December 9th

The sun is rising over the roof tops. Most of the snow is gone and yet, a remembrance of along the walkways in the shade.  As one looks out to meet the day you can tell that it is a cold brisk day. Old man winter has come in with his cold air. Now everyone wants to hibernate as much as they can. The nights get colder. More blankets are put on the beds and even the animals are spending more time sleeping in a warm cozy place.

The thoughts of hot chocolate, cozy fireplaces and hot food is the idealistic home setting.

People rushing around trying to finish their last-minute Christmas shopping are bundled up wishing not to be outdoors any longer than necessary.

Stores are having their last-minute sales remain open as late as possible.

Christmas cards are being written and mailmen are dreading the delivery of so many cards.

Time is fast running out as there are only sixteen days left until Christmas.

Now families are enjoying Christmas music, Christmas shows on television, Tree decorating and if lucky those special goodies mom makes in the kitchen.

If I could have but one wish for Christmas I would want one more Christmas with my mom,dad and my sister’s family. What a joy it use to be everyone gathering around.

Mom always scurried around the kitchen baking every goodie she could think of.

Dad always took care of the Christmas tree and had it so thick with Tinsel you were lucky to see it but it was beautiful.

Everyone enjoyed singing Christmas carols.

My sister had her children and I had mine and we had to rotate families to have time to share Christmas with everyone.

But how I enjoyed mom and dad. Mom would always put her special Chili Dip and Onion Dip out on Christmas Eve hoping that we wouldn’t eat too much of the candy she had made.

I am feeling very guilty that over the years I didn’t make the candy for my children. I knew how but after mom ended up with diabetes and my son was addicted to sugar I swore I’d do what I could to fight that ugly disease.

However, there is a child in all of us and those memories of goodies in the kitchen are important.

Now that I don’t work anymore I would have time to make some of the delights and I would enjoy it. However, my health has failed not giving me the stamina to do what I want.

The economy has taken a toll on my pocket-book and I must for go the treats that I once knew.

But if I had one wish it would be for a kitchen full of mom’s goodies. Dad’s decorated tree and Christmas music every where.

How I miss those days.

So For this year I will keep it simple wrapping what few packages have been bought making memories with my boys and hoping that in their hearts they know the true meaning of holidays.

So as you go about the month of December take a moment and share your story of your families customs and what you do. You might be surprised at who would enjoy knowing them and even sharing them with you.

Happy Holidays. So until next time 🙂


3 Responses

  1. It was only 13 years ago that each year I cooked and baked and cleaned and decorated and had a Christmas eve party of family and friends that was 30-50 people. They were great times. I miss them since now I have the same party but at my kids’ homes since I had the heart attacks-rudely enough I was in surgery on Christmas eve that year which ruined everyone’s holiday–especially mine. But thanks to several miracles, I’m still here–not doing big parties but here!!

    • IT is a sing of passing the torch to the younger generation. IT is a time when we have to accept what we can and cannot do and allow the next generation to begin their journey. May you enjoy the holiday season as it is your time now to be waited on and enjoy while others do the work. God Bless you

  2. Micki times change for all of us. However, we are glad that you are still here with us. There comes a time when the passing of the torch goes to our children. This year we will celebrate Christmas Eve at my sons and eat all the things we won’t have room for on Christmas. We will enjoy his fireplace and his tree. Then Christmas Day my older son help cook dinner at my home and we will all share together the meaning of a family holiday. We are but three but we will keep the spirit alive. Merry Christmas to you and your families.

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