Now as I look out of my window I see the snow falling. We had little snow for Christmas but since then the snow has not stopped. We have layers of ice-covered with snow. The house is cold and I wish I had a fireplace to curl up in front of. However, the reality of winter arriving is one that I am use to so I will dress in my layer of clothes. Spend more time under the warmth of my blankets and watch the cats sleep more.

December is a month of both happiness and sadness every year. Families hustle around getting ready for the big celebration and the joy of the Holiday spirit. They spend days preparing, buying gifts, decorating, and cooking. Then in twenty-four hours it is over like it hadn’t happened at all. There is always a let down. For many depression comes with the end of December. Now returning to normal routines, going to work, back to school, and cleaning the house.

Holidays are forgotten for another year. Yet on must look back at the year that is now coming to a close. For some the year 2012 will be one of happiness for others there will be sadness.

Growing up as a child I always loved December because it meant school vacation, ice skating, sleigh riding, family gatherings, presents, and the house always smelled so good from the tree, mom’s baking, and Christmas carols.

Getting older I began to realize that December meant slippery roads, car wrecks and the comfort of home.

Now I know it is safer me to be at home that out in the snow.  I long for the sunshine and the warmth of the rays coming through the windows. However, I know it will be several months before I see that. I will accept the reality of grey skies, cold days and cold nights, and animals hibernating.

I will look back on the joys that I had throughout the year.

The ending of a year is like the ending of a Chapter in a book getting ready for the next chapter of life.

This year we close 2012 knowing that my sons were both okay and I spent more time with them. I published more books this year as I was able to average a book a month from February to May. I did more book signings and was able to get my books into four public libraries and am still going.

My health as it’s moments but is more stable.

My sister survived a car wreck with out bodily harm. My niece and her family survived a car wreck without injury to any of the family. My cousin survived a head on car wreck without serious injury. I count my blessings that my family is okay.

I watched good friends and a cousin pass away during the past year and it broke my heart yet it taught me how little time we really have. I know that I must enjoy each day and try to do something productive no matter what.

I was able to reconnect with lost cousins during the past year and I plan to continue to try to reunite with those who want to be in my life.

My sons asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said, ” Things are not of importance to me at this time in my life.” What is important to me is family time and sharing the joy of my family.

Needless to say that wasn’t enough for them between them I received a candle for a shadow box my son is making, a stocking filled with chocolates that of course I ate, a bath set of bath salts, wash etc. and my carrier for book signings that I have wanted for a long time. Now one can’t ask for more than that except for two wonderful days together with my sons.

Christmas Eve was spent at my son’s house enjoying his tree and eating all the fun dips and chip that you don’t have room for on Christmas Day and we did our presents then under the tree.

Christmas Day then allowed for us to relax while the turkey cooked and we celebrated a feast together at mom’s home.

Now as the year comes to an end I must say I have been blessed. I wish all of those people who went through heartache and hardship in 2012 will be blessed during 2012.

I am glad the Presidential election is over and we don’t have to watch it on television anymore.

I wish the Congress would man up and do their duty and figure out a budget for the fiscal cliff.

I wish that people involved in the Newton Shooting would think before suing. That was a tragedy and as my father said, ” Don’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.”

My prayers go out to all of the families of Sandy Hook Elementary and the teachers who will be scarred forever. May our prayers help you to validate the love and the ability to move forward in your lives.

For 2013 the only resolution that I will make is to be the best person that I can be and enjoy the small things in life.

Now as we are about to close the year 2012 please do it safely and remember there is nothing more important than, God, family, home, Children, community.

Let us all keep it safe for the year 2013 and have a better year next year.

So until next time 🙂

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