car looking at all of the houses decorated. It was very relaxing and there was little traffic on the street. When we arrived home the boys were tired and ready to go to sleep. Any worries of the day had disappeared in the beautiful decorations. A bedtime story was read, then with a goodnight kiss and being tucked in for the night they drifted of to dreamland.

Traveling out of town always added stress for the boys so we bought them their own sleeping bags from the time they were toddlers so they always had their own comfort zone.

Going to relatives is fun but sleeping may not be if they aren’t comfortable. Think about what you can do to make them more comfortable through the holidays.

I will think about my Christmas shopping this week however, I won’t look forward to it. I will get ready what few cards I plan to send and I will clean house so a few decorations can be put out.

However, for the most part I leave decorating to my sons who are now the adults capable of taking care of it.

Whatever your traditions are enjoy the holidays and don’t over do. So until next time:)

2 Responses

  1. Thanks, Janice for another enlightening post!! I got tired just thinking of all the things you just reminded me I have yet to do foe the holidays. 🙂

  2. Sorry Micki that I made you tired. I am in that same situation. I still have everything yet to do. It looks as though this week will be busy. Thanks for your wonderful comments they always lift me up.

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