December 16th

Good morning everyone.

My heart is heavy this morning as I read about the latest event in Connecticut.

I fear that we are now becoming a civilization of animals. What is to happen to us if we can’t attend church in safety.

Must we have armed guards outside the doors as we pray?

Must we come to the reality that the sick and deviated minds of society are winning with their mind games?

I grew up in the Wild West where there was a code of honor. Even thieves and gunmen wouldn’t have acted this way.

If you had a battle with someone you took it up with them face to face.

You weren’t a coward among men. Now it is time for all decent people to join together and say we’ve had enough. We will protect our own. I don’t mean start war battles etc. However, if we have to post parents at school doors or lay people at church doors to allow people to have their God-given freedom then let’s do it.

We can’t be weak. This is a time to get angry and get strong and take back what is rightfully ours. We must fight for our right to live in a free, safe society.

People through up their hands and say what do we do. You protect your own is my answer.

I don’t believe in guns. I don’t own one but I was raised in a house with rifles. Hunters, farmers, etc need their guns.

But I will go down fighting to protect my family. I will go down fighting to protect my freedom and the freedom for my children. I will go down fighting to protect my religious beliefs and my freedom of speech.

Right now the families of  this small Connecticut are vulnerable to abuse, mind games, and more devastation. The country must stand together and say no more.

Those school children should not go back into that school. They should be served in surrounding areas for the remainder of the year. Buses should have volunteer parents on the bus and in the classrooms daily.

School doors should be locked requiring a push button in the office to allow visitors to enter.

IT is now time to protect our youth of this country, they are our future.

Our country which was at one time was the strongest nation in the world now is weak and a target for every enemy. Only through strength, courage and conviction and the help of God can we make this change.

Please everyone do your part and stand strong and be willing to protect those around you.

so until next time 😦

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