January 24th

Good morning everyone. Sorry I’ve been gone but my sciatic nerve is giving problems and it’s hard for me to sit and write.

However, today is a very important day for me. It is the Birthday of my first child.

I want to wish Shawn a Happy 39th Birthday. May you have many more enjoyable ones.

When I got pregnant it was planned and I was so excited. Finally my husband and I were ready to start our family or so we thought. We had our careers and everything seemed to be going well.

My father-in-law had passed away suddenly in March and I didn’t want my children to grow up not knowing their grandparents as I had never knew my grandfathers and that left an empty spot for me.

In April we began the journey of starting our family and it didn’t take long for the seed of life to begin its journey.

We ended up moving that summer closer to family and I found myself not able to do many chores that I hadn’t expected as I started spotting and the doctor said no sweeping , no vacuuming and no traveling.

Other than that I was fine. I had morning sickness for the first month and then it was over. I could eat what I wanted without problems and I did my best to eat health. I even drank milk which I hate.

I wasn’t nervous about being pregnant, or being a new mom, it was just part of what a woman does.  I had no fears because I trusted in the Lord. The doctor said I was due on January 22nd.

The closer it came to the date the more my back ached. I carried him high and it felt like he was kicking me between the shoulder blades.

The doctors said since there was no question of the due date we’d induce on the 22nd to get rid of my pain. But the stubborn little guy didn’t want to come yet and I was sent home without my baby. What a horrible feeling that was leaving the hospital empty-handed instead of a baby in my arms.

The morning of the 24th. I was in full contractions and I had stayed at my parents house for two days rather than worry about the thirty mile journey.

At 6:00 am my parents took me to the hospital and they said my baby was coming. My doctor came and broke the water and informed me that if I hadn’t delivered by 10:00 he was leaving on a hunting trip and his partner, whom I had never met would deliver. Now I was unhappy. I wanted my doctor.

Well of course, as you know babies do what you want and the day came and went with a stranger checking in on me from time to time. However, I was in hard labor for twelve hours.

I was in a Catholic hospital run by nuns and everyone was very starch and direct. The nurse finally yelled at me for not pushing hard enough. That was when I lost it. I let her know I had been pushing my guts out and if she could do better than she’d better show me how.

With that remark she decided she’d better call the doctor before he went on his dinner break. The doctor came to check on me and found out the baby was facing the wrong way.

He said, “It’s going to be at least another hour if we leave you to deliver naturally,  or we can do it now with a saddle block and forceps.  I knew I was getting weaker and weaker so I said, “Let’s get this over.

I didn’t know what a  saddle block was and the full extent of risk involved and had I then I never would have had it.

Then trying to sit up while contracting and barely able to breathe this long needle was injected into my spine.
A few minutes later I had a beautiful baby boy.

It took the doctor five minutes to determine if he had any hair as it was  like blonde peach fuss.

I was finally happy and the family was excited.

His grandfather ran right out and bought him the only football he could find, a bright pink one.

Grandmother’s were comparing notes.

Mother was exhausted and to be honest I would be relieved when everyone left to go to the nursery to see him.

I had to lay flat for twenty-four hours with no pillow because of the saddle block which for me was difficult. However, the nurse made the mistake of giving me a pillow too soon and I got the dry heaves. Something you don’t want to have after giving birth.

In three days I would go home with my son and be anxious to do so as I found the nurses of little help or comfort when it came to nursing and mothering.

I spent one night at my parents home but was not comfortable trying to nurse and take care of a crying baby when I knew my dad was there and needed his sleep.

The next day my husband would come after work and take us home. It was wonderful. I now was a mother. Shawn spent his days eating and sleeping.

I got into what I thought would be an easy mother routine. However, everything would change as he learned to walk. He was very active, and in to everything. The older he got the worse he got although I never had problems with him until he entered public school.

If I had it to do over again neither of my sons would have attended public school.

Shawn and reluctantly come into this world doing things when he was ready to and that was how his whole live would be.

Shawn would learn things quickly and move on to the next thing being board.

You always had to stay one step ahead of him.

His one passion in life is his music. I am glad he found that outlet to channel some of his energy and frustration.

Although he is between jobs at the moment, we likes driving trucks for harvest and big heavy-duty equipment which he is trained on.

When he is not working he can be found either helping friends, because he’s my social butterfly, or working on composing music in his room.

He started out as a drummer and is self-taught on the guitars.

There is much I could say about this young man and his potential to succeed however, sometimes mother’s need to know when to stop.

Shawn you were born on a day very similar to today. It was cold and snowy. The only difference was the location. You were born in Butte, Montana my hometown.

Now as your day begins a wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday. There is nothing like the love of a mother for her child.

A mother forgets the pain of labor but never forgets the bond between the baby she carried for nine months. There is no stronger love.

May God Bless you and give you eternal happiness.




January 20th

Good morning everyone. I hope you are warm and safe and your morning started better than mine did.

Last night I took my sons out to dinner for their birthdays. We had a lovely Asian buffet.  We all ate too much and when we were done went home.

The cats were mad because we had left them alone so they decided to get even with us.

I sleep on the couch because I can’t lay flat and the cats spent the entire night spring boarding from the piano next to the couch on to the back of the couch then running back and forth.  Finally at 6:00 a.m. I couldn’t take it any longer and got up. The minute I got up they knew they were in trouble and went and laid down. Now they are both sleeping. I wish I could spring-board off of their beds and let them know what it feels like.

I guess I’ll be taking a nap today.

It’s very cold today although the sun is out. I’m tired of this weather and ready for warm weather. I’m going to start doing a sun dance and pushing for and early spring. Maybe the sun Gods will listen and shine some warm rays down on us. My aching bones could sure use it.

Today I want to talk about a PET PEEVE of mine: Parents, children and Choices.

Parents have expectations of their children when they first have them and then they soon find out that life isn’t the dream you had in mind.

Children either comply to their parent’s lifestyle and wishes or rebel to be heard.

Society says everyone has the right to freedom of choice.

My Pet Peeve is we aren’t guiding the young people today and setting boundaries. They need those boundaries. We are throwing out all social norms and saying anything goes. I have watched several of Dr. Phil’s shows in the past week some I agree with him on but some I don’t . However, the most important part I see is everyone has a right to choose.

NO THEY DON”T!!! I’m here to tell you that if they are living under my roof and I’m footing the bill it’s my choice.

If I as a tax payer am footing the bill than NO THEY DON’T I expect social norms of right and wrong.

Anyone who doesn’t like my opinion has the right to live their way but don’t expect me to pay for it.

I watch the younger generation with children and they have no parenting skills. They leave their children home alone with no supervision and they do so at a young age because they don’t want to pay for childcare and yet they expect food stamps, and subsides from the government. They don’t help their children with reading, writing, and arithmetic or even play table games with them.

Children are babysat by televisions and Nintendos or other technology.

When did we stop being parents and decide our children are weeds to grow wild?

Divorce is partly to blame along with never getting married and yet being a parent.

The sad part is every child needs to be raised by two parents even if those parents don’t live together.

Every year I watch my sons have almost no contact with their father by his choice and I wish I could do something about it because I know they are missing something in their life but I can’t, so instead I am going to tell the world WAKE UP!

It’s time to go back to old-fashioned parenting when children had expectations and so did parents. To this day if I say we are having a family get together my son’s listen. Then we agree on time and place.  To many children grow up and don’t have a thing to do with their parents and that’s because they never forgive or forget the times that they were left alone, ignored or not cared for.

Society cannot function without social norms it becomes chaos and that is where we are in today’s society.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY! Show someone you love them by setting boundaries and letting them know you care.

Today is Sunday do a family activity even if it is just to have one meal with everyone around the table at the same time-sharing their daily activities.

It’s time to turn of electronics and have some quality family time. Choice need to be fair but with age appropriate boundaries.

Parents need to be parents.

Children need to be children. Don’t make them grow up faster than they need to.

To all of you out there that are already doing this I sent my sincerely compliments to you.

To those you aren’t doing it I send my prayers.

To everyone I wish you a wonderful and safe day. so until next time 🙂


January 15th

Good Morning everyone. I hope today finds you all well. January is a very interesting month. It is one when we think of holiday let downs, resolutions, Winter Festivals, but it is also the month designated to honor African-Americans and remember Martin Luther King Jr.

It is the only month that is designated to a cultural. Other cultures have one day here and there scattered throughout the year hardly noticed.

The reason I am mentioning this is I remember when I was teaching in Las Vegas how all academia stopped around the activities during the month of January. Then there was the Martin Luther Day Parade when someone shot a gun into the air and fortunately no one was injured as we had many students participating in the parade.

It brings me back to the current issues at hand the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Throughout history there have always been guns and good and bad guys.

We now are asking what can we do to keep our children safe.

It starts at home teaching right from wrong. It starts with listening not just to children but to everyone. Rage festers when no one cares and no one listens.

We are now living in a day and age when families are isolated from extended family members. The society is mobile and many single parents move away to find work. Children no longer have the support of the entire family.

We also have many children being raised by grandparents who don’t even know their own parents.

It is time that we hold our society accountable. You can’t look at just one issue and hold it accountable you must look at everything that leads to such a critical situation from the home setting, to the schools, to the community.

Often times we as adults speak without thinking and we don’t know how we affect another person. Our children are learning to do the same thing. Bullying is a learned activity that children pick up from the people around them.

We must eliminate as much negativity in our life as possible and keep our lives as positive as we possibly can.

That comes down to telling friends you don’t want to be with them when they are negative or participate in negative activities. That comes down to eliminating shows from television that fester negativity.  It comes down to not listening to music that isn’t positive. It comes down to an entire new way of thinking.

Now they talk about GUN  CONTROl. That isn’t going to solve the problem because any one who really wants a gun and wants to kill will find a way to do it.

However, there are somethings that can be improved in the schools. Starting with respecting the schools in this country. We need to put our teachers on a professional level and realize how important they are in the lives of our children.

We need to make it such a respected field that it is an automatic hands off situation the same as you wouldn’t go after police . Well don’t go after our schools either.

Second put metal detectors in the doorways of all schools and check for weapons entering.

Third lock the doors once the school bell rings and have an intercom doorbell that must be accessed from the office for visitors the same as the jails do.

Schools should not be interrupted during the day with visitors unless they call ahead, make an appointment, or have been called to school for the benefit of their child.

Eliminate the traffic in the schools and you will cut down the risks.

Stronger communication between administration, safety personal etc. Staff needs to know when staff members are going to be out of the buildings.

Reduce administration leaves during school hours. Meetings need to be before or after school.

Lock downs are only part of what works in the school. Classroom need to be built-in a way where there is an easy escape. Every class should have two doors.

Not all classrooms have closets for students to climb into, there has to be escape routes even if it’s access to the boiler room.

The old high school that I went to had a tunnel that ran the whole length of the school . IT would not have been hard to put a drop door in each classroom so at least the main floor could have disappeared into the tunnels which lead out to the street.

Construction of schools usually have space very effective for limited space and economical which means there aren’t extras but an extra door may save a life.

College should be training future teachers in lock down situations.

I admire the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary and my heart goes out to the entire community.

I watched an interview with the Superintendent before Christmas and my heart was aching for her and her staff.

However, as I watched them tell about the love and talents of each child I thought what a tribute to life.

I would like to see the Sandy Hook Elementary School turned into a community center where each room could be designated to a child and the arts could be taught there remembering the love those children had. Whether it be an art class, a music class, sports, or whatever let them have a community center that honors living. They will never want to go back into that school again as a school. Let it become a community place.

Now as we move forward into the year 2013 let each and every one of us do our best to make it the best year we can.

It is time that people go back to the “Golden Rule”.

It is time that people put there differences aside.

It is time that we stop seeing color and recognize we are all people.

It is time that we stop discriminating.

It is time that we honor with respect and pride.

It is time that we celebrate with freedom.

It is time to rebuild our country.

It is time to stop thinking about the almighty dollar.

It is time to help your neighbor.

It is time for families to be together.

It is time for everyone to take life serious.

Love, live, and be happy to the fullest everyday.

Show your love to those close with actions and words.

It is time to think about what we will leave behind when we leave this world. What are we giving to future generations. We need to be able to leave this world with pride not shame.

So as Congress battles this battle over what to do about economy and gun control each one of us must take responsibility for ourselves and be willing to make the world a better place to live.

My resolution is to be as positive as I possibly can. I will not let bad days affect those close to me. I will do the best I can to be the best influence I can be.

I wish  the same for all of you. So until next time P:)


January 13th

Good morning everyone. I hope today finds everyone safe and warm.

Today I will deal with Friday’s free write first.

This week Kellie Elmore welcomes Jessica Kristie to this special edition of FWF. Jessica is an award winning author, an advocate for art, and an activist against human trafficking.

Now for the Free Write Friday Prompt…


What does freedom mean to you?

Most people think of liberty and justice for all.

However, I have learned to look at the simple freedoms of life, the right to have a bathroom in your home, The right to go to the market and buy the food you want. The right to live in the town you want close to the people you want to be around.

Freedom to me is the innate ability to do what you want in life as long as it doesn’t harm someone else.

I am quick to anger when people holler  freedom of speech because they forgot half of what the constitution says. It says the right to speech freely on one’s own opinion as long as it doesn’t hurt another or affect their livelihood.

Freedom to me is allowing nature to take its course. Taking care of nature keeping the country side in its original condition so that one can enjoy it daily.

Freedom is being able to laugh without fear of punishment or retribution.

Freedom is being able to celebrate the religion you choose and attend a church or synagogue when you choose to.

Freedom is being able to be proud of your nationality, heritage and country.

Freedom is being able to live the way people were meant to live, without bondage, war, discrimination or disgrace.

Freedom is have the freedom to attend school and get the education that you desire.

Freedom is being able to fall in love and marry the person you love without a prearranged marriage.

Freedom is being able to choose a career that you like instead of someone else choosing for you.

Freedom is being able to stay home on a day off and enjoy your family instead of working seven days a week.

Freedom is being able to play in the snow if you want to or go swimming on the beach.

Freedom is the ability to own a home or a car instead of renting or leasing.

Freedom is the ability to appreciate animals in their natural habitat.

Freedom is being able to write your own opinion without fear of repercussions.

Freedom is the ability to enjoy being you and living the life you choose to live.

We must remember the smallest liberties to the largest when we talk about freedom.

Our military fights for us to maintain freedom of our country.

That means our children aren’t used as human bombs. They have the right to freely grow up as children.

Freedom is being thankful every morning when you wake up to sunshine even if it is cold out because at least you are able to see outside.

Freedom is a list that is endless and we need to think about the freedoms that we cherish the most in life which for me is the freedom to spend time with my sons.

Being young in school a teacher once told me never define a word with a word so I will define Freedom as the ability to do what we choose as long as it doesn’t harm another.

Today I will enjoy the freedom of being at home out of the cold, having warm clothes, having electricity to heat the house, and being able to look out the window at the glistening snow.

I will enjoy the ability to write when I am in the mood, eat when I need to and take a nap if I feel like it.

For Sunday is the freest day of all. It is a day for relaxation, family, and home.

I hope all of you enjoy your freedom’s and are grateful for them from the toilet paper you use to the mail that is delivered to your door.

May freedom never be taken for granted because then we will lose sight of its true meaning and importance.

May the world become one of peace and freedom.


Today the snow is glistening like diamonds. The sun is bright and there is a certain snow blindness. Yet everyone knows that it is cold outside. Temperatures are subzero at night only reaching single digits during the day. Animals are no where in sight.

There is a quiet calmness about it except when a car goes by and then you hear the crunching of snow and ice under the weight of the vehicle.

I am not anxious to leave the house and may remain inside until spring. We will see.

Yesterday I stressed protective measures for the winter. Today I want to address the flu for a moment.

This year flu is at it’s all time high. Please stay home and keep your kids home.

Rules to avoid the flu.

1. Don’t eat out

2. Wash hands frequently

3. Eat healthy having warm meals and chicken soup.

4. Drink lots of water

5. Vitamin C is needed to heal the body

6. If you get sick go to the doctor before it gets worse.

7. Flu shots help

8. books, and money are the dirtiest items for germs.

9. Don’t take your children to dare cares find a home babysitter

10. Dress appropriately for the weather

Also onions are great for health tips. Eating onions and garlic are healthy.

Slicing an onion and putting it in a dish of water in every room in the house absorbs bacteria. Throw them out in the morning and start again. You can find more information on this under Home remedies using onions for flu.

Remember the most seriously hit people are the infants, senior citizens and those with health complications. Don’t take risk stay home be safe and stay warm.

So until next time 🙂

January 12th

I hope everyone is safe and warm.

We have been hit with snow, rain, snow, wind, and now the cold. We are expected to have cold temps for the last two weeks of January. Boy I’m already ready for February to get here not that I want to wish my life away but my bones don’t like the cold.


Mike's Patio Door snowed shut

My son’s patio door the morning of the 11th. This is the door he goes in and out of all the time.


Mike's Snowed in house

This is the area of his house after he shoveled his way out of the house to the car.

Mike's firewood


This is his firewood shed next to the patio door. You can see the wheelbarrow handle under the snow sitting by the door of the patio.

Best planning of men doesn’t matter when mother-nature- takes over. High winds and lots of drifting created a mess.

Now we have to double layers of clothes, be prepared for a very cold winter with subzero temperatures and hope we have food at home.

Tips to help with winter survival:

1. Eat high protein food giving fast burning energy to the body.

2. Dress in three or four layers of clothes so as the day warms you can remove.

3. Keep head covered as heat leaves the body from the head.

4. Keep fingers and toes warm as not to get frostbite (including ears and nose)

5. If you get stranded somewhere do not go walking to get help. Stay in the vehicle.

6. If  lost in a blizzard digging a tunnel under the snow may save your life. It will be warm there protecting from hypothermia and you can eat the snow for liquids.

7. Never leave animals outdoors in the winter without protection. The pads of the feet frostbite fast.

8. Animals the same as humans eat more in winter and sleep more. The body needs energy and needs to hibernate.


Car emergency kits:

You can make a homemade one using a coffee can, a candle , matches, chocolate candy bars for energy, bandages.

Keep a blanket in the car.

Cat litter works great to put under the tires when stuck.

Keep batteries in working order and all fluids filled.

Turn your vehicles on daily as to keep the batteries working.


Cell phones need to be kept charged so don’t use them unless necessary you might need to call for help.

Program all emergency numbers into your phone.

Don’t travel without checking the highway reports. Stay put if there is a blizzard warning it might save your life.



Remember you must slow down for the road conditions.

Give space between vehicles so cars can stop.

Ice can spin you out of control with no warning. Don’t slam on the brakes.

In bad winter conditions pump the brakes gently to come to a stop.

If you get into a slide go with the car and gently correct it.

Intersections are always the worst for ice.

Don’t run lights.

Use your head, keep food in your vehicles and don’t go out unless you have to.

Whatever stay safe and warm.

This winter is going to be a hard winter. Be prepared for it. Dress for it and make sure you keep heat on in your house.

Run a water facet to keep pipes from freezing and don’t forget heat tape is great to keep pipes from freezing.

Have a great winter everyone. Send sunshine my way with warm rays.

So until next time 🙂



January 10th

Continued from the 9th.

I had spent all of the 9th finishing the afghan that I was making for my second son about to born any time. On the evening of the 9th I was relieved when it was finally done around nine that evening. It was a cold winter’s day much like today is. However, the snow was falling and expected to continue through the night.

My two-year old was asleep in his bed and Grandma decided to tuck herself in for the night.

I wanted something hot to drink so I went to the kitchen and fixed some ‘Hot Spice Cider Tea,”. Within a short time after drinking the tea I started to feel different. I looked at my husband and something’s up. Either the baby doesn’t like the tea or he’s getting ready to come. My calm husband said let’s give it a little bit and if things don’t change we’ll call the hospital.

By midnight I was in full contractions and needed to call the hospital although my water hadn’t broken. They told me to get right to the hospital.

I walked upstairs to tell my mother we were going to the hospital. Half asleep she said, “Is it for real this time?” I replied, ” I think so mom go back to sleep.”

Going out in the cold and the snow we only had a few blocks to drive and the hospital was ready at the door for us.

I was quickly taken in and prepared for the delivery of my second child. Anticipation filled my heart. I was so excited as the time had finally arrived.  However, I did regret having the tea as it did make me sick. I would advise pregnant mothers to go easy on spices when they are getting ready to go into labor.

By three thirty he had been born and I knew I had another son. He had lots of long black hair and he was all arms. His body looked short because of his arms but his fists were big.

He came into the world with little effort but brought much joy to his family. His brother had been kissing my stomach everyday to let his baby brother know he loved him. He would be anxious to meet this new arrival.  I sent my husband home as I was exhausted and needed sleep. However that isn’t what happened.

My baby had been fed and went of to the nursery. I had a hard time drifting off to sleep. His father went out for breakfast and then went home to bed. Around 8 am I heard the phone ring at the nurses station and I heard them say “Yes, she had a boy and all is well.” I knew it was your Grandmother Richards calling to check. Your dad had gone to bed while everyone else was still asleep and not shared the news. But it didn’t take long for your Grandmother to call everyone and let them know of your entry into the world. You were announced like a king and you still today are announced in the same manner. You may not be royalty but that’s how important family felt you were and are. Walk tall be proud and own this day for God created it for you. Happy Birthday Love and Hugs Mom.

My son came into the world crying. His first year was colic and getting over that. Once his personality began to develop you saw the humorous side of him. He would be frequently in his brothers shadow however, he definitely was his own person.

Now with two boys there would times of rough housing and wrestling that I wasn’t use to.  However, I would learn to deal with it.

I was glad that I had another boy. I had dreamed of a girl to do frilly dresses and fancy bows with but that isn’t really me. My life had been put into order by having two sons that God understood I needed in my life.


Montana Boys








Montana Western boys went on vacation and enjoyed the ghost towns. Michael and his cowboy hat. He still likes caps to this day.


Today's Michael



Today’s Michael, the man he has become. Coming home after a day of work and sitting down in front of the fire. You can see his hands aren’t small. Now around 6’2″ he is like a bean pole and his hands are big. His arms are long but he finally grew into his body. He is the kind of son that gave mother few problems although being the quiet one I knew there were plenty of times that he never got caught at his mischief.



Now as I grow old and reflect on the days important in my life there is nothing more important than the birthdays of my children and the time we spent together.

I hope on this wonderful birthday of his we will have many more days to enjoy together.

There are many stories that I could tell but I must safe some for other times. My finally note is he knew when he was suppose to arrive and he didn’t rush into the world. That is how he approaches life in general. He takes his time, observes and thinks things through logically. That is what has made him the best person he can be.

So happy birthday today. I will see you later so until next time  everyone enjoy the birth of someone 🙂

January 9th

Today the snow is crisp. The sun wants to peak through. The sky is half blue and half grey which is better than all that grey. It is warmer today and the snow has begun to melt. However, we have another storm moving in so by tonight we will have new snow on top of frozen ice making the road conditions horrible. The last two weeks in January are supposed to be very cold and I am worrying about the heat bill. However, for now I will take it one day at a time.

I was reading a friends blog today in regards to architecture and how do we plan our writing.

This is the comment I left on her wall and I will leave it for all my viewers as I believe it also applies to life in general.

The more we open our minds and observe nature the more possibilities we realize are out their for us from the drone ant to the Queen honeybee, nature is at work building a community. When we write we are build our own community of thoughts from our experiences, however, the more open-minded we remain and the more we appreciate nature the more opportunities we will see for creation. The universe is limitless if we allow it to penetrate the mind and guide us on an unforeseen journey. However, if one falls into the black hole of darkness, dispare that one will not reach their full potential as a writer. One must find themselves leading, guiding, and yet in balance with opportunities and nature.
The only architectural plan that I make is the table of contents. Then I allow freedom of memory, reminiscing, and creativity in each chapter. Yes I go back to make sure each chapter is structural sound and connects to the next but I never know when I start how I will end.

Now that I am at the 9th day of January I am taking myself back and reminiscing about the good old days of being pregnant. There is no happier time in a woman’s life than when she is newly married and pregnant. I was pregnant with my second child and we didn’t know the gender before birth so there was great anticipation.  Friends and family would give you a shower so you could have some new items even though it wasn’t your first child. You would find yourself getting many things that were white, yellow, or green and were not gender related.

I already had a son so I was hoping for a girl and I could name her Mia,(Mary in Finnish) my sister-in-law was named Mary and grandpa Koski always called her Mia and I loved the sound of that.

However, the main thing for me was that I had a healthy baby. One baby. I had grown so big so fast the doctor wasn’t sure if I was going to have twins or not and that idea scared me to death since I already had a two-year old.

It had been a relatively easy pregnancy but from six months on I started hiding in the house because every time I saw someone I knew they’d say haven’t you had that kid yet.

My pregnancies were always compounded by the loss of loved ones. With my first pregnancy my sister had miscarried and I felt bad. Then on my birthday when I was in the beginning of my second Trimester my aunt committed suicide. I wasn’t allowed to travel so I couldn’t attend the family funeral.

During the second pregnancy my sister was pregnant and we were so excited as the babies would be born a few months a part making them close in age .  However, once again in the beginning of my second trimester tragedy struck and my sister lost her child. He was born too early and lived three days. Once again I was not allowed to go to his funeral. I was devastated.

Now it was hard to show my enthusiasm when I would be around my sister and her family. I didn’t know how she would react when my baby was finally born.

Her family had basically pulled away from my two-year old and I was concerned. However, we lived in separate towns and I would take it one day at a time.

Now I was at a point where it was embarrassing to go to the doctor’s office as everyone would sit and watch my belly ripple just like they were watching television. My baby was very active during the day.

The doctor had told me that my due date was January 10th and there was no question as to when the baby was due. However, he had said all through my pregnancy I’d probably have a December baby.

Here I was on the 9th wondering why the baby had not yet arrived. It wasn’t my first and I hadn’t had complications and now I had a hard time getting out of a chair if someone didn’t help me.

It made the days very long and difficult with my two-year old. I was always glad when his father would come home from work even if he had to return later that evening. Just a little bit of time with another adult was a blessing.

I was almost finished with the baby afghan that I had been making and decided I’d better finish it in the next day or so.

We lived in Montana and the winter was cold. There was no heat upstairs in the bedrooms. There was only a vent that allowed the heat to rise from the main floor.

A storm was moving in and I had to make sure that I was well prepared for what I would need to bring a baby home. Back then they didn’t give you starter kits like today.

Grandma had come to spend the week to make sure I didn’t have to take my two-year old out in the middle of the night. I knew from the beginning the baby would be born in the middle of the night.

However it was already Wednesday and with the week half gone Grandma was wondering if she would have to go home and return. She lived thirty miles away. We decided she’d stay till the weekend and see what was what.

Now the anticipation was becoming stronger, my son was ready to have a new baby, my husband was getting exasperated, and we had an extra person in the house. Not much room for privacy and all I wanted to do was cry.

So now here I am thirty-seven years later thinking once again on one of the most wonderful days of my life and the anticipation of it finally coming.

The greatest gift a mother receives is that of the unknown. You wonder what the personality will be like, what they will look like, what they will grow up to be, will there be dances, proms, graduation, and all those wonderful experiences. A mother will have many surprises along the way. However, good, bad or indifferent the one thing that can never be taken away is the bond between a mother and child. It is created with a uniqueness all its own.

So no that hopefully I have left you with anticipation you will return tomorrow to hear the rest of this wonderful story. “A Child is Coming.”


so until next time 🙂