December 31st 2012

Hello everyone. Today is my last blog until next year.

There is much to reflect on. Books published, book signings, new friends made, learning more about blogging and twitter and moving onward in m own life as well as the writing.

Now as I look out the window today I am reminded of days gone by. The snow is coming down and continues to come. The ski slopes are doing well with the amount of snow fall in the mountains.

Not as a young child I remember New Year’s Eve being a time when we would stay at home. It would become the time to take down the Christmas Tree and decorations, enjoy what was left of mom’s goodies and look forward to returning to a normal routine.

We knew that Mr. Lombardi would always be on television that evening and my mother and father would want to listen to his music. Tradition was to take some coins and put outside of the house remembering where you put them and bring them in when the horns sounded at twelve. Bringing money in to the house at New Year’s was to insure money all year-long.

Then after the horns from the mines sounded and the neighbors finished banging on pots and pans it was off to bed knowing another year had passed.

Growing up and getting married changed tradition. My mother-in-law always had a New Year’s Eve party and we were expected to stay for it. Then we would get up New Year’s Day knowing we needed to head for home traveling on the highway through the storm that had rolled in during the night.

I remember our first Christmas being married we stayed for New Year’s Day and left through the worse storm possible. We drove down the highway in a 1949 Chevy. It was the only car that stayed on the road. Every where we looked there was a car in the ditch including the Highway Patrol. I begged my husband to stop for the night somewhere but he wouldn’t hear of it stating we would be fine. I was a nervous wreck.

What should have been a four-hour drive turned into an eleven hour drive and as we arrived home tired, hungry, cold and ready to unpack the car there was no place to park. So much snow had fallen it took us two hours to shovel a place for the car before we could park it in front of our apartment.

The city had gone down the road with the graders and plod the streets leaving a pile of snow in the middle so high you couldn’t see the other lane.

Exhausted we went into the house carrying everything from the car. I quickly fixed dinner and we called it a night.

That would not be the only time we would go through horrible storms on mountain passes.

I soon learned I liked staying home on New Year’s. I have never since wanted to go anywhere to celebrate. I would much rather follow the traditions of my parents and watch television in the safety of my own home.

I like to know where my family is and I like to know that everyone is safe and warm.

So my wish to all of you is that as we enter the New Year you do it with joy in your heart, safety, and love.

So until next time 🙂


2 Responses

  1. I enjoyed your post and look forward top many more good ones in the coming year!!

  2. Thanks Micki I’ll be seeing you in 2013. Happy New Year

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