December 20th

Hello everyone. Well we definitely are on countdown. Christmas is five days away.

I am planning Christmas Eve at my son’s house enjoying his Christmas tree and eating all the snacks that we don’t have room for on Christmas day.

Christmas Day will be traditional family get together and mom will supervise the cooking of the turkey at home.

Yesterday I finished my shopping and while I was in the check out stand I had an interesting time. The woman in front of me was purchasing a handful of gift cards that took a while to ring up.

Behind me were two little boys that were creating stress for mom. I was sitting in the electric cart that I ride through the store on.

On of the boys tried to drive my cart mom about had a heart attack. They were sure wound up. I knew if I didn’t do something my patience was going to run short.

I decided to engage in a conversation with them. The youngest one loved chatting with this little old lady. The oldest who was about six or seven wasn’t to interested and proceeded to try for attention.

However, when I started talking to them about Santa and how he had eyes every where in the start and was starting to check his naughty and nice list the interest got more engaged.

Even the lady behind them started to listen to what I was saying. I proceeded to tell them he had elves every where and he’s checking out everyone for his last-minute list.

Mom proceeded to get involved in the conversation and told them to listen to me as they would be visiting Santa on Friday.

Soon it was my turn to get my items rung up and I was relieved. However, the little one could have talked all the way to the car.

I wished them Merry Christmas and told them I had to leave. I was relieved to get out of there without becoming inpatient.

However, it is a perfect example of how community can help parents. That mother was a good mother, she just need five minutes for someone to distract the boys from the hustle and bustle of shopping in the stores and then having to stand and wait in line.

I often hear about what annoys people going through check out stands such as people taking time to get out check books and write their checks.

That doesn’t bother me at all. In fact I think it is smart with all the robberies and identity theft that goes on.

The only time I am annoyed is when people are on cell phones at the check out line.

Then I do feel that is impolite. I don’t want to hear their conversation. Especially if they are arguing with someone.

I think our society is often times annoyed too easy instead of seeing the humor in things.

I hope that I gave a mother a little peace of mind yesterday letting her know that I didn’t mind her children.

I hope as all of you finish your shopping and prepare for Christmas that the stress will not take away from all the blessings you should enjoy.

May each and every one of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

so until next time 🙂



6 Responses

  1. Janice that was adorable. I tell the same tales to my grandchildren, but sadly they are all into their teens and the youngest just found out last year that while Santa was a real person at one time, his spirit lives on in us who take his place with gifts each year. My oldest grandson told me I ruined his life by not telling him earlier since he was the only 12 yr old in school who still believed. He said he told his friends that’if my grandma says it;s true, it’s so.” Your post just made me remember that, Merry Christmas!!

    • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Micki and may you blessed in the year 2013. We try to keep the magic of Christmas in our children as long as we can. They grow up too fast. Bless you.

  2. Thank you Micki let’s keep our children young while we can. I have had to play many tricks to keep young children from learning too soon. I also tell even adults to this day it’s what you believe in that’s real and there is always a package under the tree from Santa Claus.

  3. Not an Award but a compliment. I enjoyed your blog during the year of 2012. Please follow the link to accept the honor.

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